Why and How I use FREE Broadband with Link Dot Net

Disclaimer: Being a terrible victim of Link Dot Net, following story may not have neutral approach.

In the first part I will narrate why I am using Free Broadband, and what factors forced me to do so. In the latter part, I will tell you how to use FREE Link Dot Net services ; -) so keep reading!

I am using Link Dot Net for last one year or so, that’s when the company commercially started its operation in Islamabad. It was going good – though there used to be some disconnections and speed issues, but I never shouted much on them. This guy, Khurram used to come on monthly basis to my place to collect the fee (They charge Rs. 50 for home collections, and i was availing the facility)

Until lately, my connection got suspended due to non-payment. (This happened last month). When I called LDN helpline (7 PM, last month) I was told that you were kicked out of the loop due to non-payment, so wait for tomorrow and pay the bill before we restore your services AND DON’T CALL AGAIN. In short, all my requests and pleas were put on deaf ears by the CSRs and the team-lead.

I even threatened them that I will disconnect my connection, and will go to Micronet; and you know what, team lead welcomed me and said he will send someone to collect the modem in the morning.

In reaction, I sent an email to support manager at Link Dot Net and CEO of the company, which is shared at TGP as well, it was as following!

from    aamir attaa <[email protected]>
to    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
cc    [email protected] (CEO)
date    Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 2:43 PM
subject    Awfully Ordinary Customer Support at LinkDotnet

Ms. Fatima Saleem,

I am writing this email with reference to Link Dot Net DSL connection that I have been using for last one year. Despite many issues, I am a loyal user of Link Dot Net.

Yesterday, all of a sudden my Link Dot Net account was terminated due to non-payment, despite I have repeatedly asked your sales’ person (Mr. Khurram @ Islamabad) and support guys to collect my payment on due date, every month. However, their negligence and my busy schedule didn’t allow me to deposit the said payment of one month and consequently my account was suspended at 5:00 PM yesterday (Jan 5th, 2009).

When called your customer support and spoke with Mr. Ahmed (Team lead), all my requests were put on deaf ears. This gentleman was not considering giving me a single grace day in order to keep my connection alive for the night. Resultantly, I had to remain without any internet means for more than 24 hours – the most awful experience i ever had in my life.

I protest against the practice and demand a policy change for account suspensions, especially for those customers who pay monthly bills via home collection service. A company where customers are taken for granted and are dealt in a way like Mr. Ahmed did was not comprehendible.
I hope you will take necessary actions against this, and will respond to my query positivly.

Aamir Attaa

In response, a guy called me and told me that they are working on the issue and are receiving complaints from other customers in this regards as well. In short, he confirmed me that this will not happen again.

Now this month, before the due date, I called Link Dot Net helpline and requested them to send the salesman to collect due payment.

Next day was Sunday, and on Monday I was out of station, resultantly, I missed a call from their Sales Guy. When I got back in the evening, I figured out that DSL is down. I wasn’t expecting the suspension this time, but alas.. it was indeed the suspension.

Until now, I was sure that this company is not going to get better… and they will keep bugging their customers. For the sake of formality, I asked CSRs and Team Lead to activate my account, but nothing happened.

So this is where I decided to ditch the company, and started using their services without even paying them. I am using this free account for last 4 hours, and I know this will account will keep going for unlimited time, let me tell you how!
I am justifying my situation as I can’t afford to remain offline for full 24 hours, and that too not for my mistake.

link_dot_netHow to use the Link Dot Net broadband Services for FREE!

  • Open browser
  • Give an IP: (in address bar)
  • Put admin as username and password too, and login.
  • On left menu, there is a button “Quick Start” – click on it
  • Now in the username and password section (as given below) you can give username and password of any friend. And then click on connect…!
  • in username it will be in this format: Phonenumber-account-name (051-XXXXXX-aamir) + Password will be the phone number.
  • Here you go, you can login with any active account in parallel from multiple locations.
  • I am using my office’s login details at my home, and I am enjoying the luxery.


  • You must be Link Dot Net subscriber, in order to use free services (Means that LDN must have jumped in your line through exchange)
  • Speed will depend on the account’s you are using.
  • You will get full speed limit on all locations, meaning that if 5 people have logged in with same number, which has 1 MB limit, all connections are likely to get 1 MB speed each ; -)
  • In case you use trick for using free internet broadband on Link Dot Net (mentioned in this post),  it may lead you towards legal action against you!

So, enjoy it before Link Dot Net guys fix it.

I hope Link Dot Net folks will take my complaint as seriously as they will start debugging this flaw in their system.

Link Dot Net guys are not welcome; if they want to thank me for pointing out this flaw in their system. However, i will appriciate a policy change in their account Suspension policy (especially for those customers who pay their bills through home collection service).

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK