Sirf Jazz Inami Scheme for Franchisers: Mobilink

sirf_jazz_price_schemeApparently Telecom Companies have nothing left to offer now a days to customers in terms of pricing and new VAS services. The Concept of Customer oriented Marketing seems to been non existent and looks like that primary Focus is on Selling Oriented Marketing.

Last week we covered Telenor’s Strategy to rely on MNP, which got plenty of attention and now Mobilink’s counter attack seems smart enough.

Mobilink launched this Scheme in various districts, named as “Sirf Jazz Inami Scheme” on 27 February. The Scheme is to convince retailers to sell as many SIMS as they can. They have divided the Retailers in A, B, C, and D on the basis of connection selling. Like A category retailer must sell above 100 Sims to compete in a draw for Motor Bike. And like this other categories have different attractions like Television, DVD Player, and Mobile etc.

Not like Telenor, Mobilink offered this prize scheme for New SIM Sale, instead of MNP, as from records, its obvious that MNP has benifited Telenor and Ufone the most. At the same time, another fact is worth noting that Mobilink has most numbers of unregistered users till date. Many People claim that their numbers are still unregistered or registered on the fake names still when they completed all the regulatory procedures. Now Scenario may be different with new PTA Regulations.

Reportedly, Telenor is finding difficulties to attract the retailers in suburban areas where there are most number of people willing to Shift towards Telenor but at the same time, greater number of un-registered Mobilink customers.

Point which is worth noting that End User is no more a point of concern for the Telecom Companies .The Retailers are focused to just increase the sales of the connections and definitely retailers will play for the easier version which is to sell Connections instead of MNP.

Time will tell that who wins the real battle, but for now one thing is clear that we Customers must go on long nap. And let the Telecom Companies to prove the Darwin’s Phenomenon “Survival of the Fittest”.

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