Electricity for 100 homes Being Generated through Wind Turbines by Pakistani Fishermen


Shah Kamal, a resident of Kharochhan, 150 kilometer south of Karachi has derived a way to produce electricity, initially for his own home and then for 100 homes of his small island.

Earlier this island had no electricity supply, and fishermen felt that Government of Pakistan is not well placed to provide electricity – hence, they took the initiative and installed 5 turbines to lit 100 homes with 2 bulbs each.

Pakistan has huge potential available throughout the country for generating wind energy. Its need of the hour to work on alternate and private energy resources to meet our energy demands.

For complete details visit AFP’s this story

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  • Its only a big slap on the face of WAPDA, KESC, PEPCO or LESCO.

    The estimated energy production from the wind turbines on Sindh and Balochistan coastal area is that much if we generate at full capacity Pakistan will be able to export electricity to the countries facing LOADSHEDDING.

    BUT who is going to take the initial steps?

  • congrats,appreciation r very small words for their selfeffort what they hav done is unspeakable…

  • great initiative actually
    btw does he know k wind mills installation have separate policy and need special permissions, even for IPPs?
    might be they will get a detention notice of mills or some long tax figures sooner after this post :D

  • Entire Area of Coastal Sindh and Balochistan has potential for Wind Turbines , Alas! Nobody paid attention to it yet., But really a good initiative,

  • It is a great effort, many places in Sindh has wind through out the year. So it constant and green way of producing electricity.
    The government is too busy in doing corruption otherwise subsidized home unit produced with the government effort can solve the problem of load shedding.

  • something like this has also done near kala dhaka in tribal areas where they generate their own energy by using water turbines
    anyways well done Mr. shah kamal

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  • How could I contact Shah Kamal ? He should be interviewed on TV. Finally a person with vision and interest for the country.

  • salam,

    Dear all this is amazing for me to see this. please if any one knows how much cost it need to install a samll wind power generation need for one to two home?

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