Be Aware of PayPal, Credit Card Phishing

scam2Advancement in technology effects both in good way and the bad one. With the development of new software and latest scripts, much ease has been provided to our cyber and computer life but still the dark side of the picture cannot be ignored. Credit Card scamming and PayPal phishing have been the most prohibited and banned activities by cyber authorities. But we see a lot of people daily, still get scammed on their mails and even on websites. Be aware how scamming and phishing takes place and the worst of them is PayPal Scamming.

With modern era, even the ways of robbery are improved but this is all about technology. Many of us may be familiar with phishing, but for those who don’t know, phishing is a way of getting user’s secret details like security codes, secret answers and passwords using fake pages of the sites where the user is to be phished. Everything opens like a real page but a slight difference in URL is made. The one who ignores this difference get caught.

As soon as you submit information on a fake (for example, – which should be actually, information is sent to attacker, in shape of a log file.

Be informed that this is very basic and old way of pishing – there are many new technologies already in place to attain worst results.

There are advanced scripts, which check and verify the details themselves before sending them to attacker. e.g. if there is a phishing page of PayPal, that scripts connects directly to PayPal API and checks for the password, if it is wrong it will again ask the user to enter and it will send details to attacker only when they are authenticated.

Same is the case with credit cards where all of the secret details like cvv2 are sent to some other person and owner doesn’t even get a chance to know about it.

Key ways to Escape Pishing Are:

  • Double Check URL of the site when you are going to enter your secret details somewhere. Like the common way to change the URL is to use your own sub-domains. So be careful to verify the real adders.
  • Do Not click on any unknown links in email, u get from unknown senders.
  • Do not check spam mails even do not bother to check mails regarding account renewal and verification and other security matters unless you yourself are involved in it. Because it is not difficult to send a mail to anyone from [email protected]
  • Do not download unknown software from unknown source, and do not click on any exes from remote sources.

These are just the preliminary steps, try to less use your real information on net, only where it is legally needed.

Be ware, phishing is everywhere…

Be Safe..

  • doesnt police here in pakistan do anything if someone hacks someone’s usa paypal account :s ??

    I mean dont they get caught here ?? i never heard anyone getting caught here in pakistan for cyber crime … thats why people here do it a lot

  • Yes there are alot, some caught and a lot of them got WARNINGS!! i dont like to mention names and details, but yes, there is a check on Cyber crime in Pakistan upto some extent.

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