How to check Owner’s name of a Mobile Number?

People in Pakistan are getting aware of the fact that their Mobile number ownership is important, and it must be in their name in order to avoid un-desired problems for any reason. So if you are still using a SIM without registration, make sure that you register it immediately, given that the process is very simple.

Check Current Owner’s name of SIM?

To find out the current owner’s name of the SIM that you are using, simply send a blank SMS to 667. This SMS will return owner’s information with details – So if this is your name, then nothing to worry about, and consider yourself safe. Otherwise get it registered as soon as possible.

How to register a SIM

In order to get Mobile number registered, take your SIM card and original ID card to your nearest franchise or service center, and ask them to register this SIM in your name.

Please remember that you must bring SIM with you as well, because without SIM your number won’t get registered.

Benefits of Registering Your SIM

There are multiple benefits of registering your SIM

  • The most important element to register your SIM in your name is that its unlawful to use un-registered SIM
  • In case, your SIM is not registered, it may get blocked anytime. By the way cellular companies are already blocking all unregistered SIMs. Soon your SIM will be blocked as well, unless you don’t register it
  • You will be asked to provide original ID card to get a duplicate SIM in case you misplace your SIM. Meaning that, if you were using a un-registered SIM then you may never get a duplicate SIM

How to check All Numbers Registered with Your Name

It is equally important to know all those numbers which are registered with your name and NIC. Reason is, that you may not remember those mobile numbers which were issued under your name long ago, and you may had given them to your friends or cousin of a friend. In any case, it is very dangerous to leave your number with someone else, unless a blood relation. The reason is that any criminal activity carried away from that number (which is under your name) can lead you to severe situation.

For the purpose, you must go to Service Centers of all cellular companies, and ask them mobile numbers which are registered under your name. For this simply provide them your NIC. Unfortunately, there is not shortcut way for this, so you need to visit all Telco’s service centers.
Make sure that you block all those numbers straight away, which are not in use.

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