Confirmed: Mobile Customers to Get 100 out of 100 on Mobile Loads From Today

Mobile phone companies have received the written order from Supreme Court of Pakistan for suspension of taxes on mobile cards as they are now preparing to make the necessary arrangements to offer Rs. 100 load on a Rs. 100 Card.

According to sources in industry, a written order from Supreme Court was received that confirms that mobile phone customers won’t be charged any taxes or service charges on mobile loads.

This essentially means that customers will get Rs. 100 as a whole on a Rs. 100 card, starting midnight today (11:59PM – June 13th, 2018).

Customers will get Rs. 100 on a Rs. 100 card, starting midnight today (11:59PM – June 13th, 2018)

According to Supreme Court order, customers will get this initial relief for 15 days only as FBR, mobile phone companies and other stake holders are going to determine on how to tax customers who come with-in the tax net.

Another order — for suspension of taxes on telecom services — could be issued to extend the limit for another term of 15 days.


No Tax on Mobile Cards Could Cause Loss of Rs. 123 Billion to National Exchequer

Supreme Court had maintained that taxes on telecom services should only be deducted from those who come within the tax net.

Till a solution is found out, Supreme Court suspended all sorts of taxes and directed FBR to come up with proposals and mechanics that will ensure that those (poor individuals) who don’t come under tax-net aren’t charged any taxes.

It must be mentioned that all sort of telecoms services, i.e. voice calls, SMS, mobile internet and value added services will be exempted from taxes.

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  • JackDaRippa

    Well done, Aamir bhai. Keep it up!

  • Xahid

    Well, they have a valid reason. :(

    • Saqi

      Yeah. Written order must be mandatory

  • Adnan

    Why not Aamir Bhai or his team check by own self that deducted tax or not ? why they received shared details ?
    100 Ka Card Khud Load Bhi Nahi Kar Sakte

  • Rabih Idrees

    only card or easyload too?

    • aamir7

      load too

      • Hammad MALIK

        Abhi load karwaya hai zong 220 ka koi pura balance nahi aya

        • Muhammad Haris

          Same here :( … Topi kara di CJP ko bhe

        • Faraz

          100 and 100 and 20 ka karate to pura ata ghareeb admi :p

          • Muhammad Haris


        • Wasiq

          Lame people! Please read it starts tomorrrow :-/

  • Muhammad Haris

    Just checked and it deducted around Rs.23 on Rs.100

    • Xahid

      Please read, it says, applicable from 12AM night!

      • Muhammad Haris

        its written 12AM – 13th June i.e. passed next would be 12AM-14th June

      • aamir7

        Sorry, we have corrected. Its to implement starting tonight — June 14th, midnight.

        • Muhammad Haris

          Thank you @aamir7:disqus :)

        • Nazia Ahmed

          hello i want to know any package for international sms package ?

    • Faraz

      uper parha nahe he rat 12 baje se shuru hoga to kal karana tha na :D

      • Muhammad Haris

        11:59:59 PM is 12th June so 12:00:00 AM is 13th June. and tonight it would be 11:59:59 PM 13th June so 12:00:00 AM would be 14th June.

        • Faraz

          See edited version below:
          This essentially means that customers will get Rs. 100 as a whole on a Rs. 100 card, starting midnight today (11:59PM – June 13th, 2018).

          • Muhammad Haris

            Yes now its edited :), Earlier it was mentioned incorrectly
            Thanks @aamir7:disqus for correcting it.

  • Faraz

    In the face to all the social media fake posts who were malign our CJP.

    Well done Sir.

  • Rauf Tulla

    300 Ka card load keya 230Rs. aay hain,
    Kya bongi ha ye, sirf 100 waley card pe ha ya 100 se upar waley pe b ha?

    • Arslan

      bhai rat 12 Bjy kah bad yeh implement howa hai. agr ap ny 12bjy sy phaly krwaya hai tu ni ay ga pora balance.

    • Arslan

      bhai rat 12 Bjy kah bad yeh implement howa hai. agr ap ny 12bjy sy phaly krwaya hai tu ni ay ga pora balance.

  • Still not implemented, I’ve just checked!

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    @aamir7 only prepaid or postpaid as well?

  • afzal khan

    these things wont bring any revolutionary change in pak, just a small ladduu we can say,
    if you mr cjp, if really have man balls than plz hang all those anti Pakistani OR pro india/American political governance mafia or those all economic terrorists

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      He is CJ not Rajni Kant

    • Faraz

      It can be ladu for you but for a nation having nothing to eat is a whole piece of Cake :)

    • Yep, it can’t bring a major change, but it is helpful for the poor people. If he saves Rs. 500 a month due to the taxes, he can use on his medicine or his child school fees.

  • Muhammad Haris

    This would be applicable on MBB Devices load?


  • Adnan

    kia usage par bhi tax hoga? balance check karne pe charges honge ya wo bhi khatam?

  • Muhammad Waqas

    Kya sirf mobile companies par hi tax ki choot di gai hai i mean k witribe aur qubee bhi to bohat ziada tax kat rahy hai un k bary mai kya khayal hai @@aamir7:disqus aamir7 bhai

    • Saqi

      Bhai only 100 walay card pr. Wi-tribe qubee sb 1000 plus paxkages hain

  • Uzair Farooqi

    Postpaid customers are going to get any benefit or not?

  • Jabbar

    I did a load after 12AM/date change, did not receive full amount, tax was deducted from me. So?

    • usama

      It will be effective today after 12 O clock.

  • Jeddy Khan

    Virtually people of every income group has a cell phone, from the poorest of the poor to the wealthiest. How will it be determined who has to pay taxes and who is not eligible? Many people are always talking, but that does not make them rich. There are others who have cell phones they hardly talk, only in case of an emergency and nothing else. Taxing on how expensive a phone is also does not work because some people buy second hand phones instead of brand new ones.

    • pappu

      there is an only option left to tax on usage. when a person’s usage cross a certain limit in a month or year, tax should have been imposed on further usage.

  • Jibran

    I just called ufone CSR and they said they don’t have such kind of update.

  • Ansari Daniyal
    • Ahtysham Afzal

      Not applicable for AJK and GB, because those are not the parts of Pakistan. Even no 3G 4G.

  • ھارون اسلم بھٹی
    • Rashid

      bhai portout kar k zong postpaid pay ao zero tax enjoy karo

  • DevilMind

    1. what is maximum balance we can load card Tax Free?
    2. also is Tax Free available for online mibile balance (bank to phobe) ?

  • Naresh

    The Package price still Same
    Ufone Super Card Rs.520 now 520
    Super Card Plus 599 Still Same 599
    Telenor Easy Card 350 is still 350
    Zong All in ONE Still 500
    What is Changes On These

    • rashid

      Ye to stupid cheip Justice say pocho

  • DevilMind

    Rs 1000 k balance pe bhi tax nhi hai?
    agr balance bank account se transfer kre to?

  • Noman Azam

    what is the last date of full load ?
    can i get full load load today @ 29-06-18 ?