PTA Starts Blocking Proxy Sites Too!

error-the-requested-url-could-not-be-retrievedPakistan Telecommunication Authority is famous for blocking access to various web portals including YouTube in Pakistan. It seems only a matter of time when PTA blocked access to certain premium Pakistani and foreign web portals.

It’s not a long ago, when PTA blocked WiredPakistan for countless number of times; and for no reason. Some news and politics blogs were also blocked because they had some material against MQM leader Altaf Hussain.

Also if we bring recent events into consideration, we see that PTA is now after free speech and blog sites. For example; PTA blocked many links and URLs, that disclosed the photos depicting the luxurious life of Governor Punjab Salman Taseer and his family, in the name of so called “best interest of the country”. And umm… is it really a matter of country’s interest?

Several campaigns were carried out in order to protest the curbs on free speech. They highlighted proxy websites as they used to allow internet users to access a blocked website anonymously. This was indeed a good idea to remove the fear of being blocked. Now guess what? The worst of all, PTA is now being smart enough and they have now started blocking proxy websites too.

Many famous proxy sites including have now been blocked. Up given screenshot reads like following

It says:

“Dear Valued Customer: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ( has directed all service providers of the country to block access to some blasphemous web content/movies. This content would remain blocked till the further orders from PTA ”

What you guys think about this move of PTA? Do you think it’s wise? In my opinion, it’s not wise at all. Everyday, almost 100 new proxy sites get online, how many proxy sites can PTA block? Can they block all? No of course!

I just hope that PTA doesn’t ask ProPakistani to take down this post of mine : -d

  • nah, not possible. PTA is still undergo kid in these kind of stuff.
    Well let you know there lot of proxy sites all over the internet at least these are larger compare to IP slots of PTA :D

  • What really needs to be done is to take PTA to court. PTA has made it a business of everything. All the licensing fees they collect, is for their budgets. Imagine if we were to ‘auction’ a license for US$1 based on the amount of money a cellular provider will place in a nostro account with SBP for investment in the sector. If a cell company can setup operations minus the cost of the licensing, who benefits in the end – the end-consumer does. Of late to eliminate ‘grey’ traffic, PTCL has increase (note INCREASED) the rate per minute for international calls terminating in Pakistan. This will ‘increase’ the grey market – not reduce it. Same goes for these blocking of websites. PTA’s unilateral decision has to be followed or else lose your license. But are these websites detrimental to Pakistan? No they are not. I think the industry needs to interact more with PTA and explain their viewpoint at the same time put PTA in its place.

  • its working here on PTCL DSL line.
    U can see that here.

    If PTA blocks any site, they will be stupid enough as there are so many sites n even free VPN services now that BLOCKING anything is no solution. They should work on something else like protecting rights of consumers rather than wasting their “precious” time on such activities.

  • I just checked it and its working. Took a screen shot as well so in case you need it, i will share it with you. It may be either a temporary problem or a mere accident.

    • @M Junaid Khan, on my ISP this has been happening for a week or so. I agree on your stance as well, as PTCL is reportedly not blocked such sites… otherwise others are!

      Are on you PTCL?

  • Yes it’s true that was banned. I checked it a week ago. But now it’s working fine. And yes im on PTCL Broadband. May be PTA has given orders to un-block it. Guys check now. May be it will be open on WATEEN and Link Dot Net soon.

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  • The error message has changed. Its pretty in-your-face now..

    [ The following error was encountered:
    Access Denied.
    ” This site is Restricted” ]

    I’m on LinkDotNet btw.

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