Yea, ProPakistani Got Redesigned

As many of readers have noticed already, I have rolled out new design for ProPakistani last night.
I am already looking for feedback on this new layout that looks more Pro Pakistani now. Meanwhile, in coming couple of days, I will remain busy making lots of small changes, which are going to further enhance the performance and features.

Special thanks to Sohail Abid, who masterfully designed the whole layout and brought forward exactly what I had in my mind. My main goal for this new layout was to get a theme that could give this website a Pakistani look and feel. Hopefully I have achieved this target.

I have kept things very clean and to the point! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Your feedback is important to me.

At this point of time, I also want to thank all my readers… who have been backing me since I started this journey, and those who are joining ProPakistani by each passing day.

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  • Hey Aamir you have got a nice blog (in terms of content), not back to the theme, the theme is simple which is good but its too greenish

  • My personal suggestion would be that to have your leading post as the most visible thing on your front page. Right now theres a block of ads which is taking up that space, and you have to scroll down for the post.

  • Sorry i take that back. I just realised its only when you click in to individual posts does the block of ads take up the front space. Still would prefer those ads in a different place, but at least its not on the main page.

    Otherwise the changes look great. Theres loads of helpful info & links in the sidebar, which is good!

  • Congratulations! It’s always nice to see change. However, I must agree with Saad about the green touch. You may wanna change the text of the sidebar to something other than green. Otherwise, I love the clean look that the new theme offers. Plus, the gravatars look much better now in the comments. *thumbsup*

  • I agree with saad and asad, Old design was better than this one. Too much simple and to much green. A nicely designed header image is also missing.

  • Aslam o alakam
    Mr. Aamir Attaa.
    Wasay choice apni apni hoti hay likan lagta hay app nay pakistan kay color say inspire ho kar green color kia hay. Wasay pahla bahtar tha, Wasay es kay be color some light kar day tu better ho saktee hay.

    Wish u good luck in future.

  • @ NB, @ Saeed, @ Riz, @ M Naeem Mughal – thanks for input, your feedback will be given due respect.

    But on a general note, i wanted the green color to dominate, obviously to look more Pro Pakistan’s. Simplicity means -> I am to the point.

    you guys are confusing me : – s

  • Man phenomenal…This is the best…i would say green color looks great ,don’t change it…and love it as its simple and can be easily navigated…!!! Congrats !

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