Warid : Instant Messaging over SMS!

30462860Warid came up with another Instant messaging solution, this time it doesn’t even require GPRS, now you can enjoy “Instant Messenger over SMS” & chat with you buddies on MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger & Googletalk just by sending SMS’s.

How you do it?

Just send <EmailAddress>space<EmailPassword> to 1126 in an SMS.

For example: [email protected]<space>123 and send it to 1126, the password is always the password of your Hotmail, Yahoo or Google account that you are trying to sign in to. After logging in the user will be able sent a list of his online friends with whom he can talk via SMS. User needs to have an already made MSN, Yahoo or Google account before they can login.

When the user logs into the service the system will send them a list of their online friends. From this list the user can choose which friend they wish to talk with. After a connection with that friend is established the user can talk to him by simply replying to his messages.

Some useful commands (send these commands to 1126 in an SMS)

  • <EmailAddress> <EmailPassword> (to login to a new account)
  • ON (to sign in to all saved accounts)
  • OFF (to sign off from all saved accounts)
  • FRIENDS (to receive online friends list)
  • ACC (to view all saved accounts)
  • REMOVE <EmailAddress> (to remove an account from saved accounts)
  • HELP (to receive commands list and get service introduction)
  • STATUS (to change your status to online, busy or do not disturb)


  • Every sms to 1126 is charged Rs.1+tax
  • The service supports all popular messaging clients like MSN, Yahoo! And Google Talk.
  • The service does not require an internet connection on your phone.
  • The user will get charged for logging in and out of you the application and sending messages to his friends. The messages sent by your friends to you are not charged.
  • To log out the user must send OFF to 1126. The user is automatically logged out after 24 hours.
  • When the user logs in to any unsaved account they will be given the option to save it.
  • You cannot create your account through the service.

  • Warid always have in top regarding intenet applications as they have best data network. but they are unable to communicate to user and more important is to hit to other network user as now warid is apporching one of biggest list of value added services
    Best network WARID

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  • Good initiative, but one has to question the usability of such services. Firstly, who can remember all these codes and numbers? Secondly, it’ll cluster up your inbox with SMS messages left right and centre (that’s probably not that big a deal). But lastly, and perhaps the most troubling…the information you are sending can easily be intercepted by someone on the plain SMS. I guess a lot of people have had a share of having their accounts hacked and then misused. It’s very easy for someone having access to the SMSC to capture all login requests and then sell out this information! =). Does the operator safeguard or provide some comfort that such an inccident will not happen? Of course, no solution is 100% secure, but this is just handing it on the platter.

  • Good service specially for incoming as it’s free of cost.
    And also doesn’t have any kind of registration charges Good Warid Keep it up!!!

  • H, there’s a simple HELP command in place that you can use to give you all the commands of the service. Warid has written it on their website as well. And there are no other codes you have to remember aside from 1126.

    And if you dont want to receive messages from everyone in your list there’s a simple Do Not Disturb option in place which you can set by sending Status to 1126. This will give you the option of 3 possible statuses: online, busy and do not disturb. Once you are in do not disturb mode, you cannot recieve messages from people in your list. You will only be able to chat to people you initiate a conversation with in the first place.

    I do believe that all telecom operators are responsible members of the community and I believe not only Warid but other operators have a strict privacy policy when it comes to user content being divulged. One could argue that a lot of sensitive information and content gets communicated through SMS’s as well as MMS’s for that matter, however I certainly have not heard of anyone being harrassed mysteriously after giving any sensitive information on SMS. Like I said before, im sure all telecom operators are responsible members of the community and they have take steps to safeguard user privacy.

  • Ahsan, my point of view is that this is not the only application whose codes one has to remember. Same goes for the Facebook application. I’m a strong proponent of SMS-based services, but I feel that the usability does suffer with such manual procedures. Regarding other personal sensitive information being exchanged in P2P transactions, of course it is not intercepted because it is difficult to extract such information from millions of messages. But in this case, it’s easy because it’s all SMS coming to 1126, starting with an email address. If I remember correctly, there was a scam recently where phone numbers of certain operators, with names were being sold out in market. As an organization, of course, all operators are professional. But there are always such mischevious people who would do such acts. They already have, so no reason why they wouldn’t do it again. The idea is that strict measures should be taken or such technology should be used for deployment of such solutions that such hacking should be close to (if not completely) impossible.

  • H, I believe most operators have encrypted such applications that safeguard sensitive information of the subscribers. A number and name of a subscriber to a particular network is easily visible through CRM softwares to any company. However, i think information of this nature which is exchanged in an SMS is definetely encrypted by telecom companies to prevent misuse.

    As for the manual procedure that you are referring to, I think it couldn’t be simpler! You just have to send your email and password and you’re signed in! and you can save that account so you dont have enter the email and password again after that. Just send ‘ON’ in the future and you’ll be signed in to your saved account. Seems simple enough to me!

  • Pretty Expensive

    what is the use of this service when you can use the same thing much much economically through GPRS

  • i think its for the masses..people who don’t have GPRS, or who dont have a compatible handset for any fancy applications.

  • Realy expencive I think I like gprs aplication’s fast and cheep

    Warid and ufone did not plan that’s why they are falling day by day and the other end mobilink telenor and zong is doing good in packeges and lates vas and apps

  • sending username and the password of your accounts….

    i am wondering abt the security aspects of this service!!! :)

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