Rumor: SMS May Get Blocked this Week

smsThere are rumors in the Market that SMS services may get blocked this week (most probably from May 1st, 2009); however no official words yet from any side on this news.

This rumor basically originated from multiple news bureaus, but no newspaper carried this news later on. Reports were that government has started thinking seriously about blocking SMS services in the country, or at least some parts of the country.

We know that SMS services were blocked in Islamabad during Long March 2009.

When we discussed the issue with a high official of a cellular company, he said that cellular companies are not informed of any such thing. He further said that cellular companies will not remain quite if any such action is taken by the government; the reason is that cellular companies make 7 to 10 percent of their revenues through SMS services.
On other hands, mobile subscribers, especially youngsters have showed their initial response to Rehman Malik’s statement, which said government, may consider blocking SMS services if used illegally.

Again, there is nothing official yet, so let’s hope this rumor will die as the week will proceed.

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