Know How Many Connections Issued against Your CNIC

Post by Jawad Zubair Sheikh

A well wanted service is being introduced by PTA in collaboration with all companies. Now you can know the amount of connections issued against your CNIC.

Simply write your CNIC (without dashes) and send it to 668

For instance

Write 3749127299334 and send it to 668.

You can also Check by visiting PTA’s website

You will get a reply with number of connections issued against this CNIC for 6 companies (Mobilink, Warid, Zong, Telenor, SCO and Ufone).

Service won’t tell you cell numbers, instead it will actually tell you amount of numbers – for instance, Mobilink 3,
Ufone 3,
Telenor 2,
SCO 0,
Warid 0
Total 8.


Rs 2 plus Tax per SMS, however, charges may differ at the time of launch. Let us know the results in comments.

Indeed a great service.

By the way, as mentioned above, service is not publicly available – but we, here at ProPakistani, strive to bring you things before they happen.

Update: Few readers have reported that service is down – maybe it is pulled back by operators, or the data server is down/under maintenance. Let’s wait and try again -do share results in comments.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Ehtesham ul haq

    charges plz…..

  • Rameez Kakakhel

    Great… Great.. Great..
    For civilians.. not the Govt.. Well, good for the govt if if they know what Privacy is..

    • rana shahid


  • Usman

    Yes! propakistani bring things before thaey happen…thnx for this great news..otherwise i plan to visit all service centres after eid..

    Aamir bhai wat if i want to block the other numbers issued on my cnic..

    i dont think that these companies help us..ppl’s are facing problems to block their sims which thay havent used..

    • Go to respective service center and do the rest… let us know if anyone is creating trouble ; )

      • Usman

        Aamir bhai mein aaj telenor k office visit kiya..bcz 668 k reply per 2 no. use ho rahe thay mere cnic per..but service centre walon ne muje 4 no. ka it means k 668 sa muje wrong info mili i think its better to visit all the service centre’s.

  • I just checked the service. and to my wonder.
    I received this Data
    SCO: 0 (which company is it?)
    Telenor: 5
    while as per my information this should be
    SCO: 0 (which company is it?)
    Telenor: 2
    What the ****

    • Yea – now go to service centers and ask them the detail – block the ones that you don’t know ; ) hard job boi

    • Fahad

      buddy SCO stands for Special Communication Organization, its sensitive Government sector…. i wonder whos allots us the such a number…..

  • ProPakistani

    Asalam U Alaikum
    Amir Bahi What Is SCO?

    • Special Communication Organization, provides wired and GSM telephony services in Azad Kashmir

      • Shajee Khawaja

        Dear aamir, SCO is not only providing wired and gsm services but also wll (cdma), dialup and broadband internet, calling cards and other data services like digital cross connect and media leasing to other telecom operators. Well i found atleast someone who knew about sco.

        • yea – you are correct

          • umer

            Aamir bhai I’m frm Kotli Azad kashmir.hamary haan dsl ki koi private company nehi hey (like etc).we only hav SCO dsl which is toooo much expencive.please can u inform us why any private company is not starting its sevice here??

        • umer

          By the way SCO is the first mobile service company in Azad Kashmir.

    • saeed

      Dear all

      SCO ,stands for Spcl comunication orgnization
      its company which operates in Kashmir region,bcz they dont have ptcl services


  • nouman

    great service, i have ufone, it is giving correct results…
    almost 2 rs plus tax charges as i check.

  • nouman

    it is giving correct info, i have ufone, great service & post

  • shn

    dear its charges is 2 rupees par sms i had checked..

  • Just checked mine:

    SCO: 0
    TELENOR: 0
    UFONE: 1
    WARID: 6
    ZONG: 0

    Why isn’t it returning the Mobilink number which returns my correct CNIC upon sms to 667? Inaccurate results!

    And I must say Warid has done something wrong with my CNIC, I have only 2 numbers with them! Will visit their Customer Service Center soon…

  • Ace

    i5 is giving coreect inf9, i have ufone, great service & post;

  • Asfand

    Mine says:

    SCO: 0
    TELENOR: 0
    UFONE: 0
    WARID: 0
    ZONG: 0

    TOTALLY WRONG !!!! I have atleast 4 connections on my CNIC !!!

  • rta

    mine was correct too..
    mobilink,marid sco,ufone,telenor were 0
    zong 1 and thats my number woohoo.

  • Usman Ihsan

    service is not much useful.

    i launched a port request from zong to mobilink. zong rejected it and in the meanwhile i inquired mobilink that how many connections are running on my CNIC in their system. they provided me 4 number including that number whose port request was rejected by zong. then i notified them that this number is not running on zong then they excused and elaborated to me that if u port in or port out or even your port request is rejected, system stores that data against your CNIC.

    this service could be much better if i provided my CNIC in zong, zong would have provided all active numbers on my CNIC and same way other networks also.

  • obaid saeed

    in telenor it deducted exactly 2 rupees.
    but i didnt receive any info:-(

  • Tufail

    i got no fon in my name while i hav one ufon. this means i hav to visit the centre for correction.

    service is great in general.

    thnx for sharing with us.

  • S. Shami

    I am loving it… its one utility that I always wanted to have and the results are accurate!!!!

  • anonymous

    Could not fetch content, Sorry. wtf

  • Basit147

    SCO = Special Communication Organization
    In Azad Kashmir & Northern Areas
    Run Under Army

  • Ali

    I tried with Ufone and Warid,

    the reply is “could no fetch content, sorry”.

    any assistance ????

  • Zeeshan Ali

    Could not fetch content, sorry.

    This was the reply. :(

  • Adnan Kahlid

    I Check it 2 Time From Different Numbers but an error occur Could not Feth Content,sorry.

  • usman

    amir i try on mobilink postpaid and warid but could not get any data the reply not able to fetch any data

    • maybe service is pulled down – i guess, we need to wait

      • Alam

        Service is healthy on Zong.


        What is the strong action against it? Visiting business center of Telecom is not gonna help full.

        How about PTA?

  • shaaani

    when i send my CNIC no. it gave me this messege



  • Abubakar Riaz

    i send it through mobilink jazz n reply waz

    “Could not fetch content, sorry.”

    or also charged me

  • Kashif

    Same here …’could not fetch contents, sorry’

    I am using Warid, btw

  • Moin Sabri

    Same here “could not fetch contents ,sorry ” using mobilink post paid.

  • Faisal

    With Warid i got the message…”could not fetch contents, sorry”

  • Faisal

    I’ve only one sim of ufone registered with my NIC ..

    This service is showing 4…

    Well what is the procedure to clear that 3 numbers…

    • Rizwan

      Go to respective service centre and fill Disclaim form of SIMs/Numbers, submit to representative and get copy of the same with you. All numbers which are not under your use and activated on CNIC will be blocked by operator after sending warning SMS to these SIM that “your SIM is not registered by your CNIC please contact service centre and get registered with your name otherwise SIM will be blocked in seven days”

  • Shahnawaz Awan

    The information provided by this service is totally wrong, I have checked it by sending different CNIC numbers to 668 but got wrong infornation. I don’t know whey PTA gonna fix this issue.

  • Ahsan

    thanx for sharing its giving accurate results for me.

  • Kashif Bashir

    Service is of no use as operators are not revealing true number of subscribers under the umbrella of one CNIC. Mine result was wrong too. It showed
    warid 0
    ufone 1
    whereas as per my info from Franchise
    warid 1
    ufone 2
    so in my opinion not only to rely upon this service but also visit Business Centers for true info.

  • omer

    fabulous service i’m shocked to see there r 25 sims registered on my name jab k mujhe bas 5 sims ka pata hai

    • Jawad Zubair Sheikh

      Brother block all other sims
      its betters for you

  • mansoor

    Gr8 service…it did work…
    thanx propakistani!

  • pro desi

    wondrening if I sms to 686 who will gets to see/store my NIC? just my service provider or all the different operators

  • Khizar Sherazi

    I guess, its not working through all service providers. I am using Warid’s connection. I sent the required sms but got following reply back:
    “Could not fetch content. sorry”

  • Shajee Khawaja

    I tried it through ufone and it worked perfect… Thanx for updating and letting us know the current states.

  • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

    Got the reply after 3 tries, and its accurate. Becoz i will get new sim by recognized franchise on CROSSED COPY of NIC.

  • Tariq

    I have send a msg from (Warid Post Paid) and got a reply
    MOBILINK: 1 (OK)
    SCO : 0 (OK)
    TELENOR : 2 (WRONG) I have only 1
    UFONE : 2 (WRONG) I have only 1
    WARID : 2 (OK)
    ZONG : 0 (OK)

  • Adeel

    I m trying to send my NIC no from warid but it is saying msg not send I have been trying from morning.

  • Syed Imran Haider

    I checked the service today by sending my cnic no. 3840101847327 to 668.
    I received this Data
    SCO: 0
    Telenor: 3
    while as per my information this should be
    SCO: 0
    Telenor: 2

    than I visited Warid office in Sargodha and blocked my both numbers. than visited mobilink office in Sargodha and they told me that 5 numbers against my name and I block 2 numbers there too. there is no Ufone customer care in sargodha and I will go to islamabad tomorrow and hopefully I will block andother 7 numbers.

  • Arshad

    Didn’t get a reply back

  • adnan

    I am shocked to know i have 9 mobilink numbers on my NIC. any advice.

    • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

      Go to nearest Mobilink Franchise for number blocking else go to nearest NADRA office and apply for a new NIC :P

  • Alam

    Good job Atta.

    I’m on safe side. Shows correct result. It works on Zong with me

  • Jawad Zubair Sheikh

    Asalam U Alaikum
    It Is still working on mobilink


    Dear Aamir,

    Aamir when i was send this sms on 668 affter this i have recieved an automatic reply from my mobile side that MESSEGE SENDING FAILED when i send to other msg was send succcessfully,
    Will you tell me how i can send this sms on 668 Services.


    • Jawad Zubair Sheikh

      Asalam U Alaikum
      Ap Ne Kis Mobile Telecom se send kia tha
      Kun warid se abhi ye kaam nahi kar raha

    • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

      As the service is in testing phase it may not work properly. Try sending sms at some late night of afternoon time and do send from ZONG and Ufone, because i tested both works perfect. :D


  • Jansher

    Asslam-u-Alikum! I thnk the service is not working correctly bcz its showning 0 against mobilink and zong but as per i knw i hav 2 2 connections against mobilink and zong.


    Dear Jawed I have Telenor Djuice Sim and its not working

    Kindly Brief all about it.



    • Jawad Zubair Sheikh

      bahi telenor or warid pe ye service abhi sahi taran start nahi hoi
      ap jazz, zong ya ufone se try karin

  • Dr Ahmad

    Dear Aamir bayee you have done this important issue solved I dont belive that what is going on in Pakistan in Telecome sector specially in Mobile sector that the sim is available in even in a paan shop, or small kookas in the cities etc, I am wonder when I got reply from 668
    Mobilink 8
    telenor 6
    warid 0
    zong 1
    ufone 3
    sco 0

    I have only 1 mobilink number instead of 8
    and 2 ufone numbers intead of 3
    and 2 telenor numbers instead of 6

    I am going to the service centers and will block theses sims and I want to complaint against these operators. so how can I complaint specially against Mobilink and telenor.

  • Sam

    Telenor is not responding to 668 as this no is being used for their MNP services


    Dear Sam,

    Can you explain me that whats is MNP Services???

    I have Telenor Djuice SIM Card and its Not working SMS not sent to 668 PRI No…

  • Zain

    haha, nice post

  • Irfan Bilal

    this seems to useful service but the database need to be updated and improvements still needed. I have at least 6 numbers on different networks but i was shown only three of them.

  • Usman Ihsan

    this service 100% tells a lie because its in testing phase. i sent sms to 668 with my CNIC # and it replied with a crap data. its reply is as follow

    SCO 0 (RIGHT)
    ZONG 4 (WRONG)

    its in testing so dont rely on it and dont waste your money.

    then i talked to warid CSR and asked abt the numbers, he said come to our Main Office there we can tell u that how many numbers are running on your CNIC.

    has this service started to over crowd Main Offices of Telecom Operators he he he he.

  • junaid

    it fake i got
    mobilink 0
    telenor 1
    zong 1
    warid 1

    but i have got 2 moblink numbers register aswell which i confirmed that they are still on my name

  • Umair Ansari

    I just checked the service.
    I received this Data
    SCO: 0
    Telenor: 10

    Whats is this ???

    i haave bought only one sim of telenor so how shows all sims value 10 ???

    • Alam

      Don’t visit franchise.
      Visit business center of Ufone,Warid,Zong,Mobilink.

      They will give you right data. If the results are correct. launch complain, if they don’t do it in required time. Then Let us know, we will try to find other way.

      This is important to know, as situation going in Pakistan is very bad.

      A little caution for the viewers :
      When you give your CNIC copy to bank or any other service, write a name on it e.g ” For bank USE and for my account # only ” with ball point.

      So, in this way may be a little help full.

  • I just checked the service.
    I received this Data
    SCO: 0
    Telenor: 5

    Results for telenor is wrong i have only three sim registered with them but they saying 5

    any visited the service center for confrimation.

    is this service buy or some one really using sims on our CNIC

  • I have checked and found that those numbers who expired due to any reason still showing in record.

    • Jawad Zubair Sheikh

      Asalam U Alaikum
      Brother jo number expire ho gaya jb tk wo recyle na ho ap k naam pe hi rahay ga
      behtar ye hay k ap franchise jain or us number ko permanent close karwa dain

  • Hello Ashraf ali and admin of site

    should i have to worry about expired connection nos which were registered against my nic as i have 1 ufone sim which is expired and 668 saying i have 1 ufone registered against my cnic

    and 2nd question it also saying i have 5 sims of telenor against my cnic but actually i have only 3 sims, can anyone confirm if its system bug or i have to visit telenor customer center. and also can we get confirmation of all nos using help line.

    • Jawad Zubair Sheikh

      Asalam U Alaikum
      Brother jo number expire ho gaya jb tk wo recyle na ho ap k naam pe hi rahay ga
      behtar ye hay k ap ufone franchise jain or us number ko permanent close karwa dain
      second ap telenoor franchise jain or jo extra number ap k naam pe hain in ko close karwa dain
      Ap ka bahi
      Jawad Zuabir Sheikh (J.s)

  • Bilal

    “Message not Sent, try again later”
    this is wt m getting after sending msg to 668

    • Jawad Zubair Sheikh

      Asalam U Alaikum
      brother if you are sending msg from warid or telenor then you have to wait for few days
      Plz Send your msg from mobilink, ufone or zong

  • Jawad Zubair Sheikh

    Asalam U ALaikum
    Now It Is Also Working On Zong And Ufone

  • muhammad salim

    this service is not working is still showing against my cinc the number whose ownership was transferred to my friend’s cnic 15 months back.
    also the expired numbers of old,unused sims are also coming in the reply sent by 668.the mobile companies should stop this service as it is highly inaccurate and does not reflect the updated data,but includes many years old data and is creating unnessary confusion among the public by sending back old and inaccurate information.

    • Jawad Zubair Sheikh

      Asalam U Alaikum
      brother as we say it is not its official launch
      it is in testing phase
      so it needs some time for improvement

  • @aamir7 PTA website has not got any NEWS about their service for checking the no. of connections against a single NIC! WHY?

    • Jawad Zubair Sheikh

      Asalam U Alaikum
      brother as we say it is not its official launch
      jb ye officily launch ho jay gi tb ap ko PTA web pe is ki detail milay gi

  • Tufail Malik

    Good service, I have one telenor number but it is not being shown in my received SMS.

    • Jawad Zubair Sheikh

      Its Mean Number Is Not Register On Your Name Properly

  • Hafeez

    Mine is working correctly. Two Ufone n One Mobilink No. on my CNIC.

  • Tanveer Malik

    I just checked the service.
    I received this Data
    SCO: 0
    Telenor: 0

    Results for Mobilink and zong is wrong i have only three sim registered with Mobilink them but they saying 5

    I also have sim from Zong and it is not is their data as i have purchased from their office aganist my cnic.

    I think i should consult both office for miscommunication

  • Javed Iqbal

    Its great!!!
    and Its working!!!

  • Hacker

    guys you can check this also on PTA site although they have no link in it. they will provide link after the launch

    the link is


  • It is still not working, I have checked it on 12:20 pm 2009-09-28

  • Asif Akhtar Nizami


    I’ve just tried it and it says I have 11 sims registered under my CNIC. I wasn’t aware of this so I believe some SIMS have bee registered under my CNIC without my consent. The next big question is what step can I take next? It says 6 (instead of 2) sims registered with Ufone. What can I do in this regard?

    Please advise.


    Asif Akhtar Nizami

  • AR1

    Its good service. I try, by SMS its ok but web side is down.

  • Tahir

    Good Service by PTA.
    I Think they should also tell the no…..

  • Asher

    Dear Pro Pakistani Team,
    Such 668 code doesn’t work on Telenor but charges as per above charged by the CMO.

  • Farrukh Qadri

    The website report 7 connection while contacting the service provider they replied me 3 so …. who is ri8??? if this website gives wrong info that means there is might you have another connections which it reports 0.

  • Mir

    DAMN! I have so many numbers against my CNIC! Got to have them blocked ASAP! Thanks for this info! Bravo!

  • Mohammad Sarfraz

    I got ten SIMs on CNIC. I sent an e-mail to one of the service providers (SP) with my CNIC number to find out the SIM numbers. And here is the reply:”We r not allowed to tell numbers however you can submit the form for blocking of all other numbers which are not in your use.”
    I have following points in this regard:
    (1) Where is ‘Right of Information’?
    (2) Where is consumber protection?
    (3) The SPs play hand-in-glove in all this game?
    If I know the numbers, I may check and verify whether these are used by any of my family members or friends. If so I can ask them to change it in their name or else I can get these numbers blocked.
    It would have been fair on SP’s part, if they had asked me to visit their office with original CNIC to collect this information. Why are they not providing the numbers issued against one’s CNIC? Any fair reason/logic? What to do?

  • Yas

    But with ufone u cannot send to 668. it always says message sending failure. why?

  • Tahir

    from 668 wrong datail

  • Asfandyar

    I went to Ufone and they told me the number of connections as well as the numbers that we active on my Name and CNIC, thanks to them and I blocked all as I am not using any. Went to Telenor and they would not tell me the numbers but only the no. of connections saying it is PTA’s policy not to show numbers!! Please confirm if this is the case as Ufone showed all numbers on my request. I went to both offices the same day.

  • Muhammad Mahroof

    Sir my name Muhammad Mahroof, I belonged from kotli Azad kashmir.
    on my national id card there are 1 zong ,
    1 telenor, 1 mubilink &1 uphone. but i have no uphone sim. if i vissit the uphone center can they tell me what the number of sim that is on my name.
    khuda hafiz.

  • shahid

    zabardast . it works every one should check

  • simple

    Ufone has eradicated charges on 668 please..

  • ahmed ali shar

    plz check my CNIC # 44205-1002686-1 that it is elibale to receive the Pakistan card r no

  • aiyan

    3520222480657 koi mujhe iss ke real nam aur father nam bata day?????????

  • Hammad


  • Hammad

    you can also check by entering your CNIC # here…

  • Shan

    How can i block SCO number, if it is on the list of registered numbers ?

  • from no.mv00279041 meharbani farma kar noor khatoon cnic bana dain bisp main ean ka nam hai issu date.aug 23/2011

  • from no.mv00278961 mehrbani ferma kar samina kusar cnic bana dain issu date.aug 22/2011 shukarya

  • from no.mv00279230 cnic bana dain mehrbani ferma dain muslim raza issu date aug 24/2011

  • from no.mv00278925 rahim yar khan cnic bana dain merbani hogi issu date aug 22/2011 shukerya

  • from no.mv00278982 rahim yar khan cnic bana dain ap ki mehrbani hogi shukruya issu date aug 22/2011

  • Abdul Hameed

    Dear sir,mera taqreeban arsa 2year say cnic block hia plz status bata dea,yah cnic or form no yah hia -03531001835 form no-F000033915 .

  • Ahmed