GPRS Setting for Ufone – Step by Step Tutorial

Update: To get GPRS/MMS settings on your Phone Click this link

Almost daily, I get multiple emails from readers asking me to teach them on how to activate GPRS on their Mobile Phones and demands setting for their different models and cellular companies.

In response, I have decided to do a series of tutorials in which we will learn easy and simple ways to get GRPS activated on our mobile phones. To reduce the confusion I will start with Ufone, however, GPRS settings for all cellular companies, like Mobilink, Zong, Warid and Tenor will also be posted in coming days.

Step 1: Activating GPRS on your Ufone

You must activate GPRS for your Ufone number. In case you do all settings, and GPRS for your Ufone number is not activated then you may not use GPRS on your Ufone. In order to activate your GPRS services on Ufone number you can follow two ways

By Calling Help Line: Call help line and ask them to activate your GPRS and MMS…As simple, along with also tell them your Mobile Phone brand and model (for example, tell them that you have Nokia 6300 phone) and that’s it. They will activate your GPRS setting and also send you an SMS that will contain GPRS/MMS setting. Simply save this message. (When you will open this message, there will appear an option to save it) – So you are done. Now you can use GPRS and MMS on your Ufone number.

Note: After you call help line, and activate your GPRS, it may take couple of hours to get it activated on your number. So don’t expect GPRS working straight away.

Activating Via SMS: You can also activate GPRS on Ufone by sending an SMS in this format => [manufacturer<space>model] and send it to 222

Example: Write: Nokia 6300 and send it to 222

After sending this SMS, you will have to wait for sometime (even 24 hours in some cases) and you will receive a SMS that will GPRS and MMS setting for your Ufone number. Simply save it and start using GPRS on you Ufone.

Note: It is better to subscribe by calling help line, as they will send you MMS and GPRS setting immediately. Subscribing GPRS via SMS may take as long as 24 hours.

So now you are done with GPRS and MMS setting, and can start surging internet on your Ufone number. Also check following tips for using internet on ufone.


Remember that GPRS is relatively an expensive internet source. Ufone currently does not offer any unlimited data plan (package that allows unlimited usage). Hence, you will be charged on per MB download/upload basis.

GPRS usage Charges: Rs. 15 per MB (excluding taxes)
MMS Usage Charges: The cost of sending an MMS is Rs. 5.00 (excluding taxes)
The cost of receiving an MMS is Rs. 5.00 (excluding taxes)

Manual GPRS and MMS Setting for Ufone

You are supposed to be done with GPRS and MMS setting with above given method. But if you an advanced user and you want to manually configure your GPRS setting then check following configuration

GPRS Setting

  1. In connection settings!
  2. Setup a new connection:
  3. Access points>
  4. Connection name: UfoneGprs
  5. databearer: packet data
  6. Access point name: ufone.piinternet
  7. username & password: ufone
  8. prompt password: NO
  9. Authentication: Normal
  10. homepage: Http:// (or you can select any of your choice)
  11. Options>Advanced setings> Set ur phone ip address? Automatic
  12. Now Goto Connection settings Again>Packet Data> Accesspoint> ufone.piinternet

MMS Setting

  1. In connection settings!
  2. Setup a new connection:
  3. Like above you have to create a new connection. say you called the connection “UfoneMMS”
  4. Connection Name: Ufone.mms
  5. AccessPoint: ufone.plmms
  6. Everything else: default

You are done.

Note: Also get your GPRS activated by calling help line before you set GPRS setting manually

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