Know How Many Connections Issued against Your CNIC

Post by Jawad Zubair Sheikh

A well wanted service is being introduced by PTA in collaboration with all companies. Now you can know the amount of connections issued against your CNIC.

Simply write your CNIC (without dashes) and send it to 668

For instance

Write 3749127299334 and send it to 668.

You can also Check by visiting PTA’s website

You will get a reply with number of connections issued against this CNIC for 6 companies (Mobilink, Warid, Zong, Telenor, SCO and Ufone).

Service won’t tell you cell numbers, instead it will actually tell you amount of numbers – for instance, Mobilink 3,
Ufone 3,
Telenor 2,
SCO 0,
Warid 0
Total 8.


Rs 2 plus Tax per SMS, however, charges may differ at the time of launch. Let us know the results in comments.

Indeed a great service.

By the way, as mentioned above, service is not publicly available – but we, here at ProPakistani, strive to bring you things before they happen.

Update: Few readers have reported that service is down – maybe it is pulled back by operators, or the data server is down/under maintenance. Let’s wait and try again -do share results in comments.

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  • Great… Great.. Great..
    For civilians.. not the Govt.. Well, good for the govt if if they know what Privacy is..

  • Yes! propakistani bring things before thaey happen…thnx for this great news..otherwise i plan to visit all service centres after eid..

    Aamir bhai wat if i want to block the other numbers issued on my cnic..

    i dont think that these companies help us..ppl’s are facing problems to block their sims which thay havent used..

      • Aamir bhai mein aaj telenor k office visit kiya..bcz 668 k reply per 2 no. use ho rahe thay mere cnic per..but service centre walon ne muje 4 no. ka it means k 668 sa muje wrong info mili i think its better to visit all the service centre’s.

  • I just checked the service. and to my wonder.
    I received this Data
    SCO: 0 (which company is it?)
    Telenor: 5
    while as per my information this should be
    SCO: 0 (which company is it?)
    Telenor: 2
    What the ****

      • Dear aamir, SCO is not only providing wired and gsm services but also wll (cdma), dialup and broadband internet, calling cards and other data services like digital cross connect and media leasing to other telecom operators. Well i found atleast someone who knew about sco.

    • Dear all

      SCO ,stands for Spcl comunication orgnization
      its company which operates in Kashmir region,bcz they dont have ptcl services


  • great service, i have ufone, it is giving correct results…
    almost 2 rs plus tax charges as i check.

  • Just checked mine:

    SCO: 0
    TELENOR: 0
    UFONE: 1
    WARID: 6
    ZONG: 0

    Why isn’t it returning the Mobilink number which returns my correct CNIC upon sms to 667? Inaccurate results!

    And I must say Warid has done something wrong with my CNIC, I have only 2 numbers with them! Will visit their Customer Service Center soon…

  • Mine says:

    SCO: 0
    TELENOR: 0
    UFONE: 0
    WARID: 0
    ZONG: 0

    TOTALLY WRONG !!!! I have atleast 4 connections on my CNIC !!!

  • service is not much useful.

    i launched a port request from zong to mobilink. zong rejected it and in the meanwhile i inquired mobilink that how many connections are running on my CNIC in their system. they provided me 4 number including that number whose port request was rejected by zong. then i notified them that this number is not running on zong then they excused and elaborated to me that if u port in or port out or even your port request is rejected, system stores that data against your CNIC.

    this service could be much better if i provided my CNIC in zong, zong would have provided all active numbers on my CNIC and same way other networks also.

  • i got no fon in my name while i hav one ufon. this means i hav to visit the centre for correction.

    service is great in general.

    thnx for sharing with us.

  • amir i try on mobilink postpaid and warid but could not get any data the reply not able to fetch any data

  • i send it through mobilink jazz n reply waz

    “Could not fetch content, sorry.”

    or also charged me

  • I’ve only one sim of ufone registered with my NIC ..

    This service is showing 4…

    Well what is the procedure to clear that 3 numbers…

    • Go to respective service centre and fill Disclaim form of SIMs/Numbers, submit to representative and get copy of the same with you. All numbers which are not under your use and activated on CNIC will be blocked by operator after sending warning SMS to these SIM that “your SIM is not registered by your CNIC please contact service centre and get registered with your name otherwise SIM will be blocked in seven days”

  • The information provided by this service is totally wrong, I have checked it by sending different CNIC numbers to 668 but got wrong infornation. I don’t know whey PTA gonna fix this issue.

  • Service is of no use as operators are not revealing true number of subscribers under the umbrella of one CNIC. Mine result was wrong too. It showed
    warid 0
    ufone 1
    whereas as per my info from Franchise
    warid 1
    ufone 2
    so in my opinion not only to rely upon this service but also visit Business Centers for true info.

  • fabulous service i’m shocked to see there r 25 sims registered on my name jab k mujhe bas 5 sims ka pata hai

  • wondrening if I sms to 686 who will gets to see/store my NIC? just my service provider or all the different operators

  • I guess, its not working through all service providers. I am using Warid’s connection. I sent the required sms but got following reply back:
    “Could not fetch content. sorry”

  • I tried it through ufone and it worked perfect… Thanx for updating and letting us know the current states.

  • Got the reply after 3 tries, and its accurate. Becoz i will get new sim by recognized franchise on CROSSED COPY of NIC.

  • I have send a msg from (Warid Post Paid) and got a reply
    MOBILINK: 1 (OK)
    SCO : 0 (OK)
    TELENOR : 2 (WRONG) I have only 1
    UFONE : 2 (WRONG) I have only 1
    WARID : 2 (OK)
    ZONG : 0 (OK)

  • I m trying to send my NIC no from warid but it is saying msg not send I have been trying from morning.

  • I checked the service today by sending my cnic no. 3840101847327 to 668.
    I received this Data
    SCO: 0
    Telenor: 3
    while as per my information this should be
    SCO: 0
    Telenor: 2

    than I visited Warid office in Sargodha and blocked my both numbers. than visited mobilink office in Sargodha and they told me that 5 numbers against my name and I block 2 numbers there too. there is no Ufone customer care in sargodha and I will go to islamabad tomorrow and hopefully I will block andother 7 numbers.

    • Go to nearest Mobilink Franchise for number blocking else go to nearest NADRA office and apply for a new NIC :P

  • Dear Aamir,

    Aamir when i was send this sms on 668 affter this i have recieved an automatic reply from my mobile side that MESSEGE SENDING FAILED when i send to other msg was send succcessfully,
    Will you tell me how i can send this sms on 668 Services.


    • Asalam U Alaikum
      Ap Ne Kis Mobile Telecom se send kia tha
      Kun warid se abhi ye kaam nahi kar raha

    • As the service is in testing phase it may not work properly. Try sending sms at some late night of afternoon time and do send from ZONG and Ufone, because i tested both works perfect. :D

  • Asslam-u-Alikum! I thnk the service is not working correctly bcz its showning 0 against mobilink and zong but as per i knw i hav 2 2 connections against mobilink and zong.

  • Dear Jawed I have Telenor Djuice Sim and its not working

    Kindly Brief all about it.



    • bahi telenor or warid pe ye service abhi sahi taran start nahi hoi
      ap jazz, zong ya ufone se try karin

  • Dear Aamir bayee you have done this important issue solved I dont belive that what is going on in Pakistan in Telecome sector specially in Mobile sector that the sim is available in even in a paan shop, or small kookas in the cities etc, I am wonder when I got reply from 668
    Mobilink 8
    telenor 6
    warid 0
    zong 1
    ufone 3
    sco 0

    I have only 1 mobilink number instead of 8
    and 2 ufone numbers intead of 3
    and 2 telenor numbers instead of 6

    I am going to the service centers and will block theses sims and I want to complaint against these operators. so how can I complaint specially against Mobilink and telenor.

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