Ufone Ramzan Offer Gets Better – Now from 12 PM to 7 PM

Ufone seems quite satisfied with the feedback it is getting from its Ramzan Offer, hence it has now decided to extend Ufone Ramzan Offer for 2 more hours. Meaning that now Ufone customers can call from 12 PM to 7 AM at Rs. 6.04 (including taxes) per hour.

At same time, we hope that we gonna get something to eat as well at Iftari along with just Masoom Sharbat : – )

This move by Ufone gives a hint that this package may also see extention even after Ramadan; or even better if they start offering free on net calls for a flat monthly rental… Everything is possible, but let the time decide it.

We have discussed details of this package before, but if you haven’t activated it, check below

For Activation

Dial *444*786#


A one time subscription charge of Rs. 12.1 (including taxes) would be charged at the time of subscription.

Per hour calling rate is Rs. 6.04 (including taxes) from 12 PM to 7 PM

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  • Hi,

    I tried to activate this package on a ufone number which is currently a simple ufone number with no package activated on it. But I am unable to do it as it gives some code error. I tried all methods for activation and then I also listened to IVR and concluded that I may need to activate some other package first which can then only be converted to RAMZAN package.

    CSR help was also unsatisfactory.

    Any Idea guys ?


  • ab tm logo ko koi kaam nahi he..kia ..jo bhe package ata he wo activate karwate ho sharm karo………dunia kaha tak poch gai aur pakistan sirf package dane m h pora he….phale manzil banao pher package activate karwo….ok..kase n sahi kaha he…….MONEY LOST MEANS SOMETHING LOST BUT CHARECTAR LOST MEANS EVERTHING IS LOST…….SHUHAB ALI GAHO..

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