Rumor: SMS May Get Blocked this Week

smsThere are rumors in the Market that SMS services may get blocked this week (most probably from May 1st, 2009); however no official words yet from any side on this news.

This rumor basically originated from multiple news bureaus, but no newspaper carried this news later on. Reports were that government has started thinking seriously about blocking SMS services in the country, or at least some parts of the country.

We know that SMS services were blocked in Islamabad during Long March 2009.

When we discussed the issue with a high official of a cellular company, he said that cellular companies are not informed of any such thing. He further said that cellular companies will not remain quite if any such action is taken by the government; the reason is that cellular companies make 7 to 10 percent of their revenues through SMS services.
On other hands, mobile subscribers, especially youngsters have showed their initial response to Rehman Malik’s statement, which said government, may consider blocking SMS services if used illegally.

Again, there is nothing official yet, so let’s hope this rumor will die as the week will proceed.

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  • shaaani

    Mr. Abdul-Rehman Malik is the worst interior minister i have ever seen

  • Mazloom

    Intaha-e-Zulm, aur kya kahoon?
    Allah puche ga vote kinu paya si?

  • Jadoo

    just a rumor!

  • sarhadi9

    I think this is good

  • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

    jo government aur kuch nahi kar saki , wo sms service block kar k khush ho jaye gi , lol

  • ahsan ali

    I think there is no any justifiable reason for blocking such a nice service.
    As it is not only a cost-effective service but had facilitated the communication among the youngsters.It is the most decent broadcasting service.

  • …………. yaar yeh rumors phailanay walay kon log hain ?
    bohut ghalat baat hay sms service block karna,

    btw, How about having a poll that asks

    “Do you think that SMS Service should be blocked in Pakistan”?

    • let me tell you results in advance, 99.9 percent votes went against such decision…

  • Zeerak Ali

    SMS is one of the last few things in this country which has kept up the morale of the young generation in the current circumstances. However we Pakistanis should also understand that if such an action will indeed help in our national Jihad against the terrorists and Pseudo-Islamic forces, then it would be a small sacrifice given the nature and severity of the threat facing our Nation. But unfortunately our Government has not ahown itself to be competent enough that we can trust them to handle this issue as it should be.

  • sonia

    zardari ki government sirf logou ko takleef dene k siva aur kuch nahi kar sakti kabhi sms block kara k tou kabhi double sawari per pabandi laga kar they all are bull shit

    • tafreeh

      double sawari sa larkuu ko kia faraq parta ha….

  • Rashid Rupani

    Kal ko phone lines bhi bandh hojae gi kyun ke terrorist log phone use karte hai…

  • omerfarooq

    Blocking SMS service will also add up in less revenues to Government.I think SMS service might get blocked because this service is used in promoting hatred against Government.
    If SMS gets blocked, ther are mnay alternatives, which are as follows:
    May be cellular companies go for MMS packages (Just like Warid).
    Telecos can reduce the rates for Voice SMS and make its receiving free.
    Telecos can use Push to Talk service supporting each other in their PTT service.
    Lets hope telecos, make themself prepare of the BAN.

  • sherry

    i think faraz was relative of musheer-e-daakhla..

  • blocking sms for some political events can be useful to avoid rumors since some people out there feel like they are running a sms news channel in the country…sms rumors are very common like “farooq sattar shot dead”, “bomb blast in raiwand,sharif killed” n many more crappy messages!
    sms news channels are killing our nation i guess n blocking them for some events like 10th moharram, any huge rally or stuff…

    thank you for your time!

  • Huma

    Uffff yah zulammmmm nai hona chaye nahiiiiiiiiiiii
    we are against this!!!!!!!

  • A Y Khan

    Mobile SMS block nahi hone chahea but sms charge kam se kam 10 rupay hone chahea. SMS sasta hone se kuch jahal apni demaghe halat ko har kisi se arz karna shuru kar dete hain. aur nahi kuch ata to khali sms bhej te rahte hain bachare….. is ma zada kasur mobile companies ka hai k competetion k chakkar may rate itne low k ye to honahe ta.

  • mani

    Yeah Kya badmashi hay janb …….

    Zulm k yeah Zabtay hum nhee mantay…..

  • Omar

    SMS Service block hoe gi, us ki koi riot hoe gi and resulting in “DOUBLE SAWARI BAND” by our government.

  • anmol

    aj govt sms block kary gi, kal fone blok kary gi or aik din public ko sans lene pe bhi tax hoga ya phir logo ki sans blok kernay ka bhi sochy gi. this is rediculas. jin qaumo ne taraqqi ki unho ne apni awam ko releif diya na ke blockage. Allah rehm karay hamaray mulk or hukamrano pe.

  • hasan

    yeah i heard so to, i even heard that a bill has already been passed in the assembly and it will be implemented soon … ofcourse nothing confirmed

  • mohsan

    govt sucks…

  • Hathelaa Youngster

    Inteha hogai yar :) ab tu sudhar jao … Agr Chief Justice ne bill pass kardiaaaaa

    meri taraf se Lannat hai justice par

  • Jibran

    agar sms service bund hogai to falto log berozgar hojaiengay . . .

  • Shahzad Khan

    Just a romar my uncle is working in zong on a high post he sad we cant recieve any news to ban sms service

  • yaar u all know zardari is mister 10% . so sms block tu nhe ho ga.. but zardari tax lag gaya ga… u know mobile crad load karwanay par jo tax increase hoa ha wo b zardari tax ha jo direct zardari account main jata ha… n u know Rahmaan Malik was popular dakaaayt.. n choro ke goverment ha.. MQM say be koe omeed nhe they just wants blood n money.

  • Khalid Chaudhry

    Jeena Ho Ga Marna Ho Ga.
    SMS Bajna walo ka sms service na khulna tak DHARNA HO Ga DHARNA HO GA.

    • Tahir Talib

      Nice Chaudhry… hahaha

  • mehmood

    Choudhry sb chaaaaaa gya hoooooooo

  • mehmood

    i think its rumor no official statement

  • Tania Shah

    Ho Nahin Sakta , Ho Nahin Sakta……
    Main to murrr hee jaooon bagiar SMS k
    sms = saqlain mushtaq shah

  • zunera

    if it ever happend.. it will dd tp the “popularity of the govt”

  • Faiza

    *sigh of relief* so it was just a rumor…

    I protest in advance if the Rehman Malik is really thinking this.

  • Bakar’$…

    Yr dkho jo saaf baat hai ye baat to sach h hmre mulk n MASHALLAH agr kse chz mai taraqi ki h to vo mob companies h..agr y b bnd hjye to pakistan ka satyanas hjyga…i dnt think k sms bnd krne s koi baaz p log pura din veley reh reh kr din guzar dte h..vo to bnd nhe kr against….

  • Khalid Chaudhry

    Pakistan Farg Larko Ki Parti Ka Parasidant, SMS CHAUDHRY Janaab KHALID CHAUDHRY Shaib Ka SMS Bajne Wali Vali, Nakami, Awara, Qom Ka Sath Khtab.

    ” Aaslam O Aalikum! Mare farg or nakama dosto. Jasa ka HUKUMT-E-PAKISTAN ki janb sa ham valo ko sara din masroof rakhna wali sms service band karna ki bata ho rahi ha. Dosto agar ya service band ho gai to ham log sara din farg rah kar mar jaya ga.
    Lakin ham hokumt ki ya sazish nakaam bana da ga. Mara vala dosto ya ghar ma bthana ka waqt nahi ha. UTTHO or bata do k pakistani qom ya zulam nai hona da ge. To aao awara nojawano jis din ya service band hoi us din ham Hukumt ki is ganoni harkat ko nakaam banana ka liya ISLAMABAD tak SMS MARCH kara ga or sms service na khulna tak DHARNA da ga.

    Ma is ka sath sath apni kaam chor bahno ko b is tahreek ma shamal hone ki darkhwst karu ga or ameed karu ga ka wo apna in vala bhaio ka sath DHARNA ma shreek ho ge or apna Dapato ko jhando ma badal da ge.
    To Dosto pakistan ki taraki ka liya es March ko kamjaab kara QK agr sms service band ho ge to logo ko insaaf nahi mila ga. Load Shading ma ajafa ho ga, Atta, Bijle, Pani mahnga ho jaya ga. Pakistan ko is bahraan sa nikalna ka liya es FARG LARKO ka Leadir ka sath da.




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  • dani

    harkatian thaik nahi karni,,,
    aur logo ko batien b nahi karni daini,,,,,,,,,,
    zabardast great idea,,,,,,,,