Warid Allows Rs. 1 SMS to 5 Middle East States for 5 Days only… huh?

And it seems like this was a Ramadan Package that Warid’s management forgot to announce… but as they say “It’s never too late”. Yes Warid Telecom has announced this Ramadan Package (at last) that will allow you Rs. 1 + tax per SMS to five Middle East states (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman) till 29th Ramadan.

And miseries do not end here as prepaid users will have to pay Rs. 5 + tax per day for subscribing to this package. Unfortunately I am not kidding…! This is what Warid’s website says.

However, Warid’s lucky postpaid users do not need to subscribe as this offer is already active on their respective packages free of cost.

Want to Activate?

Prepaid customers can subscribe to this offer by dialing 100. All postpaid customers have this service already activated.


Once subscribed, Rs.6.05 (including taxes) will be deducted from your balance on daily basis. while there is no subscription fee for postpaid customers.

Once subscribed, SMS to five Middle East States is at Rs. 1.21 per SMS (including tax)

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  • Wasim Ahmed

    @Warid: Kojay Ronn tu chup hi changi si

  • M Afzal

    Warid should grow up now

  • میں تو ٓج ہی خریدتا ہوں وارد
    اور کرتا ہوں میسج شیخ راشد المکتوم صاحب کو :D

  • M Afzal

    Favor kar dou yaaar. warid desperatly needs them, 5 hon ya 7 does this make a differnece? mayoos kiya warid nay

  • Asad

    Aamir it’s for seven days yar not for 5…At least not make the package more disgusting :)

  • Asad

    No it was released yesterday on 23 Ramadan. So here it is:-

    Day 1: 23 Ramadan
    Day 2: 24 Ramadan
    Day 3: 25 Ramadan
    Day 4: 26 Ramadan
    Day 5: 27 Ramadan
    Day 6: 28 Ramadan
    Day 7: 29 Ramadan

    I am not favoring warid. Just making the offer clear:)

  • Asad

    Yes sure:)

  • malik fahad

    warid ne aj tak koi kam ka pakge nahi diya…
    agar daily charges rakhney they to phir sms free rakhtey means 5 rupe daily men 5 sms to kisi kam ka hota ye pakge…
    pata nahi ye warid ko pakges ki sugetion kon deta hai…..?