Telenor Blackberry Handsets Now Available

We have been following Telenor’s Blackberry Launch for quite some time now – This time the news is that Telenor’s Blackberry handsets are now available at Customer Service Centers for users – though commercial launch is expected in 4th week of April, 2009.

How to Get Telenor Blackberry?

One way is to get a new postpaid connection, with what you will be offered to opt for Blackberry Services, or otherwise, upgrade prepaid package to postpaid and go with Telenor’s Blackberry.

Service Charges:

Telenor will offer two Blackberry products:

  • Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)
  • Blackberry Enterprise Service Plus (BES Plus)


  • BES service will be available on demand @ Rs. 1,500/- per month
  • All charges will be pro-rated
  • Unlimited GPRS will be available with both the Blackberry products

Security Deposit

Security Deposit for Blackberry activation are as per table below:





Telenor Blackberry Handsets’ Prices

BlackBerry Javelin 8900: PKR 40,000
BlackBerry Bold: PKR 45,000
Blackberry Pearl 8120: PKR 25,000
Blackberry Curve 8320: PKR 29,000

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  • Blackberry’s have become a common phone for those constantly on the move and their functionalities are quite simply amazing but I’ve also noticed teenagers fiddling with BB Bold handsets and one seem to wonder what use do they really have for the phone apart from the “cool factor”.

    Now that the BB revolution has hit Pakistan, I hope that GPRS/Edge rates go down than the standard Rs.500 for unlimited usage.

    I also hope that our mobile operators can start giving away handsets with postpaid contracts like the rest of the world. This would not only allow them to market better services to their customers instead of just a handful of people who can afford the high end mobiles.

    • the package is good… than again every 1 is offering the same package the question comes that will telenor be able able to provide something new, and y is this that the BB handsets are cheaper in the market and these cellular companies are offering such high prices for their handsets???

  • i work for telenor in sales if somebody needs to know about our black berry service which is for sure better service as it supports EDGE based network which much faster then GPRS

    We can give you best service with excellent postpaid package.

  • From where r the blackberry sets from telenor available? if only from their sales n service centres,then that’s a bit difficult as there are only about 4 service centres of telenor itself n the rest r will 4 sales points serve a city of 15 million?

  • i would by far prefer Mobilink Blackberry service…their new indigo packages and even the blackberry service works the best so far……They have maintained it since day one….i wouldnt want to change it…

  • @ali zia

    Can you tell that, do we have to pay the blackberry set amount on monthly basis ? is that 1000 include that amount (rental charges)? and how long we have to pay the rent for blackberry ? or blackberry is only available at one time fees and there after rs.1000 recurring fees for edge service ? and also the data transfer is unlimited in this edge ? as in the normal one, there is a cap of 2gb

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