Limited Time Packages – A lesson We Need to Learn

As prices for telecom services’ have reached their bottom limits, cellular companies and PTCL keep on offering even better packages for limited time. These special offers keep on appearing every other week from telcos, with a tagline “Limited Time Offer”. We see plenty of print and electronic advertisements for these special offers, and they get popular very quickly and easily.

In my opinion (others may not agree) this “Limited Time Offer” tagline is excessively used to practice “Try and Implement” model. I can count several ongoing Limited Time Offers, which were introduced months ago – and they are still available, because they performed good.

It’s really fine, until these offers last, but what happens when they are taken back? For withdrawing these offers, there can be two models

  1. Announce ending date of package at time of its announcement or
  2. Publish advertisements well before (a week before) the ending date of Package

Unfortunately, we rarely see any announcement/advertisements, when (for some reasons) Limited Time offers are taken back. For instance, late night free local call offer by PTCL is going to end tonight (September 30, 2008) at 12:00 AM. But PTCL made no public announcement for this. Yea, there was a news item reported yesterday in newspapers, which said that PTCL is withdrawing this package. But that’s not the way; because, do they publish only news when package launches?

At same time, I am impressed with Ufone’s Ramadan offer, as it was very clearly told that this package is only for the month of Ramadan; plus they published advertisement saying thanks to their customers and informing (reminding) them that offer is over. We hope and want other companies to practice this too.

But I am worried for PTCL users who will come to know only after they will receive next bills – that free night calls were over long ago.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

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