MOBILE PHONE, Your Best Mate?

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Mobile Phones surged into Human beings rapidly, and soon they got addicted to this technology marvel. There are almost 2.7 billion mobile users around the world, ranging from teens to tycoons. Every single person loves to hang out with this device – or say, they simply can’t think of life without it.

In Pakistan cellular industry has shown rapid growth, especially in last few years… As per PTA stats, there are 89 million mobile users in the country, which were only couple of millions some years ago. This clearly depicts that how gigantic Telecom Industry has become.

Every company is trying to beat its nemesis – and efforts are clearly seen to beat each other in this corporate battle. Where these cellular companies brought tons of investment into country, and played constructive role in bettering lifestyles, at same time the tussle between cellular companies has actively spoiled our youth. Every single boy and girl has a mobile phone and they are found texting and talking on their cell phone all the times.

Let’s discuss the impact on youth of various services and packages that cellular companies offer

Night Packages:

These days every company is providing very inexpensive (or even free) calls at night. These calls are like Rs. 5 and, hence are affordable for even an average teen. They talk all night long with their (girl/boy) friends. Use their pocket money to buy credits. At times, even they cheat their parents, and use mobile without their permission. Many boys and girls also talk to their so called lovers. Which can be basically termed as a teen crush?

A study done by a British institute revealed that late night mobile chatting makes teens tired and mentally distorted – as they have to wake up early. Consequently they can’t concentrate on their studies and are often found sleeping in their classes.

Sms Craze:

Messaging, messaging and messaging is what the teens do these days. It’s a symbol of being cool. The one who got more messages is considered the cool one. Teens forward jokes, romantic lines, riddles and even immoral adult messages. SMS Craze in teens can be judged by the typing speed and their accuracy to type messages on little dial pad. They just thumb the mobile and don’t stop.

Pedia Services:

Ask any question through sms is the newest service especially for the teens. Thanks to this service teens can now more efficiently cheat in their papers and quizzes. Zongopedia and ASK Telenor are two services. You can easily send a question through sms. Soon you receive answer and get good marks. It’s just another way to make money for these companies by ruining the careers of teens.


Now days you don’t need to turn on your pc on to use internet. Internet is just a click away thanks to wap/EDGE enabled mobiles. This service is good for the people who really need it. But teens normally use it to waste their time. First are the messengers which don’t let teens sleep at night, then comes the facebook and other social websites to keep them awake.

Un registered Sim cards:

The last thing which is the biggest menace is the un-registered sim cards. It gives you the passport to do all the wrong things because no one can catch you. I can bet that every single teen has a un-registered sim card. Our government tries so hard to block them but our teens are much smarter. You can talk to anyone, black mail them, do what ever you want.

Let me tell you a shocking thing about un-registered sim cards. I am doing my 2nd year from Army Public School & College, Ordnance road Rawalpindi. Yesterday there was a bomb blast threat at our school. Administration evacuated all the classes and asked the children to run to ground, and latter they were asked to leave for their homes earlier than routine time. Afterwards, they searched the school but it was just a rumor. Today through my close sources I got to know that it was a prank call made by a 7th class student from Saint Mary’s school Tulsa road Rawalpindi… He used an-unregistered sim card. Sadly he was caught by the authorities and God knows what they would have done with him.


There are hundreds of examples, where MMS and Videos of their lovers were captured by teenagers and what happens next is a topic that i am feeling is not good to touch… but one can imagine the seriousness of the issue!


So who is responsible for all this? Cellular companies? Or we ourselves? Cellular companies are just doing their business. There goal is to make more and more revenue. As a business entity they don’t need to care about anything. In fact mobile companies encourage teenagers to call their lovers, for example in one of Telenor’s  TVC, one guy asks another “Itnay minutes Aaliya ko mananay kay liye kafi hain na?”

So its we who let them spoil us. We are getting addicted to this device. Our parents should keep a check on us, at the same time we should save ourselves by controlling our desires. Think about it

  • I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

  • you cant expect an individual to stop by itself.
    our nation has no direction, it is always to be directed
    ڈنڈے کی بات سمجھتی ہے یہ قوم
    if govt had not allowed Cell Cos. to sell the sims and other stuff without following proper procedures this would have not been the situation, but we needed the flourished Telecom Industry. why do you forget, Crime never pays and progress is always paid

  • [quote] You can easily send a question through sms. Soon you receive answer and get good marks. It’s just another way to make money for these companies by ruining the careers of teens.[unquote]

    Dear you seriously need to get a life if you think that careers are being ruined by this. You have a nice blog please do not demage your reputation by such posts.

  • Yes you are right but as a conclusion there is need to track the things right. These are the days of high traffic media campaigns with a sole objective to get more business/sales/money/customers. Simply turn on TV and navigate to different channels and you will see advertising related to every part of our life and in other words every part of a human body, on the other side it is open to all age groups.

    I mean for all the above — is that there are certain people which are rather happy to sit and comment and not to play their role which is of immense importance and don’t take responsibility/ownership as well. For example, if a school teacher is taking phone calls in the class time then, I am sorry to say that, we are leading the youth by example. One has to play an active part in daily routine life as for a part of world (developed countries) these facilities/advancements are not new and they have made their ways to success.

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