Nokia N97 Hits Pakistani Stores – Priced at Rs. 58,000

N97 Black 2The highly anticipated Nokia N97, Nokia’s flagship mobile computer has been announced in Pakistan after its global launch in 75 countries worldwide. Along with a tilting 3.5″ touch display, QWERTY keyboard and a fully customizable home screen, the Nokia N97 will offer instant access to the full range of Ovi services. The N97 is expected to be sold in Pakistan at a retail price of PKR 58,000 only.

The device was announced at a glamorous press event where two European models brought the phone at the venue and the Finnish First Secretary, Deputy Head of Mission H.E Miia Rainne handed over the phone to the GM Nokia Pakistan Imran Khalid Mahmood. Also present at the ceremony was Henri Mattila, Head of Category Marketing, Nseries Middle East and Africa

Speaking at the occasion, Imran Khalid Mahmood, GM Nokia Pakistan said, “Delivering on Nokia’s vision and thought leadership based on mobile convergence, Nokia Nseries has aimed to present the best in class mobile computers to its internet savvy consumers. Today, we take great pride in introducing the newest addition to Nokia Nseries – Nokia N97. We have combined the most-advanced smartphone capabilities in this device to enhance the internet entertainment for our consumers and at the same time ease-of use with one-touch access to their favourite online content.”

“The Nokia N97 is an important step towards our vision of delivering a highly personalized Internet experience,” Henri Mattila said. “Fuelled by a multitude of music, maps, games, media and applications via Ovi, the Nokia N97 transforms the Internet into an experience that’s completely tailored to the tastes and interests of its owner.”

The Nokia N97 is Nokia’s first device to feature a personalizable home screen, which can be customized with a range of widgets which bring live information directly to the device. These widgets include key social networking destinations like Facebook and Hi5, news services like the Associated Press, Bloomberg and Reuters, as well as shopping and weather information. The Nokia N97 is the first device to ship with the Ovi Store, which offers easy access to applications, games, videos, podcasts, productivity tools, web and location-based services, and much more. Ovi Store has paid and free content from a range of global and local content providers and developers, including Paramount Pictures, Facebook and Qik, as well as a selection of Twitter applications.

Enjoy your upgrades

The beauty of this Nokia device is that taking it out of the box is just the beginning. As with any computer, people can constantly improve and refresh their Nokia N97 with new features, functions and fixes so they can do even more with the device. An exciting roadmap of new features and functions is planned to roll out in the second half of 2009.

Entertainment ensured

The Nokia N97 also has direct access to the huge catalogue of music in the Nokia Music Store. With multiple high-speed connectivity options and 32GB of storage (up to 48GB using a microSD card) it is possible to directly download and store tens of thousands of songs on the handset. And you can listen to your favourite music on the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905, which Nokia also launched today. This headset brings crystal clear sound, eliminates background noise, and is the ideal accessory for listening to music and making calls on the Nokia N97, as well as being compatible with a diverse range of other mobile and music devices.

High-quality images and video clips at 30 frames per second (fps) can be captured using the 5 megapixel camera with integrated Carl Zeiss optics. Images can also be geo-tagged to specific locations and shared instantly with friends or uploaded online via Ovi Share, Twitter or Flickr.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I checked it market price a day ago from a shop in Islamabad and they said it coated at 95k.

    Also considering N96 is currently available at 50k, in no way will Pakistani shop people price the N97 at such a low price of 58k.

    Also from what I know about it, it sucks for Internet browsing because of a webkit browserr and resistive touchscreen is so out of standards looking at the iPhone and the Palm Pre.

    I believe it will be a big fail in Pakistani market.

    • This price came to me directly from Nokia store – i guess we should believe it

      • Nokia has an official store in Pakistan?

        • Asim Bijarani

          No There isn’t any official store by Nokia itself but the United Mobile is official distributor for Nokia corporation, and the real price for this phone is: 72000/= believe it or not, but it is confirmed.

    • dc

      Yep, Nokia is not pretty great at touch screen, after using iPhonem, I tried Nokia 5530. That was a bad experience, touch screen is not very smooth, plus effects are also slow.

  • Saad they got a re-distribution system in Pakistan – however, they have their offices in the country. And this price is quoted from company statement, which i put as it is.

  • someone

    will they the “made by nokia” ones or the made in finland ones

    the made by nokia ones are shitty indian made ones

  • farrukh

    700$ ia s release price worldwide

    • Ayesha

      how “ll give me NOKIA 97 0r NOKIA E72 as birthday Gift?

      • how much used n-97 ??? i will buy ,,, 0345-3181216

    • yasir“

      calll me soon. complete set n97 32gb black

      • Contact me 03476159667 ………. i wanna buy your mob

  • Usman

    VAWO, look at category manager, Matti, looking quite young while on the other hand most managers in Pakistan tend to be budhas, who have lot of past life problems, therefore they are unimaginative, depressed phsycos. No wonder we dont see any innovation and freshness in our brands or products. I been working abroad and saying this from personal expereince. In Pakistan working culture is like “Pani Patt kee Jang”, where old is gold even obsolete.

  • Hamayun Khan

    Yaar amir bhai its price is 84000 in the market as it is a fresh set in pakistan.

  • Zayams

    Dear All,
    i have been following Propakistan since some good times though and havent posted any comments so far so Amir bhai please bare me for that…
    well i have heard also there are numerous people in pakistan who are selling the N97 at higher prices …even one bought it at 95k in Khi…which i believe came from the GREY channel to Pakistan …amir bhai you are right i have seen one news clipping which also stated the same amount i.e. 58k
    i have also gone through an event invitation received from NOKIA ppl on FB where they are holding an event on 27th & 28th of June to book your N97 which is simultaneously happening in Marriott(Khi) and Royal Palm (Lhr)…where they are selling the device i believe on the same 58k device…i have experienced the E71 launch back in last year June in which they came with the same selling proposition and the price was way below than any available device at the retail stores (which i believe are the ones who sold the smuggled devices ) i have also heard all those N97 which are available in the market and ppl are selling at higher prices doesnt have any warranty confirmation from NOKIA…and all those warranty that ppl are offering are all fake.

    Insha Allah on 27th i will visit the KHI event and shall post some info about it..

    in any case for all those ppl in LHR please find the link at FB for the N97 LHR event in Royal palm which is a free entry so any one can go and experience the N97 there

    and so as for KHI ppl here is your link of the N97 event for KHI event at FB[]

    over an out for now had to end up some stuff

    remember me in your prayers

    • Zayams thanks for your input – and i am sure you will keep feeding us with more information in future too.

      • Zayams

        thanks amir bhai
        sure i will :)

  • Hamayun Khan

    Tanx to u Zayam bhai….

  • Wasif Bullo

    I think Nokia N97 will be a big hit in Pakistan,because of its amazing features…What you people think???Please answer me at [email protected]

  • Zayams

    Dear All,

    have just view an update on the N97 event please follow the links and see what you can with N97 at the event

    its getting excited now to me

  • Hamayun Khan


    Tanx to u once again zayam let us know about these things.

  • Abbas Meerani

    I was in Thailand yesterday, i checked with Nokia there and the phone is prices at PKR 50000 in Thailand. How very unfortunate that Nokia does not believe in International warranty.

  • Well as claimed by the site propakistani the set was sold at Rs. 58000/- with gift hampers like BT and Carrying case etc worth 10,000/- free with Nokia E97 for Royal Palm members.

    ProPakistani has proved to be a good source and the pricing was Bulls Eye. Keep it up.

  • zain

    will we be able to get this phone any cheaper ? i wish i would had bought it from Merriot ,

  • zain

    will we get it any cheaper soon ? i wish i would had went to Merriot and bought it . I have Blackberry bold . i want to try this one out . Any comments

  • Fraz Saleem

    I am currently in uk, but soon i am coming back to lahore.
    I have just got N97 as an upgrade from 3 network.

    But the damn thing is as ever, it is locked the flipping network 3.

    There is no one here in uk claiming to be a unlocker for this new BB5 series phone.

    Is it possible to unlock it in pakistan.

    Replies will be much appriciated

    • FARHAN

      yeah it is possible in pakistan but in karachi at saddar…
      ghusia mobiles…!

  • ASAD

    kisi nay kharidna bhi hai ya awain efficiancies hi ma rahay ho

  • Imran

    Yaar anybody guide me please where from i can buy nokia n97 in islamabad around in around 55000 rupees. email me please [email protected].

    thank you

  • Faizan

    Can anyone please tell me from where i can get nokia N97 in karachi, second hand one

    • FARHAN

      yeah faizan in karachi at saddar mobile market u can buy this cell phone from ghusia mobiles and bawany electronics….

  • salman

    abay pehle koi khareeday to sahi..phir istemaal karay ga..dus occasions pe show maray ga..phir jab is set ki takkar ka koi aur set aye ga like sony erricson EXPERIA.. tab koi market main sale karne aye ga aur second hand milay ga.. abhi to price ka hi theek se pata nahi chal raha.. filhaal second hand ko bhool ja mera bhai!! ;)

  • Imran

    Hi guys

    I’ve bought this from United Mobiles with price 53000 rupees. so now currently at united mobiles it’s price is 53000. it’s a great phone. i’m still exploring it’s features. love to have it.

    so price is confirmed it’s 53000.

    • FARHAN

      hi imran…..
      when u would like to sell ur cell phone then just ask me… bcause i wanna buy it….


    yesterday i asked in market at saddar karachi…. the shopkeeper said that nokia N97 is sold in karachi at a retail price of 51,000 PKR only!

  • Imran

    Ok how much you offer me Farhan for my Nokia n97. and where are you located ?

    • farhan

      i will buy ur cell phone in 44 thsnd… I m in khi, now u tell me ur demand and location???? Mail on my id : [email protected]

  • abc

    how much will n-97 from uk will b sold in khi???????

    • farhan

      hey i will buy ur n97 in 35 thsnd… If u wanna interested in sell out so mail me on my id: [email protected]

    • farhan

      hi ……
      Cotact me if u wanna sell ur cell phone….
      I m in khi…..
      And i m intersted to buy ur n97….
      Farhan jumani

  • Imran

    Hi abc

    Don’t sale your fone less then 37000 or 35000. I’ve sold mine in 42000 here in Islamabad. but as your’s from UK so it must get sold in 35000 or 37000.

  • Imran

    Hi farhan

    kindly purchase n97 from abc in 35 or 37 thousand as he agreeds. sorry brother i have already sold my n97 in 42000 rupees. you better buy it from abc. send him message for it. he is also in karachi. good for you. take care, regards

    • farhan

      thanx imran….. Hey can u advice me that which cell phone is best… N97 or apple i-phone 3gs ?????
      And why u sold n97??? Is there any prob in this set???

  • Imran


    I’ve sold my fone cause of financial reasons i haven’t seen any bad thing about n97, it was amazing fone. but i m building my home and i required money for it so i have sold my N95 and N97 both fones in 62000 rupees.

    Inshallah i will buy it again after three months.

    if you are looking for more functions then go for N97 but if you like gaming and shashka type of thing then go for IPhone 3gs. IPhone is faster then N97 both have same memory 32 GB but IPhone is costly in pakistan may be above 80 thousand or around and if you go for second hand then around 60000 in lahore. but N97 brand new is for 53000 and functions are more than Apple Iphone. second hand N97 is around 35000 to 43000 in market. so no doubt IPhone is a very good phone. i personally like iphone too. so both are good you may go for any.

  • Saira

    The Best phone I have ever seen But too expensive. Can’t buy it now maybe later.

    • farhan

      u would like to buy this cell phone????

  • Saira

    I would love to have this phone. But it is too expensive now when next year the price decreases I will have it. Inshallah

    • farhan


    • tod

      Inshallah. We all pray that you buy this phone. Lets all pray in our prayers that you buy this phone.

    • ch zain

      i have 3 use nokia n97 and 1 n86 8mp cheap price email [email protected]

  • Imran

    :) Tod’s being naughty here, anyway IPhone 3gs is the best so far. Doesn’t matter you go for 16GB or 32GB but go for IPhone 3gs. That’s what I’m goin to have next. I’ve Nokia N97, it has more functionality than IPhone but still touchscreen not as good as IPhone has though Screen is clearer and brighter than IPhone and games and other stuff still need improvement. Hey guys I’m not breaking hearts who have N97, no no no, me personally have N97 and I love it, here this is just a comparison as Farhan has asked for it.

    • farhan

      i-phone is best i know but i dont like apple’s functions…. and keyboard keypad is necessery for me bcoz i love to write…. And i have to capture best pictures for that i-phone is bad for me…. now i m using n85 and e71 but now i hate both these sets….

  • kashiq

    I am waiting to get my hand on Nokia Aeon ( ). I beleive this phone will be the best upcoming nokia phone in future





  • bilawal

    ello dude … well buddi would any buddy tell me whats the xchange rate of E51 to N97 …


    kisi ne nahin kharidna asad. awaeen sho marte hain. chalo main kahta hoon ke main ne apple i phone 1000 ka lia hai. mano ge…


    bilawal it would be nearly 30000

  • yar aisa set mainay apni zindagi mai nhi dekha.very nice.

  • kia bat hai mob ki

  • watever

    its current price is 49,000 ! dats wt i got 2 knw ! is dat true ??..
    p.s could i get a used n97 around 30 to 35 thousand ??
    do reply …m dying 2 get my hands on dis ph

    • jahanzaib

      yar mujhay obile n97 chaia ap is ka final prise kia lay gay agar is ka complet saman ha to mujhay is no parf rabta karay 03003230820

  • manahil

    the current rate of n97 in isb is 50k

  • muhammad zubair

    iam in london using n97,people are are crazy about iphone,its strange,because iphonew comes with 2 mp camera and no bluetooth sharing technology.n97 is great for business use as well as for got 32 gb memory,and its too much for the cant even find so many songs to be stored in a phone.overall its a nice its price is around 470£.

  • shahrukh

    hey guys i am old fan of this website but writing for first time.i buyed new nokia n97 which is the best phone ever just 20 days ago.u people should also go forward i buyed it in black colour .iphone 3 generation is nothing in front of n97 my brother have iphone 3 generation i compred them both u guys should buy n97 and its price is alright according to its functions it is the best phone of the world till now.i love nokia who created such a dashing and useful gadget or phone or u can say mini laptop.

  • shahrukh

    hey guys i am old fan of this website but writing for first time.i buyed new nokia n97 which is the best phone ever just 20 days ago.u people should also go forward i buyed it in black colour .iphone 3 generation is nothing in front of n97 my brother have iphone 3 generation i compred them both u guys should buy n97 and its price is alright according to its functions it is the best phone of the world till now.i love nokia who created such a dashing and useful gadget or phone or u can say mini laptop.thanks

  • haaris hussain

    hey dudes what are u saying its dam hot `58000 i can buy a candy shop with this amount of money . samsung sgh e250i is the best and also lg shine


  • nasir khan

    hi, i wanna sell my Nokia N97 white, pin pack.if u r interested then mail me .
    nasir khan
    [email protected]

  • Ayesha

    who “LL give me NOKIA 97 & NOKIA E72 as gift of birthday?

    • romii

      What will you give in return?? xx

  • irfan

    hey everybody iam in here in usa nokia n97 is amazing phones for now let me tell u for u guys that in 2010 one new nokia phone is coming soon which is probbely good phone with 12 mp camera 4 inches screen 4 stero speaker the sound will be amazing and huje and heavy like dig system. the phone weight same like nokia n97

  • ali

    i can give u nokia n96 in gift ayesha for u can i have ur emial contact me please

  • hussain

    dj flush is so rite…touch screen sucks… go fo the i phone… a good advise fo all mates

    • osama

      maybe u r right. But the difference is capicitive and resistive touch screen. Iphone got capicitive which works under the heat of ur thumb and give a cool response. And resistive touch force u to act like a normal keypad phone. U have to touch it with a little press. But i m really impressed with resistive. I got my nokia n97 for just 31k.

  • hussain

    waisay its amazing frm outside… buh dnt go fo external beauty… lol

  • cookie.

    how much is N97 in pakistan nowadays? any ideas?

  • umer

    it is the handsum mobile but it is much expensive and also weight of the mobile is very heavy. but of course it is much featurchs.

    • bilal

      it is the worst mobile in universe

  • bilal

    i hate n97

  • muddassar

    AoA I am selling nokia N97 Mini, Excellent Condition, Colour Brown, Warranty Advance Mobiles (dealer nokia) till Dec 2010, Original Box containing all Accessories incl original data cable,original headphones, original charger, and OVI CD. All good softwares installed. Price Rs 27,500/- negotiable. My Contact No 03349752913, lahore

  • kashif

    salam yar i want 2 sale my n97 03334662249

  • Zeeshan

    Hi Guys, me from Karachi I have this phone in black colour in an EXCELLENT CONDITION, with COMPLETE accesories. My demand is 21000. Warranty card has been expired. IF interested, call me at 0336-282-1982. Its on urgent basis. Thankyou.

  • jehangeer

    need a n97 in white color.. those who r willing to sell … contact me… r mail me [email protected]

  • Waqar

    Salam friends …. I want to sale my N97 Black which is in very good condition … I have all the genuine accessories except the box … It has come from England .. Demand is 20k and it is not negotiable .. Only Rawalpindi and Islamabad serious buyers can contact .. N0 is 0345-5224885

  • Qavi khan

    Mujhe but pasand aya hai ye mob, plzzz koi lay day Kuin k Mairy pass paisay nhi hain itny k may ye mob purchase kr sakon. My num is 0301 8704679

  • redsnow

    Nokia N97 is quite friendly and amazing set of the nokia company i have the experience of using this set and it has satisfied me well.

  • IntelliscreenX

    Nokia N97 is a very good set and i’m loving it.

  • APK

    Nokia is continuously providing it’s users with amazing technology and interesting applications.

  • iLauncher

    I am using Nokia N97 before this set i was using nokia 95 but this set is totally amazed me well,.