Connecting PC/Laptop to Internet Using Ufone GPRS – Step by Step Setting

We have previously learned, how to connect PC or Laptop with internet using Mobilink’s GPRS. Continuing the same series, today we will learn about connecting Desktop PC or Laptop with internet using Ufone’s GPRS, We know that Ufone offer unlimited GPRS plan for Rs. 600 (excluding taxes).

And if you are using standard GPRS plans (Rs. 15 + tax per MB), even then internet on Laptop/PC with Ufone’s GPRS can be handy, especially while you are on the go or when there is no other ineternet means.

NOTE: Please confirm GPRS pricing, before you use it with you PC//Laptop, otherwise your bill will hit its limit very quickly.

Using your mobile With Ufone Connection as a modem on Window XP

You can connect your mobile phone with your laptop by

1.    Using infrared link
2.    Using data cable

Before starting…

1.    Subscription to GPRS is a prerequisite, (meaning that you must have GPRS active for your Ufone) make sure that you are subscribed to GPRS. To know how to subscribe to GPRS for your Ufone Number, click here
2.    Make sure that you have installed your handset drivers on your desktop/laptop. These drivers come in the CD that was with Mobile Phone when you purchased it
3.    In case of connecting through data cable, make sure the data cable is attached and the mobile is detected by the computer
4.    Other way, you can also connect Via Infra Red. (not recommended) in this case confirm that the handset supports IR reception and same is available on your laptop
5.    Now we assume that you have connected your phone with your Desktop PC or laptop. And device drivers are installed, and GPRS is active for your Ufone number…!
6.    If you are done with these things, then you are ready to follow the rest of process…read on

Okay seems, now you have all necessary things with you in order to connect internet on PC/Laptop with help of Ufone GPRS. So keep on reading to complete the tutorial.

(Hey, don’t ask me that i didn’t mention handset, Ufone connection and a PC or Laptop; yea these are must have things, i know you are not dumb)

Step 1: Configuring your Phone Modem to use Internet: Go to the Control Panel and
Double click Phone and Modem Options

Once you double click on modems, Following window will appear..

1.    Click on the Modems Tab on the top.

2.    You will see a list of modems installed in your PC

3.    Select the “GSM” phone Modem and click on properties (don’t worry if you see a different set of modems on this window. like you can have Samsung GSM Modem, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson W200 GSM etc.. the idea is to select your GSM modem for whatever phone you are using)
4.    Now click on the Advanced Tab on the top.

Here you will see following Window

1.    In the Extra initialization command field write the following string
2.    After adding the command please Click ok and ok again.


NOTE: Please do not copy paste the mentioned string, Only manual typing is required.

For Post Paid:
For Pre Paid
For U-Mail Account

Note: Please note that don’t omit or add any spaces, commas, quotes or anything. type this string as it is..Now Press on Okay, save and close all windows

Step 2: Creating Dialup Connection
Now Again go into Control Panel, and make a new Dialup Connection
, by clicking on “Network Connections button”.
Follow other settings as shown in the figures below

In network Connection, click on Create a new connection
(this option is available in “Network Tasks” on top of left menu)

While clicking on “Create a new Connection” following windows will appear.
Simple press Next on first window
Select Connect to the internet
Click Next

Now following two windows will appear, select “Set up connection Mannualy” click next
In next window select “Connect to internet Using Dial-up Modem”…Click Next

Select your phone from the list of modems installed in your PC
, Click next
Give the connection any name of your liking
, Click Next

Phone number is: *99***1#
Click next
Leave both User name and Password blank
Uncheck “Make this the default internet connection” as the figure below shows,
Click Next

Click on finish…!

Until now, you have successfully added dial up connection, now lets connect this Laptop / PC with internet…!

Step 3: Connecting to internet

Go into “Network Connections” from Control Panel or Desktop, and click on Connection XYZ, that you just made

Simply press “Dial” and start enjoying internet browsing…! That’s it

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. For feedback, or in case you are still facing problems in connecting to Internet with Your Ufone GPRS, let me know…!


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Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Thankyou very much Mr Atta
    I successfully configured my UFONE GPRS but i couldn’t get the internet speed , is there anything you forgot to write like connection settings?
    Please keep giving us tutorial like these in future.

  • i was able to connect to internet using my USB data cable via Ufone but when it comes to internet speed it failed :s everything is look alright then the internet speed. could you please tell us if there are any internet connection settings to modify in order to get good speed.

  • I tried this using Bluetooth but it does not work. Is there any change in mothodology while using Bluetooth.

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  • Pls provide me detail about with PC – ufone internet unlimited monthly charges so that i can purchase the same

  • For Pre Paid


    Replace ufone.pinternet in the above string by any of the following depending on ur number


  • Hi,

    Nice article, have you uploaded the details for telenor? Kindly share the link.


  • Hi,there can any one tell me how can I use blackberry handset as normal gprs without having bis or any bb services I am using blackberry 8320 handset with mobilink and zong.
    Thank u.

    • @Maqsood, Sorry for getting late in replying your email.

      Well, first of all, you need to get your GPRS activated against your number. Once done, you need to ask your operator to send you GPRS/MMS setting for BB 8320.

      They will send you an SMS which you will have to save on your phone.

      After saving, restart your phone and youre done with GPRS setup on Phone.

  • bhai mujay tafsil say btao kay gprs free kasay hoga u fone mujay configuratuon ki samaj nauhi hay plz mujay e mail kardo ya mobile number apna send kardo plz

  • hi i am using nktel2800 chine mobile, pls can anybody tell me, how can i make internet connection mobile to pc throug gprs,
    presently i can use internet on my hendset

  • Dear Aamir Atta,

    I severly need the String (to be written in the Extra initialization command field) for Mobily-Saudi Arabia or any other mobile company in Saudi Arabia. Last year, I asked the Mobily staff but he was not knowing this. If you can provide
    it to me, I shall be grateful and shall prey for you there.

    Best regards,
    A Rehman

    • Rehman,

      I am sorry but i may not be able to tell you the command, however, i will check it from my friends in Saudi Arabia, but no commitment. Meanwhile, you must check this from your cellular provider; they must help you in this…!


  • Hey, Hope you all are f9.

    Can anyone tell me how to setup ufone gprs on egde modem device.

    Thanks in advance.


  • The above string for the postpaid ufone is not working for BIS blackberry. Is there any different string settings for that?

  • Can someone please tell me what is extra initialization command for PTCL VWireless CDMA Technology not GSM.

  • Dear brother:

    I have a nokia 2700 Classic when I entered the Extra initialization commands it gave an error message that this is very long for your modem and then clicking on ok I connected my modem to the internet it gave a “hardware failure error” while connecting…

    Please figure out what could be the problem.

    Thanks in advance.

  • dear mr aamir

    i have been trying to use ufone internet but its not getting connected, i have followed your instructions but still when i dial the error appears on mobile(nokia 6300) ”subscribe to packet data first” i dont know why. the gprs is working on the mobile. and i have also tryed manually and by using nokia pc suit. please guide me.

    • Sara there is somethign something wrong with the setting you are making. We have counter tested above method and its working fine. Also, make sure if your GPRS service is working good on Nokia 6300.

      If problem persists, try calling your helpline, they may provide you some help on this.

      • i have tried to cnnect by two phone nokia 3110 claccic and nokia 6300. but still the problem persists. ”subscribe to packet data first”
        gprs is working on my mobile. isn’t there a problem with extra initialization command?

  • how to connect internet via bluetooth….having samsung e251 set? BLUE TOOTH method.

  • I have a nokia 5230 when I entered the Extra initialization commands it gave an error message that this is very long for your modem and then clicking on ok I connected my modem to the internet it gave a “hardware failure error” while connecting…

    Please figure out what could be the problem.

  • I have a p1i when I connected my modem to the internet it gave a “hardware failure error” while connecting…

    Please figure out what could be the problem.

  • it gives error msg
    “hardware failure error” while connecting
    help i think u dont know solution of this problm cz lubna and i think mr hakeem have same problms but u dint answer em’

  • I want to use UFONE GPRS on Windows7 Professional, this string doesn’t work on windows7, can someone please send me String for windows7?

    I bought Bundle GPRS for RS.500 from UFONE and I’m not able to use it. I have requested UFONE customer service 4 times for laptop settings, every time they say you will recieve within 3 hours but its been 4 days i still havent recieved…

    help please!

  • Allah k fazal is page per kafi disciplind log comments detey hey. Nice exchange of quastion and answer.

  • ohhh GOD a marathon effort is required to be connected to the internet…this article is a piece of crap. If u wanna enjoy internet than its damn easy. Just install a pc suite software for ur mobile and connect ur mobile to the laptop or pc using datacable or bluetooth….than open the pc suite and click on the option connect to the internet…..and enjoy….if u have the latest nokia handset than u don,t need to install pc suite…just connect handset to the pc and it will automatically install a software and u will be able to enjoy internet….no need for these manual connections…..don,t waste ur time in these stings etc……

  • however if u have zong internet than it really sucks. You can use it on handset for browsing but its very slow on laptop….u will never ever be able to update ur antivirus even so its simply means wastage of time….but ufone is a bit better

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