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You must have heard many people demanding cellular companies to erect towers on their lands/buildings for rental plus strong singals;  but here is an interesting banner which appeals Cellular companies  not to bother them by installing towers in their colony.

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  • Infact it is a good decision, privacy of people should be respected.
    In developed countries, it is illegal to erect towers like they are done in Pakistan.
    It is good to see that there are people who respect the value of veil and environment

  • they say right in this banner because tower rays are harmful for humans and one more bad thing is when someone climb on tower for work he see in all homes where also females live.

  • There is a way out always… what if the pardah dar compromise to remain indoors while the technicians are at work. I am sure they are not up-there for half to 1 hour once a week on avg. during operations.

    Oh yeah, the technicians must inform the locals before starting work.. I have heard about serious thukka-ee by the locals in the interior regions… :)

  • Guys is that true that mobile tower rays are harmful?any scientific reason or any website having research on it.

    • A typical gsm tower emits two types of waves.
      Radio Waves (Transmitted by array antenna)
      Micro Waves (Transmitted by spherical tranceivers installed on tower)

      As far as radio waves are concered, we are already exposed to these rays (there would be difference in frequency), and there seems to be no mutation among the people, so it can be said that they might be safe.

      Microwaves are harmful, seriously they are. However they need LoS(Line of sight) inorder to communicate between one another and thus are not directly pointing toward the population. But If some engineer/technician accidently points its direction toward the population then its prolonged exposure can cause serious damage to ones body.

  • I read it once on about an experiement done by researchers on mice when they mounted GSM transciever on the head on mice & kept calling & auto-recieving calls on it. After a month they observed the brain of mice & it had very obvious black big dots on outer membrane of brain.

    Regarding banner, such towers should NOT be erected in congested areas & brothers this is an Islamic country that came into existance ONLY bcoz Muslims wanted to practice their religion freely, those who want them to bear with it should advise it somewhere else.

    Btw I can’t see ANY tower erected in the congested areas in Dubai or in Doha.

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