Another Website Got Hacked

“” got defaced today – it was a general (un-targeted) hack by some un-identified hackers.  that’s the only news I have got to share with you guys today.

I remember my last post on ProPakistani was in January 2009. The reason i stopped posting such news was because people started getting interested in hacking in a negative way – they had started this defacement thing for fun and for fame.

Since my last post on ProPakistani, there have been too many defacements – some were spacial (huge ones) while others were normal sites; but the interesting thing is that people didn’t understand the importance of security awareness and never learned the lesson from experiences.

  • Anti Islamic and anti Pakistani propaganda is going since years over the web. Why people are not trying to hack for such good cause, which defends our country and religion.

  • Psychological propaganda is even more effective as compared to other means of sabotage.there is a known evidence(As you must have learned through different articles in the recent newspapers)that RAW, MOSAD and KHAD are actively involved in psychological attacks over the community in general.We know that Suicide bombing, Assassination attacks, Humiliation of our religious Integrity are some of the prevalent means to cause panic.But IT is equally a harmful tool here. The knowledge of IT may be compared with Nuclear Physics which is bifocal. Religiopolitical propagandists are humiliating the true essence of Islam through different resources but they are also creating the sense of insecurity among common poulation. They are successful just because of our unawareness. The battle is between Skilled and unskilled and the ultimate loser is the unskilled. So what should be the most realistic approach to cope with these problems?…In my worthless opinion hacking for good purpose is not the proper soulution. Because in this case we won’t able to eliminate counter attacks.I think it is thousand times better to launch awareness campaigns online to provide useful information to the ordinary man. Remember that we are Muslims and we should never compromise over the thoughts of our ancestors. They say when a man and a beast have spilled each other’s blood, they become one! Share your knowledge because knowledge is power and it will give you immortality. Be a man , be a patriot !

    Aamir Bhai kaisay mizaj hain Sirjee?

  • Good speech waisay you are saying kay give every one power to make nucks yes counter attacks are not good idea but if you know how it works you can fix it like fixing the problems comparing us in it security knowledge with other world is foolishness like we cant be that much well known until and unless you paid well here is an example in information security there are to many areas but you can master all nor some one make you master its you own interest but if you wont get paid well you will leave this area aur this happens a lot. In India information security is big area every one focus on it but here when you tell someone sir you have some flaw they says leave it :P its not bothering us like this is the reality. When people get paid well in this area they will come and spend time and there knowledge but when they dont why should they waste there time here.

  • and why should a person give his knowledge for free like they have dont hard work on it they have spend lots of time why should they just do free awareness thing on this a farmer do farming for what to get other get food no he do this for his own why should he give his crop for free be practical dude here in Pakistan we don’t have prepare education in this area nor their is any demand.

  • And this is fact that other countries are focusing in this area a lot they know the importance of this area but here we dont have proper department for this. ek hai Nr3c but theek say kaam hi nehi ho raha they should be closed and let the new generation come and take this place and work on it.

  • Thank you very much indeed for your appreciation My friend.Let me say, you have been miserably failed to understand the central idea of my speech. Human beings are priceless and if your knowledge can relieve someone’s misery then you shouldn’t bother too much about the money.Remember that When he is best, he is a little worse than a man, and when he is worst, he is little better than a beast.If you have knowledge then you are a torch bearer. You may either use it to burn someone’s inn or to enlighten someone’s path. the choice is yours’.(The knowledge of IT may be compared with Nuclear Physics which is bifocal.)

  • authority us shakhs ko daini chahiye jo us cheez k laiq ho….
    aur pakistan mai asay asay log hai jo apnay ap ko b nai sanbhal saktay pakistan ko kaha sanbhalaingay

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