Balance Inquiry Charges are Being Taken Back? NO Way!

Recently, there came reports in media that Competition Commission of Pakistan has issued notices to as many as 24 top officials of cellular companies on charges of cartelization and price fixing.

These notices came after an inquiry which found that all five cellular firms were involved in collaborative imposition of balance inquiry charges and other price rated concerns

As a mobile user, you must be thinking if these notices will result in withdrawal of balance inquiry charges? Unfortunately, it is largely assumed by experts that this may not happen – despite, case hearings and then CCP’s order is yet to come.

This assumption is made upon CCP’s previous orders, which are still pending execution. One of such orders were for Mobilink to not to sell locked Blackberry Handsets, as CCP termed this anti-competitive practice. We all know Mobilink is still bluntly selling locked Blackberry Handsets.

We are not saying that cellular companies don’t take CCP very seriously, however, it is evident that cellular companies follow PTA much ahead of CCP in terms regulatory affairs.

When we spoke to senior officials of cellular companies, they said that it is un-comprehendible that two authorities are trying to regulate telecom industry. Most of them were of the view that CCP ordinance need amendments, and it must ask PTA for execution of its orders.

When we spoke to a legal expert, he said that Telecom Act of Pakistan and Mobile Cellular Policy have clear definition of PTA’s control over pricing issues. At the same time, whole of Pakistan comes under the jurisdiction of CCP, he added. When there are multiple regulations from different departments that apply to same industry, concerned regulator is responsible for carrying out regulatory affairs, he concluded.

Whatever the situation is, if ever announced, results of CCP’s current notices will benefit consumers by large. But when will this happen, remains a question mark!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • no way yar… jub tak aho nehi jata na tub tak kuch nehi honay wala… and every body knows what do i mean from aho ;-)

  • I don’t think an end to such issues. Cellular companies are definitely more interested in filling their pockets than offering affordable service to customers.

    Like Mobilink violating terms openly, I don’t think they give a damn about PTA’s notices.

  • Yes balance enquriy charges are unfair to consumers, please take it back immediately.

    Cellular companies can impose Rs. 5 per month as balance enquiry charges but with multiple chances to check balance.

    I think above suggestion will be good for consumers and cellular companies as well

  • Kashif Salam, stop giving stupid suggestions. We are already trapped in such charges. Balance inquiry should be simply free unless exceeds 10 or 5 times per day, for example.

  • that was the last worst thing we expect to be charged,but i know there are more to come..cause here the culture is “richeeees are filling their pockets from mid-level people’s money”.
    what do you think where is this all money going…any high level construction you seeing in pakistan,any price compensation,any relief…nothing but filling their pockets and making pakistan weaker day by day..
    Only a brave,aggresive and a true musalman can save pakistan now..
    oo sory the topic was about balance deduction…i strongly recomend that it should be atleast free of cost,as it was…

  • Balance Inquiry prices are definitely a price fixing crime done by all telecom operators together. they must all be brought to justice for charging for a feature like this.

  • I am agree with milyawyer
    I think PTA should also take action in this regard.

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