PTA Directs Celco's to Give 30 Days’ Notice Prior Charging Balance Inquiries

As we know that couple of Cellular companies (Telenor and Ufone) had notified their customers through their website that they will charge balance inquiries @ 10 Paisas per instance.

For the purpose, at least one operator (we are sure about Ufone) notified PTA about their decision of charging customers for USSD balance inquiries on July 31st 2009, as told by our sources in cellular companies.

In response to which, PTA directed them to not to charge anything from customer, without 30 days’ prior notice through print/ electronic advertisement.

Now we are told that all cellular companies are directed by PTA to not to charge balance inquires, unless customers are notified 30 days ahead of charges/tax impositions. It is anticipated that all companies will impose 10 paisa plus tax charges on balance inquiries.

It merits mentioning here that PTA, through its directive dated 23rd October 2008, it is essential for every telecom operator to advertise their additional charge through advertisement with a gap of at least 30 days.

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