Wateen has got Amazingly Awful Official Homepage

Official page of any corporation/company is mirror to the online world. But sometimes people don’t care about this fact and just let it go down with the passage of time.

Right now, we have Wateen as our case study. Just in case you don’t know their official webpage address, it is www.wateen.com but in case if you don’t know it, let’s try googleing it.

Google returned www.wateen.com too. Lets Click on results, and Pop in. See what’s in store for us.

You find nothing there but just one Corporate Site Link and Brown colored background – Wow!! Nice work people. I feel like sitting in a barber shop now!!.

By the way, Wateen’s home page is this way for last few days now.

But have you ever seen someone telling you numeric url of corporate website? Wateen does give you one. Their corporate website address is “”. What a MIRROR!!!!!

Update: As advised by Ahmad, this is a browser comparability issue – some objects that Wateen is using are visible only on Internet Explorer, and not on other browsers (Firefox, Opera,Chrome, Safari etc).