Musical Corporate Event held at Warid’s Camp

As we mentioned in the morning today, Warid has mobilized its channels, for what reasons? Only time will tell.

Recently, Warid hosted a corporate event  for its customers and business partners in Karachi.

The event took place at the magnificent Mohatta Palace Museum and show cased a fascinating performance by master craftsman Ustad Rahat Fatheh Ali Khan.

Following is the pictorial coverage of the event.

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  • Rafay

    Wherz atif aslam?

  • Jamal Shahid

    Warid is Pakistan’s No.1 company and thanks to Warid for setting benchmarks for Telecom Industry

    • AA

      Seems like you are warid’s employee :)

      • Imran

        Not Warid’s emplyee – Warid’s Tatto

  • aammuk

    Very informative.

    Thank you