Free Broadband for 1 Month and IPTV for 6 Months: PTCL

Through an advertisement published today in “Daily Jang” PTCL has announced free one month broadband internet if applied in December 2008. Same print ad says that PTCL’s free IPTV services are now extended till June 2009 for all new and existing IPTV customers.

To subscribe call: 0800-80800

However, we are not sure about how other broadband internet service providers will respond to this offer. We may see another layer of price war in broadband industry of Pakistan. Also to be noted, few of ISPs increased their broadband tariffs recently – meaning that ISPs may breath high over this move by PTCL.

It is also interesting to learn that all Internet and Telecom packages are sent to PTA first for approval before they get implemented.

As an ending note, PTCL should also enhance its support and after sale services as well for optimum customers’ experiance.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • This comes as a very surprising more from PTCL. Either they are afraid of competition and want to attract more customers or they want to use a ‘clean bowled’ technique to sweep the market and take out the competition. Has the company truly progressed to offer such packages? I doubt it – I also doubt the quality of service provided through such initiatives.

    In any case, what remains to be seen now is how other ISPs are going to respond: LINKdotNET has had some renewed marketing activities and student market penetration while Wateen has adopted direct marketing to sell its WIMAX. This announcement is going to shake things up…and there is sure to be an ISP war! :)

  • Very nice to know about this offer.

    1-free broadband is for new customers only
    2-free iptv requires that you must have broadband connection

    Excellent post dude!

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