Ufone Postpaid Customres Being Charged for Help Line Calls

In an effort to provide quick services (this is what Ufone claims), Ufone has started charging its postpaid customers too, for all calls made to helpline. Earlier on these helpline calls were charged for prepaid customers only, while postpaid customers were given due respect.

However, in a latest development, postpaid customers will be charged Rs. 0.50 plus taxes for each call made to help line for all customers.

We have written before, how postpaid customers are ignored, thus given least priority and highest rates. At times, it seems like cellular companies, take their postpaid customers as burdon, as they are neither given the value nor the charm that prepaid customers share. Still, its matter of fact that postpaid chaps happen to be the most loyal customers; and they also share premium ARPU for cellular companies.

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