SMS Market Share in Pakistan Telecom Market

There were total of 23,839 million text messages exchanged between mobile phone users in Pakistan in second quarter 2009, with Ufone capturing almost 43 percent of SMS share out of the whole traffic.

Stats that we got from multiple, but highly reliable sources, though we can’t mention the names due to anonymity requested, following very interesting data was revealed.

Look at the SMS traffic of cellular companies, and find out how sharp are the turns when they started offering unlimited packages.

Total SMS Traffic (in Millions)


Mobilink SMS Traffic


Ufone SMS Traffic


Telenor SMS Traffic


Warid SMS Traffic


Zong SMS Traffic


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    • as much as i’d like to praise the Telecom Operators for their cheap sms packages, I’d also like to express my extreme dislike for their idiotic move of disabling Delivery Reports, then putting the pirates-like charges on checking your balance via text, and above all that, charging 5% of the total load as ‘service charges’.

      Now being a shiftee from Zong to Ufone, i hate them even more that i’ve subscribed to a big sms package, but a day before that i subscribed to their night package (thinking i needed it for one night only).

      Now though, I can’t find a way to disable they night package and they charge me for night sms package every day while i do haev the 10000/1000 sms package of 14 days.

      I don’t know what kind of monkeys programmed uFone’s system, but it makes pretty much sense to check if the user should be charged for another night sms package if he ALREADY HAS 1000 SMS bundle.

      • Brother why should they deactivate unless you ask them to. Who activated Bucket? You na? Now its your job to deactivate. If you didn’t know the way there is 333 helpline for your support. You had posted a long comment here but didn’t have time to call 333 or visit there website where deactivation procedure is written clearly. Deactivate by sending unsub to 8609 simply.

        You cannot blame that on them. You activated it yourself. They didn’t force you to.

  • Em afraid of the thing taht…PTA wont struck off those employees, who leaked this to you :D

  • Very unrealistic data :S

    take ufone..

    10000 Million sms in Jun 09

    10000/30/20 = approx. 16 sms/day/sub

    its true many of us make sms greater than 16/day but on average to all subs it seems ambiguous.

  • next month ufone will be above 12,000. their new 1 rupee package of 300 sms per night is exact on target.. its good for ufone but not at all for young generation.

  • Dear Amir
    After long time , I have seen good report on Telecom Indicator Analysis, but you have not mention about the source. Because we want to validate this report. Therefore, kindly also add how much reliable this report is? over all Congrats for this report, no doubt it is good work.

    • Zeeshan bro – you know that telcos don’t public such stats, but thanks to sources we brought this information to you. Mentioning them won’t be possible, and you can trust ProPakistani regarding validity as you have been doing for quite some time now.

  • i want to say just…
    leave mobile communications..
    leave these unreliable sims…
    thats all these only your fault.
    hamnay dheeel dee hay in networks ko…
    sab k sab fazool aur 420 networks hai,..
    be positive…
    ye sb pakistani pasay ko bahir laija kar pakistan ko kangaal karna chahtay hai…
    hakoomat ko is se koi faida nai hay … really…
    thank you khuda hafiz friends…

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