Continued Terror, Software Industry Suffers

We know multiple software companies, especially in Islamabad that are considering Plan B for continuing their operations, after they sent their workforce on paid leaves. The situation was created when continued terrorism threatened the IT industry.

Software companies preferred to send their employees on leaves instead of risking their valuable lives.

Some companies think China as a better option to work, while others consider India as their next destination. Those who want temporarily shelter are eying Dubai for their short time stay.

It merits mentioning here that Pakistani IT companies play key role for many products/application/software companies, but due to current circumstances, there has been a halt at many level in operations in software companies. Of course, which is not affordable, like any other business model.

CodeWeek asked few IT professionals regarding the ongoing security condition and the changing mood of IT industry; following are the few excerpts from the article.

“There is a major decrease in business development in software industry. The main reason of which is the devastating results of global recession. At the same time, terrorism in our country and political instability are adversely affecting the Industry via its affect on all sort of businesses. It is very tough to market the software products due to less purchasing power of organizations and of young Entrepreneurs.” Muhammad Irfan Zia, Senior Sales Executive, from Citysoft solutions

“Terrorism hits us directly, because foreign companies investing in our industry pull their hands back due the constant threat of terror attacks. But at the same time I don’t think that there is any huge depression. We are constantly moving ahead. Being positive and optimistic is our key towards growth. Every country is passing through a bad time across the globe due to the economic crisis.” Muhammad Ijaz, Business Manager at Mantaq Systems

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