Pakistanis Posted More Google Map Data than Any Other Country Counterparts

We have repeatedly applauded Pakistani Community for making tremendous contribution for populating Google Maps for Pakistan and its cities.

Now here is this news that Pakistan netizens are posting more localized information and data to the Google’s ‘map maker’ than the web users of any of the 160 countries which are using the leading internet search engine’s experiment, reported a news agency, citing Banglore-based Lalit Katragadda, the founder of Map Maker.

Below is the complete press release issued by ANI

Silicon Valley (California), May 23 (ANI): Pakistan netizens are posting more localized information and data to the Google’s ‘map maker’ than the web users of any of the 160 countries which are using the leading internet search engine’s experiment.

Lalit Katragadda, the founder of Map Maker software informed that a particular Pakistani based in London has posted most frequent edits to the Google’s Map Maker,  a user-operated software.
Katragadda, who is based in Bangalore, told The Nation via teleconference that the software updates information instantly after a user sitting anywhere in the world within 160 countries posts an edit to the live Map Maker.

When questions were put forth regarding the authenticity of the data provided by any of the net users, Katragadda said, it can always be verified by the software.

“We can always verify from authentic as well as independent sources within an hour’s time,” he added.
Any such experiment, related to a country’s geographical territory can always be a sensitive issue, and could have some implications, but the Google’s Map Maker had not come across any political issues till now.

“We have not faced any political issues so far,” Katragadda said. (ANI)

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  • That sure is interesting! Lol!
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  • This is great to know that there is a lot of potential for crowd-sourcing in Pakistan.

    Instead of helping a gigantic company like google do their work for free for them, where (correct me if i am wrong) the information is owned by google once people add it for them, it would benefit pakistan and pakistanis in particular if they would contribute to OpenStreetMap instead.

    Googles car centric maps do nothing for the majority of people who have no cars and tracing over old satellite images is inaccurate and quickly out of date.

    I would suggest you have a look at OpenStreetMap and help out in a truly open and free way.

  • Yes, Pakistanis are always on top in abusing the facilities. I can bet most of the markings must be crap instead of useful stuff.

    • Hey Munim. If you are from outside Pakistan then I will tell you that you are wrong but if you are a Pakistani then I would tell you “Shame on you”. You are a Pakistani and instead of being proud that your nation is on the top from the whole globe you are just babbling that Pakistanis abuse the facilities.

      If you are a Pakistani then I would recommend that you get out of Pakistan and go somewhere else because you won’t be good for Pakistan. It is people like you forced us into all the stuff that we have to face today and you know what, when you come to US you won’t find what you are imagining.

      I am writing this comment from my room inside Louisiana state in USA and it is 4:57 in the morning and trust me that right now I am something more than angry at you. I have been here from a year and I figured out that I want to come back and I am coming back for summer holidays this year and I will keep coming back until I finish my education and after I am finished with my education I will come to Pakistan and do services in there because I know that no matter what I do these people won’t like me or any other Pakistani and secondly I would love to die on my soil in my relatives and I would desire to be buried in my soil.

      If you think I am exaggerating then trust me that I am not. I really remember Pakistan and I didn’t realize the greatness of Pakistan when I lived in there. The resources people get here are nothing compared to Pakistan and here you pay your Social Security every month and taxes every month and in the end you are left with close to 0 savings. Please, trust me when I say that you are living in a paradise and make use of it and work for Pakistan.


  • yes right. paKistanis have grown out of this 2
    numbri stuff MOre than other nations if not completely. we have more seriousness towards our global image now.anywayz ,just to let u know that the Pakistan’s inforMation on google mapmaker is of a very high quality ,as I use it almost daily and found it very useful and honest as well.

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