Audit Report Unearths Rs 9.496 bn Mismanagement in Telecom Sector

The Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) has unearthed Rs 9.496 billion mismanagement in its audit report on the telecom sector comprising six different organisations for the year 2008-09, the report revealed.

The report available with Daily Times revealed that the receivables management of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) remained a weak area, which resulted in non-recovery of a huge amount of Rs 7.711 billion from various telecom and mobile operators. The PTA management did not settle the issue of pay and allowances and other fringe benefits to the employees since 2004.

Resultantly, irregular payments were made on account of pay and allowances, honoraria, leave encashment and gratuity worth Rs 48.769 million despite the fact that pay package was approved and rules were quite clear about the grant of these benefits. The AGP report further revealed that the PTA incurred irregular expenditure on POL, purchase of house and procurement of Grey Traffic monitoring equipment worth Rs 177.396 million.

The Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) prepared only its ‘receipt and expenditure account’, which could not reflect the status of its liabilities and assets. It made irregular payments on account of pay and allowances, leave encashment and house rent allowance worth Rs 21.732 million. The FAB also incurred expenditure on purchase of vehicles worth Rs 1.884 million, the report revealed.

The AGP report further revealed that the National Radio Telecommunication Corporation (NTRC) management incurred irregular expenditure on purchase of vehicles and stores worth Rs 72.477 million. It also made irregular payment on account of foreign TA/DA worth Rs 2.974 million. The National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) management could not recover an amount of Rs 95.053 million from different agencies and designated subscribers. The management incurred irregular expenditure on construction of building, installation of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system and procurement of stores due to non-transparent award of contracts worth Rs 307.991 million. Unnecessary stores amounting to Rs 16.955 million were purchased, which resulted in blockage of public money.

The report further revealed that the Special Communications Organization (SCO) management made irregular payment on account of pay and allowances amounting to Rs 136.695 million. It also made excess payment due to award of work at higher rates valuing Rs 2.154 million. The management could not recover telephone dues of Rs 1.598 million from the subscribers. staff report

via Daily Times

  • Wait till Auditor General of Pakistan audits Sindh Goverment spendings and then the people will know how much the PPP spent on bu**shi*, especially on vehicles i guess ammounting 500billion+ ???

  • Corruption Khappay Khappay Khappay!!
    Naveed Qamar tried to earn in LPG case 1 billion dollars, comparatively this is small amount..way to go PTA, work hard you can at least equalise this record!

  • Don’t see how this can happen? With such honest and transparent people in charge . Maybe it’s a mistake and the auditors forgot to “carry the one”

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