EVDO Prospects in Pakistan

Mobile broadband has become hot topic these days, especially with the launch of World Call EVDO in Karachi and expected launch of PTCL EVDO next month. It just seems like that EVDO is going to be the next burning business in the country. Though, WorldCall has somewhat failed to give an early impression, and also their absence in Lahore/Islamabad (Though they have plans to roll out EVDO in Lahore next month), but future seems promising.  By the way, one of TGP discussion revealed that they are registering 25 new customers each day in Karachi.

Service issues and increasing level of dissatisfaction of WiMAX customers has defiantly created an opportunity for EVDO market to show its play. We can assume that in 2009 Pakistan would be having intense competition in mobile broadband segment of the market.

By the way, Mobile broadband is defined as broadband access in the cellular environment, such as GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, CDMA etc. Mobile broadband concept came in to existence after 2002 when on the go & ubiquitous connectivity was concern to every industry.

It is observed that Mobile broadband has been adopted effortlessly by customers, throughout the world, where ever it has been provided. But service providers are seen having core challenge in fluctuations of data rate available in different coverage areas of mobile network operators.

When we see Mobile Broadband’s scenario in Pakistan, service providers must consider many important issues, such as coverage area, and infrastructure development.
There must be massive deployment of network infrastructure and maximum bandwidth channels to maintain traffic and reduce congestion on the network. Our service providers must foresee the future demands of mobile broadband consumers, such as VoIP, IPTV and other bandwidth hungry applications, which would be essentials in coming years.

Just to mention, WLL companies are violating single mobility law, and they must legitimize this issue before this industry becomes extra rich in terms of mobile broadband services – for those who don’t know WLL companies, such as WorldCall and Vfone, must limit their customers to keep their handsets/EVDO devices with-in the coverage of a single tower.

With emergence of EVDO, I am not sure about the prospects of EDGE/GPRS services provided by cellular companies, which will surly suffer.