FBR Recovers Rs. 3.43 Billion Tax from PTA

The Recovery Team of Large Tax Payer Unit (LTU) OF Federal Board of Revenue, Government of Pakistan has recovered Rs. 3.43 billion from Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) in a successful endeavor, this Saturday, as reported by TeleTimes.

Earlier, FBR had repeatedly asked PTA to pay taxes valuing Rs. 9 billion against the revenues authority earns, in return to which Pakistan Telecommunication Authority contacted High Court and Appellate Tribunals, and believed that PTA is not liable to pay any tax as it is authority itself.

Court had issued the stay order for PTA’s payable tax of Rs. 9 billion; but PTA’s current tax which was not under the court’s cover was recovered by enforcement department at FBR Large Taxpayer Unit.

Under the directives of Chief Commissioner (LTU) a tax recovery team was constituted headed by Additional Commissioner LTU Khawaja Shaukat Mehmood which made a new record of tax recovery.

An official at FBR confirmed ProPakistani that LTU-FBR has successfully recovered the said amount; however, another 9 billion is still pending and is waiting for court’s decision. He said that FBR withdrew the amount from PTA’s bank account under the authorization and cover it is granted from Government of Pakistan.

PTA’s spokesperson was not available for the comment.

Update: PTA has responded with a confirmation that FBR has collected Rs. 3.43 billion from authority as taxes

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  • Since PTA deposits all the excess monies (after meeting expenses) with the Government of Pakistan the reported step by FBR was just to show their karwaee. t may be noted that Tax collected was on the monies already deposited with the Federal Government :-(

  • I agree with Atif. This shows the audacity of the ltu walas. Total waste of public money when it’s just an accounting change.

    Pta and other authorities should have challenged this in the supreme court

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