How do you Use Computer/Laptop at Home? [Pic]


Well, you need to think again the way you spend your time with computer/laptop – reason is that its not a one day job nor 5/10 mins thing. You need to develop a habit which is not harmful to your body, specially the eyes.

Please take this pic as an reference, and i am sure many of you must be wondering and feeling happy that there are other people too who use laptops while in bed.

Image Source: WccfTech

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  • Ch Sajid

    NO one at ease in the above pics.

  • ahsan

    Pls inform us about the healthy ways to use electronics and also the intelligent tips to use our handsets and computers!
    As it has never been trained formally anywhere!!!

    • i will do that – most probably tomorrow, in fact a fellow writer (Reality Bites) is already preparing an article on this…!

  • Akram

    hahahahh i use my system in the same way as shown in the pic

  • Anam

    I am using computer and laptop on my side with resting elbow on left side while watching movie or using internet for last 3 years.

    Honestly speaking, my shoulder bone is dislocated and grown.

    I suggest everyone to use it properly as i m victim of odd usage habit.