Install PTCL Wireless (Huawei) on Windows Vista: Tutorial

Special thanks to Ahsen, for allowing me to re post this Tutorial here.

Here is a step by step guide to installing Vfone (Huawei) on Windows Vista.

1. Plug in the data cable.

2. Following box will appear.

3.Click on Locate and install Driver Software.


4. Click Do not search online.


5.Click Browse and locate the driver folder on ptcl wireless cd. They are in folder :DriverFiles\winXP

Click Next.


6. Click on install this driver software anyway.


7. Click close.

Following box will appear.


8. Click Don’t search online.


9. Click Browse my computer for driver software and give location of driver as given previously.


10. Click Install this driver software anyway.


11. Click Close.

12. Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Phone and Modem Options.

Click on Modems Tab.


13. Click Add.

14. Check Don’t detect my modem and click next.

15. Click Have Disk..

16. Browse to “HuaWeiMdm.inf” file on the drivers cd.

17. Click OK.

18. Click Next.

19. Select port.

20.Click Finish.

21. Now the modem to be used.

Make new connection and enjoy surfing the net.

  • I had never seen a girl in IT :P specially in pakistan anyway’s nice post but who use huawei now days and put some profil etc couze i really want to see whats with you :D

  • please upload your screen shot that you are using huawie wireless on vista ,bye the modem has been installed successfully.
    thanks for teaching us.

  • This doesn’t show Tusb3410 when data cable is attached in Usb… It shows something else…. Hence no new port is created in Windows Vista

  • Software/drivers can easily be installed by CD provided by VPTCL but its not gonna work with Vista. I have installed it more than twice, modem and everything seems fine (in device manager) but when i click on connect or if i manually create a new connection for VPTCL its useless :( if anybody has success story please share the procedure.

  • hello
    i am having problem while i reached on the page where to select port
    1-Select All ports is disable and in selected port there are no ports ooption to select
    can anybody help me regarding this

  • Hi everyone!
    i tried the steps but it does’nt install the software. it says “windows was unable to install TUSB3410 boot device” anybody could help me out of this plz

    • I have the same problem. Since this post was a couple of months ago, did you solve the problem?

      would like to know how!!


  • Madam! I neither have Vfone nor tried it ….. but I wanna mention the very basic thing you forgot here and that is this forced unverified driver installation is only possible in Vista/Win7 x86 (32 bit) editions.
    Vista/Win7 x64 (64 bit) won’t let you install any unverified drivers at all. So your instructions are totally become false there.

    So please, from now on if you ever post anything, go with first getting full information …. though I must appreciate that you as a girl took step to post something valuable to users (specific users).

  • i have installed windows xp SP 3 on my computer and when i install the driver for vfone huawei it installed the software but not the driver (tusb3410)
    and the error was saying this
    “the required section is missinf from the inf”
    i have re-installed the same windows many times and also use differnet cds of same window but the error doesn’t go.
    please perly me the solution at
    [email protected]

  • i m useing v fone for internet is good but not have much speed like 1mb its speed is 230kb .per hour is 6.RS

  • Here you will find how to install huawei modem(ETS2558) drivers of previous version windows(XP) on windOWS 7.

    Other user(other modem brand ) of PTCL V or windows xp service pack 3 and vista user may get help from their to install their drivers.

    As we know that win 7 has great support for previous windows applications so software make no problem only driver create a problem.

    To install the driver follow these steps.

    1- Insert cd into cd/dvd rom.
    2-Cancel auto run of huawei appliction.
    3-Goto start in search bar typr “Troubleshooting” and open it from menu.
    4-Now click on programs and follow the instruction(Run application in Win xp service pack 2 compatibilty mode and follow procedure same as xp).
    5-After installization save compatibilty settings.(Windows may warn u that it is not compatible just ignor it).

    6-Now goto the Device manager here u will see TUSB3410 DEVICE IN Multiport serial adapters which will be marked with some sign Right click on it and then click on update driver.Now click on brows files from computer and select cd/ dvd rom in which driver is found. It will scan the cd/dvd rom and find and install drivers automatically.
    7-Refresh the list of device manager or re-open it. U will see that USB-Serial Port(COM 3) in Ports(COM & LPT) will be marked with sign.Now perform same procedure as in step 6 with it.

    Now u r ready to use ur applliction
    Now open appliction ptcl v and click on connect it may take 1 to 2 minutes by displaying a message initializing.

    FIXING OF TUSB3410 DEVICE IN Multiport serial adapters
    FIXING OF USB-Serial Port(COM 3) in Ports(COM & LPT)

    [email protected](also in face book)

  • Please Can u give me Driver For Vista 64bit This is no doubt Right tutorial but i need Drivers for Win vista/7 64bit thanks.

  • sir mera nam bilal khan hai aur main ptcl ka v k user hoon main ne suna tha k ptcl v ko hack kia ja sakta aur internet free use kia ja sakta hai please agar aap k pass ais k mutaliq information hai to please mujhe lazmi batana

  • Dear Sir,

    I have tried many time to install vphone driver on windows vista, but having problem properly install. I have CD driver, but it dosnt work for vista. Can you please advise where to get vphone driver for windows vista.
    Thanks in advance.


  • I have followed procedure mentioned above, but still having problem TUSB3410. I would like to inform in my PC there is port 6, 15 to 22, not 1 and 7, so what is the sulotion. please advise.

  • Hi
    i also face same problem in Win 7 all cable drivers install but when i click on connect it giv Error 633 . One thing i tell u when i install Windows 7 my Vptcl drivers install and work but after when i format windows and install windows 7 again then my drivers didnt work any method fo installing drivers in Windows 7

    • @azhar: bas fit hy tu ne bachi pata li hy…. idher larki ka naam dekh k sb k mu khul jatay hain or zubaanain bahar aa jati hain. idiots!


  • Hi !
    ! AoA !
    just listen all.

    VPTCL drivers only work in Windows 98 and Xp.
    so don’t waste time. i check and surf internet for two month and come to conclusion that V-PTCL driver is not compatable with Vista and 7.
    //////for any hlp u can ask\\\\\\

  • Salam to All,

    I m Using VPTCL, (Huawei and ZTE Telephone Set’s) Both working well on all type of windows, mean Windows: 98, XP,Vista and windows 7. Even drivers not designed for vista and 7 but working fine.Its confirm

  • Zte model number is WP960BD and Huawei model number is ETS2052. Here is link for download ZTE software for ZTE set for win vista/7. (ZTE Connector 2.5.0)

  • hi i need hlp about vptcl wireless
    i have Vptcl ETS2055 wireless now there is problem occur when i click on connect button a message appears “The PPP Link control protocol was terminated” what shall i do install vptcl drivers corebtly plz hlp how can i connect

    • Dear Naeem,

      check your username and password, if its correct check your balance dial 1015, if there is amount in your account go to control panal–>internet options—>General—>delete

      here you select Temporary Internet Files, cookies, history, download history

      Press delete

      Now connect your internet connection if problem still exsist please contact PTCL helpline 1236

  • bahi jan if u are talking about computer internet settings then i have format and reinstall my winXp but not i call 1236 thnkx for your rply

    • Yes please contact with PTCL helpline 1236 and inform them complete details whatever you done already.

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