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Before 2004, it was almost impossible to telecommute yourself for any matter. As after, telecom paradigm of Pakistan shifted to new dimension and market has been fledged with massive telecommunication devices. PTCL has gained the entitlement for launching EVDO all over Pakistan for maximum speeds for telecommuting (on the go internet) and other usage.

Offering 3000 Kbps with PTCL broadband on the go is almost more than enough speed that anyone can expect during telecommuting. PTCL EVDO device has been launched couple of months back; however not got that much attention of users, I think because of its soft launch and other marketing factors. But yes, by friends and family most of the people know that PTCL has launched EVDO services in the form PCMCIA adapter and USB Dongle for its customers.

EVDO offers 3G access to broadband and will make you able to download and upload your contents easily on the go. Especially, EVDO is compatible with windows vista’s any version for your maximum commuting needs.

PTCL’s EVDO offers up to 3.1 Mbps downlink and up to 1.8Mbps uplink. Average speeds vary from 300Kbps to 700Kbps for downlink and 200 Kbps to 400Kbps for uplink. However it varies depending on the physical situation of the user and the network at a particular time. It is observed that at regular, download/upload remain persistant during nights – however, you may face issues during evenings/peak hours.

Selecting USB Dongle instead of PCMCIA card can be a wise decision, as PCMCIA adapter causes “Over heating” of laptop PCMCIA port and EVDO Card for its consistent use. If you use it for only one hour; it would go too hot to even carry in hands.

It’s always on with seamless roaming is best feature that anyone can think of even during travelling or any other user related needs on the go. Professionals can easily access the VPN services of their organization on the go.

Overall, PTCL has initiated a good step for targeting corporate customers, but I think like world call PTCL must also consider normal user as huge subscriber base waiting for their EVDO devices especially more preferably – than fixed broadband services and no doubt PTCL can match their tag line for broadband services like “One Line Immense Value” with One Service with Immense Value with lowest price that any could think.

By the way, we received good response from all areas of major cities, in terms of reception. However, one may need to confirm the signal strength at his/her place before deciding the deal. My recommendation, for those who get good signals, is to buy this gadget as its too handy to bear.

For Further information:

You can dial 1236 from landline and inquire about any further thing, or visit PTCL’s official page here

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  • Device costs Rs.6000 along with Rs.2000. From next month onwards, Rs.2000 will be charged for first month.
    You have Money Back Warranty within first 7-14 days(depending on your One Stop Shop), in case you want to return it.
    Refund will be provided in 2-4 weeks time.

  • What about the USB Dongle is it available or just PCMCIA device is available.

  • Reality Bite is rite…PTCL has not launched officially USB Dongles , But Yes, on Some of Stop Shop Centre it USB Dongle is also available

  • AOA
    Its nice to be get latest information regarding pakistan telecom
    & i am very delightful to upgrade from new inovation in pakistan & also some hide factor as well…
    i am very thankful to pro-pakistan team whoz working behind all that web..
    im working saudia & i have wirless usb modem 3.5G provided by cell phone service (mobily)sometime its bandwith extreme high if its getting 3.5G signal but sometime i have to suffer when its getting GPRS signal & i cary my notebook around my room to get 3.5G signal…sometime i feel to throw it on wall…coz my family online with me on web…im not getting good signal..

    beside my comments human desire is unleash… we must thankful God & those people & industries whom make new inventions & upgrading inovative technologies… Thanks
    Best regards.

  • What its price & is it available in Sialkot? From where i can collect detail information about it. Is it work outstation & Is it work only with Laptop?

  • I wish they have AWR-500A evdo wifi router (something similar to what worldcall is offering) if they offer this I must consider switching it to evdo.

  • hello, evdo is not available here in attock but vfone is here so if i buy usb evdo device from rwp/isb then will it work here and what maximum speed it may likely to give?? kindly Amit Atta reply me

  • Tariff/Package Details:


    CPE charges: ZERO
    Monthly service charges: Rs.2500 (per month) for 1 year for unlimited access
    After 1st year Monthly Service charges: Rs.2000
    No initial charges required and the charges will be billed with PTCL landline bill.

    Initial charges (CPE charges): Rs.4000
    Monthly service charges: Rs.2000 for unlimited access
    Monthly service charges will be billed with PTCL landline bill.


    CPE charges:
    Rs.4000(PCMCIA Device)
    RS 6000(USB Device)
    1st Month service charges: Rs.2000 for unlimited access
    Total initial charges: Rs.6000 or 8000
    Monthly service charges will be billed in advance for each month.

    Note:You have to pay RS 2000 advance every month from 1st to 10th of every Month otherwise Services are disconnect or additional charges are charged. Don’t wait for any type of Bill visit any nearest Ptcl OSS and pay your Bill.

  • aa
    Dear all new Friends Of Propakistani and visitors of This Website I tell you my Experience of PTCL EVDO PCMCIA Device.
    I am using this Device from 2 months Its working fine and I think its much Good And So good If your area have Ptcl LandLine Problem.
    Speed Experience same as 1 MB Connection of landline.
    Download speed
    Day Time. 80-110 KBps
    Late Night 2am to 4am 50-180 KBps.
    Early In the morning 180-220 KBps.

    I am using My PCMCIA Device on Desktop Its Working Fine.But I think PCMCIA Device is not good Because IT is not used on any PC.Special Slot is required. So i Suggest U To Buy USB Device because every pc or laptop have USB slots.

    PTCL EVDO Is Good For individual Customers.

    MY Experience Is that If PTCL Wireless Signals Are good In your Area then PTCL EVDO Signals Works Fine.

    Asim Naqvi
    Misrial Road Rawalpindi Cantt

    • hello, evdo is not available here in attock but vfone is here so if i buy usb evdo device from rwp/isb then will it work here and what maximum speed it may likely to give?? kindly

  • Dear Asim,

    Your figs. will offcorse right, and you can improve them but putting your PCMCIA card in a laptop. caz:

    PCMCIA is dircectly used over system high bus speed upto 2.5 gbps/d while USB is only 480 mbps.

    Why you are getting is less is because of convertor used for desktop, which ofcorse will have its own delay time. Secondly getting a more better quality convertor will decrese up to some extent.


  • Dear shamsulhaq

    So Much Thanks For your Comments. I improve my Experience in next reply.

  • Dear Saad Malik

    You Visit Ptcl This Webpage Every Detail is mention

    Ptcl Evdo Devices only Gives Broadband speed in
    KHI, LHR, ISB , RWP and Mirpur (AJK) and in other
    cities in gives dialup speed which is equal to ptcl wireless.

  • Dear if there is not covered with EVDO network then it will connect to PTCL’s ist equipment (either on CDMA’s or vfone’s) with normal speed.

    I’ve experienced this in Haripur. same situation was here in Rawalpindi before EVDO start working some 1 year back.

  • what the in the world is wrong with your English people?
    for goodness sake, no one saying you need to observe punctuation, but *gosh* can you please write in a way that allows a person to actually GET what you’re trying to say?

  • my frustration aside. my device is a huge disappointment. the thing keeps disconnecting itself and i feel like crying when that happens.
    i don’t know how to fix the problem, because no one seems to take the complaints seriously

  • I tried the PTCL Broadband USB in Karachi. I bought it last month with a PTCL offer that I can return it in 15 days if not satisfied.

    I did return it.

    The service is acceptable but not fast as claimed by the company no way near 3Mbps…not even 1mbps.

    PTCL being a technology company should know that if they are selling speed then they should deliver on their claims and how can you commit a speed like 3Mbps on a mobile device. This is the problem of PTCL they say things they cannot deliver. Their promotion material said 3.1mbps.

    But I did not return the USB because of performance alone. I returned it because I found out the same solution much cheaper from other supplier around 500 instead of 2000 per month. Not only this the same product is available from ufone at a much cheaper price.

    One thing PTCL did deliver on was their promise that if not satisfied I can return the device within 15 days and get a refund.

  • Dear zarah

    Hope u are cool now.Some People Don’t know how to Run
    their pc. Plz Cool Down I think have some virus in your System that creates problem.plz Reinstall windows then Install PTCL EVDO Software.Its working Fine.

  • I gave their pcmcia card a go back in the early days.
    Now that i’m on DSL, i believe 2000/m are not worth it for 700kbps downlink (yes i know its 3.1 mbps, but you can barely touch that much once in a week).

    ptcl should drop down the monthly subscription to like 700-1000rs for 3mbps, then we’re talking :D

  • I am using Worldcall’s wireless boardband EVDO. Would it be wise to switch to PTCL? Presently I’m paying 1200 per month and have paid 5000 for the device. I am happy with their service, however there are times when it is constantly disconnecting. Has anyone used both of these services? Please advise.

  • I need this connection badly. Anybody can help me. My cell No. is +923332227938.

  • Is 3G a technology for CDMA… NO.

    It works for UMTS so don’t get attract to this service if you are desparately waiting for 3G service. 3G works for UMTS and UMTS works with GSM instead of CDMA. You can have high speed with WiMAX but does it means that we start calling WiMAX technology as 3G.

    Every technology have its own pros and cons. Secondly the network for high download and upload is available at selected places of main 4 cities so do check before investing for its service.

  • I am using wired broad band, land line and smart TV at my home but the problem i am facing is that there are bunch of wires and i can not split the TV from computer because they have to be side by side becuase of the hub provided by PTCL, other wise it will be more cables running around in the home. Is there any solution for it ? if some one can help me on that.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • its too nice package from ptcl.may be that this facility is not published in “kohat”also launched this service in kohat as soon as possiable.thanks

  • I am using wireless boardband EVDO provided by some other company but it does not have dongle. Can I purchase it myself?

  • Hi,

    Juat got it and using it in Gulberg 5, lahore.
    I am getting an avergae speed of only 80 KB/s. Hmmmm….will return it or throw it away

    Dont get it…trust meee

  • Okay guys now since i have propakistani as a platform to provide facts, here I am again:


    Monday, June 8th, 2009

    Averaging about 35-40 KB/s. A drop of almost 40 KB/s since my last post on June 6th. Since I have paid for one month I’ll keep on providing you guys info.


    I am also using PTCL DSL and I have no complaints there, there service is excellent

    • just try Worldcall believe me it works and see the difference if you are in lahore or karachi, they are going to launch this product in rest of the major cities.

  • i need connection of ptcl broadband jis main 1200 ya 1300 main mpbs device free hoti hai 03002633175

  • Hi!

    Is there anyway that i can connect cisco vpn client software with ptcl evdo or with worldcall evdo? I am only able to connect via dsl or wimax. But badly need a usb to use with latop for vpn connections. Any help would be great.

  • I bought this service EVDO from PTCL F-5, unfortunately it could not start working and after 10 days fight. I succeeded to return it back and my refund application is under process.

    Surprisingly it could not get activated by PTCL in 10 days, after ten days they given me replacement but signals were very poor both at my office (in blue area) and home (Khayaban-e-Sir Syed). Technical support by PTCL is very poor there is no one to listen your complaint for this newly launched service of EVDO. Please dont go for this.

  • dear,
    you r really trying to improve yoursef(ptcl).my complaints regading ptcl broadband is not for the purpose to tease u people,only trying to realize u that ur services r not up to the mark.i apoligize u if u felt hurt by my any complaint,now i am much out of internet connection trouble. keep it up, may God bless u.

  • I just buy ptcl EVO 3.1Mbps last month July 18th i already used before Wateen WiMax and Worldcall Evdo they all make fool all people now i have Ptcl EVO 3.1 Mbps there on website also help center say maximum or Average download speeds from 300 kbps to 500 kbps! but that time i buy till now today 10 August i never seen more than 150 or 175kbps its most of time 96kbps or 125kbps even i check it morning , after noon and evening its same now let see whats wrong there how can they gives us 500kbps even that account only 3.1Mbps they cant able to gives us more than 250kbps or 300kbps downloading speed they write on web page lie and total wrong they just try to make fool if you have 1Mbps account then maximum downloading speed 100kbps or if u have 2Mbps then maximum downloading speed 200kbps. How can Ptcl Evo 3.1Mbps gives us 500kbps i smile lot coz i also did not think before buy that but i know that time they lie i just buy after think that latest maybe they will gives me 250kbps or 300kbps but not now they juts 125kbps. Here in our Wonderful Country all company invest money for IT and Cell phone services all just take money they did not gives us return. They are much danger than robbers because robber show us guns and get amount and that companies make fool and play with us and got amount its a cheating. Wateen , Worldcall now its time Ptcl Evo i got so bad experience here. Did any one think how much we are poor and backward to other countries ?? Japan , China , Singapore , Uk , Canada , Turky and many more they have more than 4Mbps account for home user and 4Mbps means 4Mbps unlike Ptcl Evo say some and gives different. Please stop play with people or if u cant able to gives good service. Any way this is our Country here all come for investment IT and telecommunication because they invest 10% and get to people 1000% ….

  • Well its good but ptcl line conection is very low coast rate
    1 mb dowload speed. 124 kb down stream 64 up streem
    constent day an night Montly bill just 800 rupies for student
    Well its 2000 its yo hay
    I think wifi router batter than ptcl wireless usb or card
    A good wifi router. Is in 6000 to 14000
    and this urs Wifi router use money work not only use internet
    2000 monthly its to bad
    Ptcl line broadband rate Or wirless ka rate ik he hona chaya

  • a.a
    Dear ASIM…
    i wana asked that do u have any information tht when this service will b available in KOHAT.. i wil b wait for the answer…if some body knows plz must tell me thanxx..

  • Hey All Brothers, Please be productive and share if anyone knows how to optimize the performance of the EvDO, either by setting any parameter or using a tool


  • we required evo usb in Khanewal and around but there usb dont worked.we need full details of usb coverage,is usb worked there

  • am fed up with vwireless using for net,because there is no alternate for me because i live at village. what should i do?

  • since i have seen the dsl with fast speed i am not satisfied with old system of wirless.its take many time downloading or displaying the page.

  • close