Warid Goes Down At Large

We are getting news that Warid is down nationwide. We got this confirmation from multiple ProPakistani readers as well.

Reportedly, People are not able to make any calls from their Warid numbers, also are not able to send any messages. With this they are also not able to receive any messages or calls on their numbers from other networks. This issue seems to be occurring nationwide. People are getting errors such as ‘Network Busy’, ‘Can’t access network’ and ‘Result Unknown’.

Seems like the network of Warid is greatly effected because of which communication on its network is completely down. The breakdown occurred around at 11:15 pm.

We could not arrange official version from Warid on this.

Update: 12: 09 AM :Partial recovery has been reported in Lahore and South Region

We request our readers (with Warid Connections) to update us with your network status

Update: 02:30 AM: Warid Network is back, and fully live, country wide.

  • Adil

    Yeah suddenly I could not send any message then I checked my balance so I got Result Unknown and then tried to make a call but all in vain

    • Adil

      UPDate to my above post: Network is now good in Karachi

  • Zeeshan this news is confirmed, i am user of warid from many years and i have warid postpaid, right now im not able to receive send sms or calls.

    Warid is giving network busy error.

    Warid officials should have to coem up with proper reason behind it.

  • Muhammad Shams

    I am not facing any such problem in call or sms.

  • Nabeel

    well i am in lahore and i am getting messages, recieving calls, making calls and everything is perfect.

  • Yasir Mushtaq

    No signals of warid from last 3 hour in Afshan Colony Rawalpindi.

  • Billabadmash

    No i am not affected working flawlessly

  • Ali

    Hey Zee I am also a warid postpaid customer but I just checked to see if I am able to make call or receive sms and I would say that I can make calls and receive sms from other network. Right now I am in Karachi and everything seems to be working.

    I think you should check with Warid officials and then confirm this issue.

  • Muhammad Faraz Cheema

    I am in karachi and using warid prepaid. I am not able to make/receive calls ,send/receive sms and when i am checking balance i get message “Other error”

    • Saquib Khuwaja

      Dear Sir,

      Not only warid, Zong is also facing network problems. I am not able to send msgs or recieve msgs or even m not able to make calls in both warid n zong frm 11.00 pm

      i dont know what happend to them….i called to zong call centre, but the person dropped the call n said voice distortion, kindly change ur location

      any one facing prob in zong??

      • Saquib, i dont think there is any such problem in zong, my zong is working fine, im doing messaging on it from last two hours.

        u can try restarting ur cell phone.

  • Sohaib

    i also faced the same problem with my one number (prepaid) but the other was working (postpaid).

  • Usman Zahid

    Warid still down in lahore…

  • Talha

    I am not facing any kind of problem in my connection

  • Kashif

    I am using Warid postpaid and it is working properly. These are all rumors I think.

  • Fawad

    Well im not facing any problems.

  • M.Omer

    Postpaid is working like a charm. Can’t make calls to Warid Prepaid users though. Islamabad

  • gumby

    Both WARID and ZONG are facing partial outage in various services nationwide. Reason behind this outage is optical fiber break in Wateen’s Long Haul network.

  • i hate warid service.

  • pumaji

    YES ITS TRUE I TRUE 2 CALL MY FRIEND 03226465653 BUT I CANT!!!!!!!!!!

  • sayien

    i m in lahore i cant send messeges rest is all ok!

  • aaah warid down … post paid connections also having problem or may be i am trying to call on a prepaid one :( network busy

  • Adil

    so true…warid was entirely down and my mobile got stolen at the same instance…i kept on giving bells to chek my mobile but in vain…warid sucks

  • Zeeshan

    Finally Up Again!!

  • Seems like they had a break down in their one of major MSC covering majority of Warid users.

  • ZunNurain Khalid

    But its Good if it is up and live again.

  • Azad Asharib

    no yar i don’t fink that this happends with me well i receive my fathers call too n many mssgs n dum calls but its fine may it happends on other side of lahore

  • K. Shahzad

    I have heard first time about a network going down on such a large volume. And never happened in history to any mobile network in Pakistan, as far as I know.

    • Katrnail

      Its not something new… it had happened many times before with almost all the operators including PTCL, Mobilibk & Ufone etc

  • Zubair

    In lahore it iz ok

  • Shahzad Khan

    No signals in Attock,Wah,Taxila,jand and pindi ghep also reported by a friend that there was no service in Kohat(NWFP) and Banu(NWFP) side
    From 10:31pm till 3:41am


    jooo bhee ho…
    Warid jaisa network agar 2 saal mai ek bar down ho gaya to kia?
    Warid rocks….
    BEst network.

    • Zubair

      Warid the best network

  • Usman Ihsan

    last time on 13-Oct-09 at 11:07 Pm i tried to call my relatives it gave toon toon toon and disconnected all the time. then i tried to call on some other warid number but again same problem. then i have my 24/7 active warid number, from that number i tried to call and i got connected and conversated as i wanted.
    but still the time i am typing [14-10-09 09:45 AM] i am unable to send messages from warid. the messages are in my outbox and message sending failed has occured.

  • tahir

    I observed this problem on Last Sunday; awaking at 1pm; I observed total blackout of warid signals till 6pm.

  • Zubair

    I have mentioned in my comments when Mobilink Network was down technical problems can come on any network but it should not be the routine matter
    I think have not faced any issue yesterday from wraid
    just saw comments on propakistani
    i still beleive Warid the best network of PK

  • Zeus

    I’m still unable to send any sms, but I’m able to make and receive calls and also receive sms. Internet is also working fine.
    I’m in Bhimber Azad Kashmir and facing this problem since 11 pm last night. I’ll like to hear from you the technical details of fault.

  • Hidden Eyes

    funny, isn’t it.. cz Wateen also went down at the same time.. First i thought, somebody has turn down the power supply to the BTS near by.. :)
    But seems that everyone was hit..

  • Zeus

    Now it is annoying me, 2:40pm and still unable to send sms. What are you doing Warid? Wake up. Ain’t we annoyed to death by the continuous load shedding that is going on every hour that you have followed the trend. God bless our country.

  • Zeus

    PROPAKISTANI.COM deserves a THANKs from you people as I can’t find any post about this failure on any other site. This is the first and only site that gave us this report. We’ll be more thankful if they tell us something about the reason of this fault.

    • gumby

      Both WARID and ZONG faced partial but severe outages in various services nationwide. Reason behind this outage was optical fiber break in Wateen’s Long Haul network. Both Warid and Zong uses Wateen’s optical fiber as their transmission backbone.

      There was no issue either with Warid or Zong’s own networks. It was Wateen which let them down.

      • Osama Haq

        Yes indeed , also Wateen network was down as well for the whole time.

  • faraz

    warid service is very very bad i m using warid for the last 4 years but now signals of warid is very bad i m in gulshan karachi.Calls drop again n again even i complaint to PTA but they didnt improve their services…

  • Fakhre alam

    Bad signals in peshawar university even on third floor open sky. Gprs signals completely not available for the last month. Sometime while sending msgs it say check operator services or msg sending failed.

  • Aslam Khan

    working great in islamabad …..

  • it happend for days but now working great in isb

  • Asif Zardari

    Warid services are not very good.

  • Wajid

    WARID Working great in Chiniot.

  • hassan

    i used many networks like mob, u, tele, but warid services are great …sound quality …connectivity…data services …i m in lahore and using it with any problem since launch …

  • man

    my warid connection is not working since morning :(

  • Huma

    still not working. Unable to do anything.

  • rana

    i can’t receive txt msgs….
    my friendss keep txting me but i dont get em….
    after 10 15 hrss i start receiving them aal at once…
    p.s: not all are received… >_<

  • omar

    Warid network is still down.
    No signals at all in Lahore

  • chand

    Lahore me warid signal kia hal he koi bata skta he????????????????/

  • Farrukh Naveed

    It seems that network is down in some areas. Warid is working to recover as a result of which some people have reception and some dont. The matter will be resolved in few hours.

  • wamique

    yes where is warid support

  • wamique

    everything is down
    where is warid support?

    any updates guys

  • wamique

    the major breakdown has occured in karachi

  • wamique

    warid where are you

  • wamique

    its back

  • Shumail Khan

    Still down at lahor mm alam road