Unlimited Edge Connection & Immense Value on your Mobile Handset

We have been requested many times by our readers to discuss some important tips in using tactful usage of EDGE on mobile handsets.

Using existing EDGE service, users can enjoy bundle of services without incurring any further cost, however not all mobile phones allow installation of such applications.

Functionality of Handsets: Your handset must support following features:

  • OS or Operating system: Windows Mobile, Android, Apple, Symbian and EDGE enabled phones or Linux based phones like Motorola.
  • J2EE or J2ME: In simple words J2EE or J2ME is required to run Java based applications. For example if you can install and play a game on your mobile handset then you can take lot of benefits from the single device.
  • Sufficient Memory: No matter, built-in or external memory, of at least 20-32 MB, depends on size of your applications you need to install.
  • Browser: Wap / HTML browsers. Like for html browser, it means user must be able to open http:// protocol websites like www.propakistani.pk instead of wap.propakistani.pk which is for wap browsers.

Once you know that your phone can install application, you are set ready to download these applications on your mobile.You will be amazed to know that there are very useful application, that can make your mobile phone a mobile computer – and all this comes with no additional cost other than your unlimited EDGE data package or any Edge data package you have. However, Unlimited data package is strongly recommended!

  • Facebook
  • Linked IN
  • Twitter
  • MSN Messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • GTalk
  • Skype
  • Opera Mini
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Voice Recorders
  • Games
  • and so on

How to get these applications:

Just Google around, you will find tons of websites for downloading & installing these mobile applications even also OTA (Over the Air). I am enlisting some of websites:

What to do next?

  • Get Edge package with unlimited bandwidth or bandwidth that you wish to use
  • Install the above listed clients and start using it.

How much you have saved!

  • Cost of application download from mobile operator portal.
  • Cost of reconnecting by having unlimited Edge package and cost of SMS in case of Facebook updates via sms.
  • Your Time
  • Cost of Energy, which u spend using such applications while on the laptops or PC’s.

Benefits You Got!

  • Use your favorite applications, while on the go
  • Low cost solution

Keep in Mind!: Edge Data services may incur charges depends on the EDGE data plan you have selected.

Start enjoying it!

Next in line we will discuss, HOW YOU CAN USE your official & web Emails while using the same Edge connection on your mobile handset.