Why BlackBerry Storm 9500 Failed?

BlackBerry had finally acknowledged the confession of touch sensitive mobiles and launched blackberry storm in September 2008 to match the challenges given by Apple I-Phone. BlackBerry Users expected a lot from RIM on this phone that could cross the Apple I-Phone and again become the market leader in the existing known markets. But this time expectations were not met.


BlackBerry Storm 9500 is badly hit in Pakistan as it’s purchase and re-sale dropped like anything. Even BlackBerry Bold is being sold at higher prices than of BlackBerry Storm Touch Capacitive smartphone.

The reasons for not having what they expected, I tried to analyze the drawbacks that exist on the end-users side, especially when it is seen in a Pakistani users’ perspective.

User friendliness: This phone is not at all user friendly and you will have to spend almost 4 to 6 days to understand its basic operations. Though Blackberry has never been famous for user friendliness from day one, but this phone is the worst scenario.

Sure Type Problem in Phonebook: T9 option is not going to leave you whatever you gonna do (SMS, phonebook, internet etc) with this phone, despite switching it off – it comes again out of no-where leaving you in a situation to disable it again and again.

No WiFi: WiFi option is not available and buying Rs. 30k plus phone and not having Wifi is something kidding with yourself and with your money. Because, using wireless network is getting common, particularly for high end users.

Memory: This phone has not that much memory i.e. only 1GB, while you can get as much as 8 to 16 times memory when spending same amount on other brands.

Capacitive Touch Feature: Capacitive touch feature has not got that much welcome like Touch Flo or Accelerometer technology because of its pressing and releasing style.

Due to all such issues, customer is reluctant to buy Blackberry Storm, resulting in low prices and no resale value.