Celebrating Benazir Day…. IGNORING QUIAD DAY

quaid-e-azamEditor’s Note: This article is published while eying advertising budgets for both days, and bears no political cause.

Pakistan is now 61 year old and every year, we have been celebrating Quaid day as a national day at least up to the media with print ads in newspapers. But, this is the unfortunate year in the history of Pakistan that we are not celebrating Quaid day even at media level. All focus and activities were bound to give tribute the daughter of east in an outstanding way.

Up till now only Government of Punjab departments have released print ads for the Quaid day. A source in our national advertising industry has confirmed that the focus of attention for this year was Benazir day instead of the founder of Pakistan’s day.

Zardari led government and PPP leaders have given clear instructions to all the departments that they should pay tribute to the visionary leadership of Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto Shaheed on her first death anniversary. So, in an unofficial way it was asked to all Government Departments to release ads and show the commitment and honor with the symbol of democracy in Pakistan

It was estimated that Benazir day will cost the nation over 30 million while the Quaid day has only over 0.5 million in media advertising.

I agree that every lady and gentleman in Pakistan respects Bhutto family and their sacrifices. This family has given a true leadership to the people of Pakistan and shown the way to honor and dignity in the community of nations otherwise this country would had been in the clutches of the Army dictatorship and landlord mafia. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the true leader of Pakistan who has not only given the voice to the poor people but give them the vision to fight for their rights. Atomic Nuclear Capability, Stieel Mill Karachi, Wah Factory and HMC Taxila are only few examples of that great leadership which live and die for the betterment of the deprived people of this country.

PPP and its workers are very committed to the cause of Bhutto family, but at the same time, I find this inappropriate to prioritize her when compared to the father of the nation.

  • I agree with the title , but at the end you misled us a bit they have done no sacrifice and are what you called pro liars , runs in the family ! they looted Pakistan in the past and they are here to do it again whatever it takes a few deaths don’t matter ! its there family tradition and the people are foolish enough to follow them !

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