Cellular Subscriber Stats – October 2009

The cellular subscriber’s growth squeezed after Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has blocked millions of unregistered connections after the launch of SIM information system-668. Although the new system was introduced officially in mid-October, the subscriber’s based widened only by 10,452 in this month, which showed that users’ base may contract after blocking of unregistered numbers.

In October, the overall customers’ base reached 95.918 million with only 0.01 percent growth from preceding month.
Besides Ufone, all four cellular phone companies witnessed minimal addition of users on their network.

Ufone has continued loosing the customers and now stands 4th in the chart – that’s even below Warid.

Rest is shown in following graphs.



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    FAZOOL ISHTEHAAR-BAZI KA YE SILA MILA HAI UFONE KO, Telenor Is The Best Telco Operator In Pakistan !!

    **Yehi Hai Dhun Sab Ki**

  • well… This is the result of PTA’s effort to implement uniform definintion of active subs…Mobilink & telenor were already following it & Ufone seems to cleaninig it’s base..
    I hv heard dat Warid’s actula base is just 6 million???

  • Ufone has lost 2 million subscribers in only 3 months from 20 million to 18 million now! This is truly pathetic. Ufone’s marketing has been very creative and impressive since last year. The problem is with sales and distribution.
    If I had been the CEO, I would have fired the head of sales and hired a more competent VP Sales. Otherwise, this churn will continue and layoffs will start at Ufone also.

  • Ufone ko apna budget UFONE jokers k bajaye UFONE ki service pe lagana chaye es k elawa un kay kuch ghayre sharai iqdamaat bhe users ko un se door bhagnay pe majboor kar rahay hain!!

    • LoLzz @ the ZoNg`s network no issues :) very funny…. this is the cheap services network in the world of telecom…

  • @ZONG
    lol :P did you ever heard that pakistan is going to attack on america ? but i heard that… believe me :) for god sake believe

  • Ufone must focus on the Tariff plan + Coverage + Good Ads on reality (Not funny Ads everytime). The Future is Telenor! because of Innovation

  • I am using ufone but it is sad to see that they still don’t have a good 30 second package, I am using Zong Z20 for making calls and waiting for a good package like this from ufone.

  • hahaha……..Warid is now the 3rd largest operator!! my wish came true!!
    Ufone still busy in making TVC’s….!! Ufone sucks!

    • i like ufone but its tym to say the truth their coverage n quality is v poor tariff and sms bundles r awesome i’m also using warid their coverage n quality is superb but not an imprisive tariff, ufone must do some thing about their coverage n voice quality

  • I am using Ufone from many years when Ufone Launched. But ufone going down which is not good sign for its valued customers. I think, the main -ve point is the a) coverage b) voice quality c)Tariff plan of 30 seconds, is also not good as compared and i dont know why the management of Ufone is still sleeping this matter and why they are not focusing on the above mentioned three points………….. Tum hi tou hou.. Kidher hou?

  • @yas agree with your all of three points…..i am also using ufone..they should improve there quality and call rates.

  • Noone can ever compete telenor as telenor has got a very sound strategy in terms of network coverage, price plans and value added services. In real ufone is only Thu-fone

  • i am using mobiling post paid but I do believe warid is best …

    telenor sucks though .. their support is non-existent and full of ____ people …

    [Comment edited]

  • I m using Mobilink post paid but I believe Warid is improving steadily so I’ve also warid for private usage…
    @All… pls use all operators and then make ur final decision to select appropriate operator.

  • Aoa,
    dears these teleco’s are here to make money, if you see 1 company lowering it call rates or introducing cheap sms packages, don’t get bluffed , they hav all plans (hidden charges , other higher packages etc) to keep their profit growing.
    Moreover, diff cmpnies hv diffrnt purposes, u wil c zong not bothering profit bt attaining subscriber base on the other hand mobilink jazz has no bundle sms packages or cheap call plans coz mobilink hav healthy sub scriber base and they ve captured most of the urban users ( whch make 65 % of pop) who r illetrate and dnt bother sms packages…
    Btw i am an employee of mobilink and ofcourse having indigo.

  • i am a fan of telenor, and using it since i am using mobile phone, i am very satisfied with telenor…….

    future is of telenor…..

  • Assalam-o-alaikum all,
    Why r u guys wasting your precious time in fighting for declaring THE BEST MOBILE OPERATOR, let this decides by the regulator (PTA) since they have the customer base as well as tools to measure the service / coverage quality. Although i also have a favorite mobile operator but would not like to disclose it.
    We should appreciate the investment friendly policies of Musharaf govt, which attracts foreign investment and resulted in competition which ultimately gives benefit to end customer by decreasing prices day by day.
    Hope you all agree with me on this.

    • So PTA’s internal test proved Warid the best operator of Pakistan not published as per my resource in PTA at it is only a verbal discussion be me and my friend

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