Where to Buy Original Windows in Pakistan?

In our latest Post, we did an intro and pictorial tour of Winsows 7 Launch Ceremony in Pakistan. Despite, high prices, in an age where pirated versions will be available very soon, there were many readers who were found interested in buying Windows 7’s legit copy.

But unfortunately, Microsoft is so busy in so many other things that they forgot to aware people of places from where they can get legit Microsoft software, instead the software Giant’s Pakistan’s office is only busy in launching the product plus voicing against the piracy.

So, if one doesn’t know the place to buy Windows, then how can he actually get the Microsoft Privacy Free Environment?

We found this website that is dedicated to Pakistani market, and is apparently managed by local office: http://www.microsoft.com/en/pk/default.aspx

When tried to find out the re-sellers or distributors of Microsoft, we found this list:

Price: We called couple of distributors, and they were not sure about the price, however, they confirmed that price would be around Rs. 9,500. Interestingly, they said that Original copies will reach in 15 days, none had anything in the stock as of filing of this report…

Following is the list of Microsoft Distributors, if you want to buy anything in Pakistan…

Maison Consulting & Solutions
505, Business Avenue,

Mantaq Systems
Suite # 407, Siddiq Trade Center,
72-Main Gulberg Lahore, 54660

Ovex Technologies,
9th Floor, MM Tower,
28/A Block K,
Gulberg 11,

KalSoft (Pvt) Ltd,
31-D Khayaban-e-Sehar,
DHA Phase – 4

Itim Systems (Private) Limited
Suite# 501-504, Progressive Center,
Main Shahra-e-Faisal, Block 4, PECHS,

DWP Technologies, Pvt, Ltd,
12-c Main Boulevard, Block K,
Gulberg II,

Infotech (Pvt) Limited
4-c,21 Commercial Street, Phase 2 Extension,

TechAccess Pakistan Pvt Ltd,
3rd Floor, Nacom House, 270/1,
MD Wafai Street,
Starchen Road,

Jaffer Business Systems,
Citi Tower, 33-A,
Block – 6, PECHS,
Shahrah-e-Faisal, 75400

Gerry’s Softlogic Pvt Ltd,
1 & 2 Lotia Building,
Abdullah Haroon Road,

Premier Systems Pvt Ltd,
2nd Floor, Business Plaza,
Mumtaz Hassan Road,

Micro-Inn Pvt Ltd,
WH-28, 6th Floor, Techno City Mall,
Hasrat Mohani Road,

Computer Supermarket

Corvit Networks,
Suite 114, Ceasars Towers,

Inbox Business Technologies,
5th Floor, Dawood Center,
M.T. Khan Road,

International Office Products,
3rd Floor Uni-Center,
I.I. Chundrigar Road,

Mushko Electronics Pvt Ltd
Phase 4, DHA

Occean Office Automation,

MegaPlus Pakistan
E-246, PECHS Block-6,

Selling Business Systems,

Expert System Pvt Limited

Softworld International
305, Landmark Plaza,
Muhammad Bin Qasim Road,
Off. I.I.Chundrigar Road,

Emircom Pvt Limited

Techsense Pvt Ltd
Suite 2/1, World Business Center,
Plot 147, 18th East Street, Phase 1,

GeoPaq a Mondo Company

TPS Pakistan
TPS Tower, A-43,
Central Commercial Area,
Block 7/8, KCHS

Systems Limited
E-5, Central Commercial Area,
Shaheed-e-Millat Road,

Cogilent Solutions

Ideal Systems,
Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi

Acer Computers

Finosys Pvt Ltd
103,Landmark Plaza,
Opp. Jang Press,
I.I.Chundrigar Road,

Sysnet Pakistan Pvt Ltd,
79-B, Tipu Sulstan Roadm

CTTC Pvt Ltd,
45-M, Block 6, PECHS,

New Horizons Pakistan

Expert Academy
P 421-422,
8th Floor, Mega Tower,
Main Boulevard,

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Thx for this post. However this a #Microsoft #Fail that they don’t have legit copies for us who want to buy a clean version. 15 days wait is too long while most on the web got their copies even before the launch day :/

  • Don’t really see the point why Microsoft would have to specify where to buy Windows 7. Almost every power user knows that it is/will be available at every major Computer store, Malls and Departmental Stores across the country.

    And those who didn’t already know about this are pretty much those people who intend to buy a pirated version.

  • I believe price tag is still high keeping in mind the piracy rate in Pakistan, how they would attract Pakistanis towards buying legitimate windows 7. I suggest it should be around 2500-5000(for windows 7 Ultimate).

      • yes you can . go to al aziz computers in khan plaza . the only who can get you new laptops/ windows/ orginal software etc in multan . he might charge a small fee but on my dell xps 1645 he charged 3 thousand and the laptop cost 1 lakh 17 thousand . i payed 20 thousand thats pretty fair :D

    • pai ge 20rs b apni pocket main rakho ice cream khao aur microsoft windows say behtar free Linux computer operating system chalao.

      microsoft windows to hai he viruses ke duniya Linux main kabi virus b nahi ata

      • only those who dont know how to use a pc get viruses . linux has its own advantages . but windows is WAY more user friendly

  • Guys don’t waste your money. These americans are destroying our country. Please don’t benefit them a single paisa. Try to provide their cracked windows and stuff to the whole world. Destroy them. Thanx

    • Actually, making their products so widespread through piracy is going to increase their income instead of destroying them. Because that way, everyone will be forced to use Windows since Microsoft hates open standards and interoperability with other operating systems. Which means that the number of people paying to Microsoft will also increase. The best way to get rid of Microsoft is to promote the use of free and open source software.

  • Why you guys will spend that big money? Where you can run your computer with free and better operating system Linux.

    • Bhai Aqil i downloadedand installed Linux UBUNTU 9.04 but it is very difficult to install programs n all. plus sound drivers k maslay. softwares nahi itnay. games chalanay k liye 3rd party software install karo n all that is too Hectic

      • Do you mean that going to “System -> Administration -> Package Manager”, selecting the required software, and clicking “Apply” is too difficult for you? Then how have you been using Windows for so long? :P

      • Bhai, enter Ubuntu free help and support IRC chatroom.


        Drivers meri ubuntu to wo b install karti hai jo windows nahi karti sub auto. softwares kam hain laiken itnay b kam nahi, guzaray ke har cheez aur ziyada tar free software hain windows ke terha crack, serial nahi dhondnay partay. han Games k liyay linux kamzor hai laiken agar PC takatwar ho to Games windows say behtar bhagti hain Windows wali Linux per Wine software use ker kay.

        koi b masla hai free help and support dastayab hai nay Linux ke.

  • Why shall I waste money for microsoft? I am happy with my Linux which is more reliable and FREE compared to ms windows

  • Well you can also get Linux anywhere for free. And from any of your friends and get upgrades free for life :) So you can have both :) More choice is better

  • its price is affordable but in pakistan A pirate DVD is better choice for home users who can purchase it within 100 rs.

    • Frankly, home users don’t even need Windows. Ubuntu with all its cool swigly GUI is good enough for things a home user needs.

      The biggest issue with Linux, for our Pakistani brethren is the lack of ** cool games **. That is probably the number one reason why anyone would be reluctant to migrate to Linux, besides the usual ‘Mein Na Manoon’ syndrome.

      • Salam,
        I just wanna know that, can we install web designing softwares on Linux like Abode photoshop, illustrator, and Dreamweaver, Flash etc ????
        plz reply

      • @Faried Nawaz: Because MS security updates are not free!! LOL
        Microsoft does not provide updates to pirates.

        In Linux updates are available with two clicks, not only system updates but also installed applications updates.

        @Alley yeah time wasting thing video Games.

        • Linux distributions provide updates for a relatively limited time. Compare, for example, Windows XP and [your favorite distribution]. XP came out in 2001, and is still supported today, even though it’s now two released behind (Vista and W7). Can any Linux distribution match that?

          • LOl Yes Linux is a lot a lot better in that, because Linux gives updates for one year, and after every six months Ubuntu launches new version, every version gets updates for one year.

            And upgrading versions of linux is not complex like installing upgrading windows, Linux updates are few clicks away and it should not be a pain for one to upgrade version which is given FREE unlike microsoft windows. You install upgrades/update and rarely need to restart system, In windows even small installations request for system reboot.

            And compare updates with versions update too, People are living in old age using Windows XP since 2001 to 20010! And is microsoft giving updates to everyone? :P only to paid users. I see windows validation warnings in most of the Xp running systems these days :D

            • It’s only “a few clicks” if you don’t customize things past a certain point. Having done all the above since 1993 or so, I can safely say that it’s not as simple as you make it out to be. Yes, with certain distributions (Debian on Linux, or any of FreeBSD/NetBSD/etc), it can be relatively painless. In practice, though, you always end up manually modifying system-provided files in /etc and dealing with the situation of unsupported packages after a major upgrade. It’s way worse than that if you use, say Centos, or Fedora.

              On my current work desktop, I upgraded from Ubuntu 5.10 all the way up to 7.10, and then stopped for almost two years because 8.04 and above didn’t ship with the software I needed for work. I only upgraded to 9.04 when I was forced to, and I had to rebuild a bunch of stuff manually.

        • It’s the same for both; some updates are free, others have to be purchased. Not all Linux updates are free. RHN (Red Hat Network) is a paid service that provides customers with software downloads, updates, security errata, and systems management capabilities.

          What we see as free in Linux are mostly open-source apps delivered through a centralized content delivery network and well-integrated in to the OS.

  • This seems to be a list of MCPs in Pakistan, only a few of which are vendors; others mainly software houses.

    Funny – I just rang one number and had a friend pick up the phone. Poor man has attended hundreds of calls since after his number hit this list. The funniest part is that he does not even work for his enterprise anymore!

  • Aamir bhai, mostly importantly the question should be that ‘Why people should purchase original Windows in Pakistan?’

    I am not saying that people shouldn’t. Windows 7 is brilliant and I really want people to purchase it instead of getting a pirated copy.

    But a post should be made on to tell people why they should purchase an original copy of Windows to spread awareness.

    Microsoft has done a brilliant job with Windows 7 and I want people to recognize the efforts of the engineers and pay for what they use.

  • @saad hamid,

    Your right but the main problem is that here in pakistan most of the people cant afford windows 7 original copy in 13,000rs

    most of them are student if microsoft take steps and down the price maybe many more people buy orginal windows

  • Saad be patriotic. They are destroying nwfp and this way the whole pakistan. I want window 7 cracked right now and provided to the whole world so that no one will buy it. I just hate americans. Now just review kerry logar bill, they just simply wanna buy pakistan. Please don’t say a word about benefiting them a single paisa. Thanx

    • Ever considered being an Honest Muslim before becoming a patriot? Robbery is robbery, be that from an anti-Muslim.

      As a Muslim, you have only two options.

      – Stop using Windows (pirated) at all; make a gradual transition to legal software, if you can’t do it outrightly

      – Suffice with Linux or any free OS, and live with it’s shortcomings and lacks when compared to Windows

      I want Windows7, even for 26K, because I can’t live with piracy and without Windows.

      • I agree completely with what alleey has written. I paid for my copies of Windows XP (Pro and Home, for two computers) about seven years ago. I know for a fact that I’m the only one in my group of friends to do so. I don’t really use Windows at home any more (I’ve used FreeBSD or Linux for my primary desktop for over a decade), but other family members do.

        When people complain about the prices, I can understand their concern — not everyone can afford to spend Rs 9,000 or whatever for Windows. It’s even worse when you’re buying a new computer: you spend Rs 20k for a good system, and then have to pay almost 50% more for a copy of Windows. Over the long run, though, it turns out to be cheap: the Rs 8,000 or so I spent for XP Pro in 2002 is the only copy I’ve needed to buy. I’ve had to spend more than that over the years to upgrade memory, hard drives, displays, etc.

        I’ve also noticed that a lot of people who complain about paying for Windows have no qualms about paying Rs 5,000 and up every year or so to replace their cell phones. Do they really need a new cell phone? No. And yet, that doesn’t worry them.

        Fakhr, it’s true that you can deny Microsoft (or the United States, however you look at things) revenue by pirating their software. But, by installing and promoting Windows, you commit people to living in Microsoft’s culture. If users have Windows on their system, they’ll want to run Windows software, and local software developers will have to develop for Windows. You exacerbate the vendor lock-in problem by flooding the market with cheap, pirated software.

        Fakhr, please explain: when was the last time you paid for software written by a local developer? Do you believe that local software developers can’t produce high-quality software? If a software developer knows that they’ll get no revenue from the local market, will they target it?

        Fakhr, when you pirate software, do you think about how many Muslims you put out of business?

    • Fakhr-e-Alam, When you use a closed source software, you are totally in the hands of the software manufacturer and the one who cracks it. You never know when they will decide to make your computer stop working (like they will make your windows 7 release candidate installation reboot every two hours after Feb. 2010) and you cannot say for sure that there are no hidden backdoors in your system for them or their security agencies.

      That is why I say that the best way to get rid of them is to become independent of them. As a first step, you can start switching to free and open source software by installing open source software on your Windows PC (like Mozilla Firefox) and then gradually moving to complete freedom with, for example, the GNU/Linux operating system.

  • what is the reason to buy original windows, especially for third world country people?

    Even it is available at Torrents / forums?

    Anyone argue what are the benefits of using original?

  • hahaha kisi ko chahiey geniune windows professional xp service pack 2. with internet activation. geniune hai. one who want to buy plz contect [email protected]

    or price be intiha kam soch b nahi sakte aap loog itni kam keemat mai geniune and origional windows. i have only 20 cds plz contect who want as soon as possoble.

  • Well i have been using windows 7 RTM build 7260 since many months
    And yesterday i download the final retail version of Windows 7 ultimate and home premiere from net, successfully activated it and they are running perfect.

    What is the fun in wasting money on windows in Pakistan. The source from which i downloaded, 57,000 people were simultaneously download at the same time, so piracy is not limited to Pakistan only. Americans are on top of it and rest of the world.

    Microsoft knows, how easy it is to activate windows, if they want, they can make it bullet proof but they dont do it because they dont want to loose market, if they make it uncrackable, their market share, that is already going down as the world is moving towards MAC, will further go down against free competitors like UBUNTU, OpenSuse and Fedora etc.

    Enjoy Free Windows 7 retail .. have fun .

    • Waqas bhai totall agree with you and this is the only reason why we can enjoy free windows. If they wanted to block us they could do so quite easily. Our info is sent when we are updating the Windows. Lastly i would like to say that i absolutely Loved the new windows 7. Vista was a big dissapointment because it was graphically good but SLOOOOOOww. But windows 7 has overcome it all. LONG LIVE WINDOWS.


  • Yes Its true that its time to change the culture i means operating systems from xp to window 7.But pakistani are so fast to crack windows but the orignal copy is orignal.

  • i am so much intelligent .my boss bought a laptop with windows vista home premium dell .i noted the key and came back and installed a fresh copy of windows vista with genuine key on my personal desktop computer .i then verified it online and now my key is genuine:D.i will stick with windows vista .after sp2 its very stable and enjoyable experience .

    • Mein to tab ** INTELLIGENT ** manon ga, jab QIYAMAT ke din HISAB-KITAB ke waqt bach ke nikal jao ge …

      Would be a very enjoyable experience that day, believe me!

  • Hello,

    If you want to buy genuine Windows 7 Ultimate licenses for almost as half the price of the retail version (USD 300 approx) then you can contact me at [email protected]

    Genuine working license for activation and usage.


  • great to c that window 7 is avilable in pirated form in pakistan avilable in waziristan
    name;bait ulllaha mahfoooz

  • Can i get original window vista backup for my laptop accer aspire 4710 which mistakenly deleted by me.

  • Actually Linux and Windows both are good. I have a dual boot with ubuntu 11.10 and Windows XP Professioanl Service Pack 3. I use ubuntu just for fun and also because it is an open-source software. I use Windows XP for gaming and entertainment experience. If you want a genuine copy of Windows XP for free then go to my website………..!!!

  • A-o-A:
    friends mary computer my virus boht hai avast antivirus b instal nai ho raha plz hlep me mai e mail is”[email protected]
    Or internet ki speed increase kr k lay koi method ya software ho to beta dena

  • All Windows are genuine and can be confirmed using ‘Windows Genuine Advantage Tool’ by visiting http://WWW.Microsoft.com

    1)Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 (English) Price:2000/- PKR
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    5)Microsoft Windows XP Professional 64-bit (English) Price:3500/-PKR
    6)Microsoft Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1 32-bit (English) Price:5000/-PKR
    7)Microsoft Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1 64-bit (English) PKR:5000/- PKR
    8)Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 32/64-bit (Multilanguage) Price:5500/- PKR
    9)Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard-Enterprise SP1 64-bit (English) Price:4000/-PKR

    Contact: 0341-6633678

    • you are right Rehan, I have used fedora ubuntu redhat but linux doesn,t mean it fits every place with different people of various taste and skills.Many institutes ,offices and labs can not take a risk using it also the worse thing which I noticed and made me made is that windows software are not compatible with linux and it has its own software which are written for linux environment also finding a device drivers is a big headache.I left the linux when I failed to find the drivers for my TV TUNER CARD and my brother forced me to Install windows 7 again on his pc because of that reason.

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