Low Price = Low Quality Products

laptop_markets_pakistanShoaib Cheema was very excited when he purchased a laptop from Karkhana Market of Peshawar for just Rs 4700. It was a new IBM think pad and the original price was Rs. 5500. However, he got successful in getting some relief from Khan Sahab with some requests to lower the price.

“It was a wonderful deal – my dream of having a laptop at last turned true”, stated Shoaib when he reached back Rawalpindi. They are really different people with different attitude. Apparently, he was very impressed with the happenings.

But, soon his happiness went away when he came to know that his lap top was without genuine IBM battery which costs Rs. 7000/- in the local market. He was very upset but the time had gone and nothing could be done to change the fate of poor Shoiab.

Now he can use that lap top as p-III while charging directly with AC power. When he visited the blue area market he came to know that he could even purchase a Toshiba laptop of just Rs. 8000/-. He then thought that it could be wise to purchase a laptop form the local market instead of going to Peshawar.

I remember a similarly incident a year or so, when I purchased a CD player from Rawalpindi. It was a Chinese brand of Great Wall. It was low cost equipment. After few months that CD player got corrupted with lens problem and other issues. I was further told by the electrician that these Chinese made CD players are neither reliable nor repairable.

Another eye opening aspect of these gadgets is that these are mostly assembled in Peshawar market. Most of the stickers of Sony, National, Sonyo and other Chinese companies are being prepared and pasted on CDs, Tape recorders and radios in Karkhan market of Peshawar.

Only thing which is not being prepared are the mobile sets. These sets are of the same prices as in other parts of the country.

So, I would like to suggest you all that never get impressed by low price electrical appliances. It merits mentioning here that our markets are full of Chinese low price products with are not durable. From tape recorders to radio.

My dear readers, if you have any experience like this you can also share here with out any hesitations…….

Thanks to Shoby for Laptop shop’s image

  • This is not correct that u have have listed above

    I have my own shope in Attock
    Of used laptops and i brought them from Bara peshawar since 2 year but i cant reacive any campalne from customar

    My bro its all the matter gon to ur friend who cant know how to get a best one


    Shahzad Khan

    • @Shahzad Khan, Thanks for your input bro…! I second to you that buying laptops and electrical appliances require purchasing experience.

      (Also thanks for ZONG GPRS news… i am working on it)

      • Salam Amir bai, i want to know about Zong GPRS,How can i use free Zong GPRS.
        would u like to help me?
        m waiting for ur response.

    • Hello Mr.Shehzad…i m adeel….i also belong from attock….i m in search of a gud conditioned used laptop…..please give me ideas and suggestions…thnx

    • salam,i want to buy a cheaplaptop from peeshawar anyone have ideas how to get it & also from where i can get it????????or anyone have any good conditioned used laptop with low price?????????

      • My DEAR go to HAJI PLAZA SADDAR in Peshawar there u found wide range of PC,LAPTOP,AND THEIR PART
        so now that wil b depend on u which type u want to purchase.

        • gul haji plaza is not in sardar its on university road bro. Besides he is right that’s the best place to buy it. well you can try your luck in Karkhano market only when you know where to go and what to buy then that market is for you otherwise that is total rip off.


    • if u live in lahore than go to hafeez center and get a lap top and search and compare pices it is a wonderfull place to search your all digital needs.

  • Hi Friends,

    Asslam o alekium,

    I am planning to visit lovely peshawar city to buy some electronic items, Just like, CD player deck, video
    handy cam and Dvd hi-fi systems, I have checked the prices here in Lahore and found that these items are
    very expensive here but i heard that in Peshawar these items can be purchased at very very low rates.

    Can anybody guide me in this regard with acknowledgment of prices, bazaars, traveling way and most importantly how these goods can be brought to Lahore after buying As i have heard that Police forces and law enforcement people check during transportation

    Your kind help in this matter will be appreciated !

    Thanks, Saad

  • I found Several “Pathan’s” selling Laptops / Digital Camera on unbelievable cost, few time ago some laptops were purchased by shopkeeper @ of 2500 only for PIII laptop, but after 1 week, he offered for sale laptops on 2000, similarly 2 weeks ago my known person purchased Dual core Laptop @ 8000 with all accessories, I knew that laptop will be unusable after 1 or 2 months, but if he want it’s parts eg. Hard Disk 80 GB, Ram 1 GB, DVD-R, etc then he will be recovered his 8000, by selling only these accessories,
    so it’s not bad deal, if he can able to use laptop for 5 to 6 months.

  • hahahahaha..
    is tarha to hota hai..
    karkhano market mein jab laptop waghaira lene jao to plz aPne saath window CD bhi le jaO…

    bcz unho’n ne P-II ko P-IV banaya hota hai..


  • Asslam o Alekium,

    Hi friends hope you all are fine and enjoying !

    Well, I had been planning to visit peshawar city to buy some electronic items, but unfortunately, could not visit due to law & order situtation in peshawar my family did not allow me to travel to peshawar,

    Now i am planning again to visit peshawar for some recreation as well as to buy at least one digital camera,

    therefore can anybody tell me the latest prices of digital camera of new one as well as used one in karkhano or bara market,

    Hope to get your reply soon,

    thanks in advance

    saad lahori

    • Saad Bro.. I would Like to suggest U that U should check out Ur Local market prices At ist…after that u go there With ur list taken from local market with model# and price to compare with prices of Peshawer karkhana Market.
      There Are Alot of cam available But i would suggest to Buy the camera for local market ..Q k ager kisi b chiz ko judge kerne may aik 2 din lg jatay hy n jub apko pta chalay ga prob ka to aap roz roz peshawer jaa nhi saktay aur ager gae b to wohi chiz jo 2000 may thi 3000 hazaar may perh jaye gi..
      I hv xperinced that type of situation.N kul hee hoker ayaa hn laptop k rate pta kerne Pindi k rate se ooper k rates hy so mene to kuch purchase nhi kiya jub k peshawer may mere sab kzns b hotay hy lekin baat wohi hy k prob ajayee to itnaa zalil kon hona chahay ga k roz roz aik prob k liye peshawer jaye.
      Agay aap ki merzi T.C ALLAH HAFizz

  • hello,i want to buy a cheaplaptop from peshawar anyone have ideas how to get it & also from where i can get it????or anyone have any good conditioned used laptop with low price plz ?????????


  • salam,i want to buy a cheaplaptop from peeshawar anyone have ideas how to get it & also from where i can get it????????or anyone have any good conditioned used laptop with low price???


    • My dear, these durable things import by khan sahiban from china via afghanistan given lakh rupees in the borders but they purchase in very low price as they purchase watches on KG base.

  • dear friends

    i Hope you all will known about computer so please buy laptop if you known laptop and do not buy from karkano market they all are thiefs.they are just waiting for the people to do fraud i have experice in karkano market near karkhano market i am doing job yar. and i purchased two laptops from karkhano market just fraud.

    allah hafiz

  • i want to buy cooking range of corona co,can anyone tell me where it found in bara peshawar.and approx price

  • hi friend at this time i am in kohat and want to go to kharkhano market to purchase the laptop with good condition at the rate of 8000 plz. guid me where i go to purchase good lap top if any person know the shop than plz. contact with me plz. plz. 03464085336 or e mail [email protected]

  • Hay tell me that guy who has published this post if you will buy a laptop on rs 4700 as mentioned above so what you think in this laptop will be a camera with 1000gb hard disk and sound card and very high quality laptop what you think on just a sooo cheap prize of rs 4700 you will get a laptop of all qualities like paradise,go to hell man you know the prizes of laptops are over 1 lac but only peshawar is a place who r reducing the prizes for paksitanis so they can fight the costs of to high pressure but you r still say that its not right,if you dont have a laptop of gud qualiti in rs 4700 then go and buy a laptop of 1lac rs if u have guts go,go shaba go,get lost!!!

  • Salam. point ye note kerny wala hai k europe aur baqi kafi countries mai wo log students k liyay electronic appliances pcs, laptops etc ki prices itni he rakhty hain jitni un k logo ki range mai hoon. magar pakistan mai sirf aik ameer tabqa he in chezon ko kharid sakta hai. ab mai aik very low class sy belong kerta hn aur mai apnay abnormal bhai k liyay low price tablet pc ya low price laptop kharidna chahta hoon per itna mehnga hai k kharid nh sakta, tu is surat mai insan phir used laptops na khariday tu kia karay phir? pakistan mai sab loot rahay hain aur sab kha rahay hain her level per corruption hai tu yahan koi system he nh bana abi tak aur na he bana tha aur na he banay ga

  • lol! Same thought :P One of my friend setting beside me is also claiming that karkhano market has a vast variety of best cameras at low prices…..

    But a month ago i went to karkhano market with one my friend’s father in law… where he carried a bundle of faulty cameras…I asked my friend where these cameras came from he said from karkhano markets … which means you have to visit the repair stores after purchasing any kinda electronics accessories from karkhano markets.

  • Shahzad Khan. My name is Ali Khan. I am also from Attock and belong to village Shamas abad. I studied from Government College, then Campbellpur. I am in need of a Tape Recorder. I you have in your shop, kindly let me know the make and also the last price. Then may be I can come to your shop. My mobile number is 0333-5262605. Thanks

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