Mobilink is on Twitter

Many of us know that Mobilink has been on Facebook since long (so is Telenor), but now here we spotted Mobilink on twitter too. Interestingly, there are separate twitter accounts for Mobilink Indigo, Mobilink Jazz and Mobilink World.

By the way, usernames Warid, Zong and Ufone are already taken with not much activity on them. Apparently, these twitter names were taken by someone other than the companies.

TelenorPakistan,Telenor TalkShawk, Telenor Persona, Waridtel, Warid Zem, Warid Zahi were free, but i snatched these twitter accounts. Please suggest what price should i ask for giving away these names : – P (Just kidding, i will gift these names to respective companies; I registered them because i knew they wont survive for long after this post)

We are planning detailed articles in coming week (on facebook, twitter, digg etc) to show how corporations can get benefited of social media for not only marketing, but for communication with customers, updates etc.

Just as an example, Ufone’s and Zong’s recent adverts landed on social media only, but they did the job with thousands of views for each of them.

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  • I actually don’t like twitter! Facebook is much better! But perhaps for the soul purpose of only giving updates twitter is the best! NFX!

  • I don’t think so these telcos will go on twitter, because I think only 5% of their users know what is twitter. May be they consider your suggestion…

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