No Ban on Sale of Used Computers: Khosa

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Information Technology Sardar Latif Khosa has dispelled the impression that there is a ban on the import or sale of used computers.

The IT Adviser said access to information was a fundamental right of every human being. The government, he said, would make such decisions, which could benefit the people. Khosa added that the duty imposed on the import of new and used computers should be withdrawn so that people could afford them.

It merits mentioning here that computer manufacturers had lobbied to enable ban on sale of used computers in the country.

Via The Nation

No ban on import of refurbished computers

  • Its a very good decision from prime minister.
    I salute him.
    Jeo Multani.

  • That’s good to hear, though Govt. must also take action against sellers of used computers, as they also make lobbies and sell the foreign garbage at their desired prices :(

  • Akbar

    This is a good Decision,

  • salman khan

    finally something that has been done good by the government