Glow Features 11 Singers in 11 TVCs in 1 Massive Ad Campaign

This is a Guest Post by Faiz Dar, a Pakistani music enthusiast. Dar is also a reporter and co-owner of Pakistan’s top music blog KoolMuzone

Since recently, there has been a new boom in advertisement industry of Pakistan to include musicians in the TVCs to target youth.

This step, especially by the telecom industry, hasn’t only exponentially grabbed the youth but has also paid off the hard-work of these Pakistani rock icons in the times where the album sales have slashed.

After recent inclusion of Farhad Humayun, Noori, Call and Ali Azmat in PTCL EVO, Walls, McDonald’s and Ufone’s ad campaigns respectively, Warid glow has taken a step ahead to execute a massive ten-day ad campaign – that isn’t only one of it’s kind but also one of the best executed ad campaigns of Pakistan.

For Glow 2.0, an extension of the Glow portfolio, Warid adopted an innovative marketing approach for the first time in Pakistan. Unlike the conventional cycle of big campaigns, Warid started off with 10 short films, which built up the hype for the final film.

Creating a sequence of 11 films, each of them featuring one musician, played on consecutive days was an extremely bold and unique step in the advertising scene of Pakistan. Never before has a new film is rolled out every day for a single campaign.

The campaign was divided into two phases, which were very articulately interconnected. The 1st phase, featuring the country’s top musicians, served as a build-up for the grand reveal of the locally and internationally acclaimed, iconic pop singer, Atif Aslam.

Each value-added service was represented by a different artist, which helped to explain the particulars of each and every feature offered by Glow 2.0.

Warid signed some extremely talented musicians of our music industry like Ahsan Papu (MHB), Farhad Humayun (Overload), Jaffer Zaidi (Kaavish), Saba Shabbir (Backing Vocals at Coke Studio), Aamir Zaki, Khalid Khan (Aaroh), Faisal Baig, Sikandar Mufti (Co-VEN &, Mauj), Zoe Viccaji & Asad Ahmed (Karavan) for their advertisements.

10 Musicians Signed by Warid Glow
From L to R: Ahsan Papu, Farhad, Jaffer, Saba, Aamir, Khalid, Faisal Baig, Sikandar, Zoe & Asad.

Everything about this campaign felt just perfect. By featuring these music maestros playing best of their solos along with state-of-the-art video direction and high budgets, Warid has actually stolen hearts of music enthusiasts from around the country.

Khalid Ali (producer), Asad-ul-Haq (director), Faisal Rafi (music director), and Asim Raza (lyricist) made sure that the final product represented the brand in such a way that made everyone involved really proud.

There is something for everyone of us out there from Aamir Zaki’s blues to Farhad’s Drums.

This campaign aimed to retain Glow’s existing customers and acquire new users with its contemporary, hip and exciting mood. The composition of the Glow song and its visual implementation gives a feeling of fun and unity, appropriately representing the line:

“Keep Glowin’… glow 2.0 (5 Off-net & 5 On-net numbers @ 61 paisa/ 30 sec)”

Watch all these 10 musicians promoting Warid – Glow packages in the following Advertisements.

Farhad Humayun - Warid Glow
Farhad Humayun is the creator of the Pakistan's first rhythm act Overload. In Glow the Music TVC, Farhad vigorously plays the drums in the midst of old rusted cars.

Jaffer Zaidi - Warid Glow
Jaffer is a composer, pianist and the front-man for the band Kaavish. In Glow SMS bundles TVC, Jaffer is seated in the middle of a large warehouse and plays a grand piano.

Sikandar Mufti - Warid Glow
Sikandar has been an integral part of Lahore’s burgeoning underground scene since the 90’s. Supporting the spirit of Sports, Sikandar plays percussions near a bonfire, with an old Volkswagen in the background.

Zoe Viccaji - Warid Glow
Critics call Zoey Viccaji the Dido of Pakistan. Holding an umbrella, Zoey softly hums as she walks around a merry-go-round, to introduce the nights & weekends packages.

Khalid Khan - Warid Glow
A talented and experienced bass player, Khalid has worked with almost every major act in Pakistan. In Glow fuel TVC, Khalid plays the bass guitar in an empty parking lot, as the Mustang engine revs vigorously in the background.

Ahsan Papu - Warid Glow
Papu has been a leading flute player for the Pakistan film and TV industry. For Glow global production, Papu plays the flute with bright, multicolored, neon lights in the background.

Faisal Baig - Warid Glow
Fasial Baig’s major influence comes from trance and progressive house music from Europe. Representing high speed Glow mobile internet, Faisal works his turntable with large disco screen in the background.

Asad Ahmed - Warid Glow
Asad is one of Pakistan’s most celebrated and popular guitarists, with over two decades of experience. Illustrating the thrill of Glow mobile games in this TVC, Asad plays his electric guitar as a sports car does a burnout in the background.

Saba Shabbir - Warid Glow
Saba got her big national debut in 2008 as a backing vocalist for Coke Studios first season. Portraying the serenity of Glow social networking, Saba, sits at a table and hums in a café lit up by a large number of candles.

Aamir Zaki - Warid Glow
Aamir Zaki, known as the Guitar Guru, is one of Pakistan's most prolific guitar players. Depicting Glow Mobile fun in the TVC, Amir sits on a chair on an empty railway track and plays his acoustic guitar.

The Final Song, with Atif and his Glow Gang

Clad in completely white attire, Atif stands on a stunning yacht moored at a dock. He calls to his 10 Glow Gang friends through his mobile phone, and breaks into song.

The 10 artists, who have placed their mobile phones near their instruments, start playing their instruments. Atif picks up a guitar himself as the music from the 10 artists flows through the mobile phones.

The video focuses on Atif singing the Glow song with interspersed shots of the 10 artists playing their instruments. At the end of the song, Atif turns to the camera and delivers the line, “Keep glowin’…”; a necessary  motivation for our nation and especially our youth during these hard times.

It is a manifold line that conveys a message of hope and inspiration to never give up and keep the spirits high. It says: whatever the situation, always keep glowin’…

  • Now after watching the all parts of ad, i think its a good theme, because on TV, i never had a chance to see them all, its no doubt an innovative idea, but there must be more element of joy in the ad! and there must be more glow rather than just thin light trails :(

  • “Apni merzi se jee lay … je lay zindagi” ….kidding ..right?

    meray mahsoom pakistan log …. aik glow connection le ker hum apni merzi se zindagi jee saktay hain … wow ….. itna aasan hai kia ……

    Aub to kisi se baat kerna … chat kerna .. kisi ki call receive kerna bhee ap ke liay wabal-e-jaan ban sakta hai …. qu ke kaal ko kia pata woah banda/bandi kon sa kaam ker day jis se ap ko bhee mushkilaat hoan ….

    wesay I do not know what you have seen in these TVCs, they look pretty ordinary to me … :-)

  • Tell glow to put those millions of rupees in its services instead… maybe they won’t have to try so hard to convince customers they’re amazing….

  • But most likely the marketing team probably felt like taking a vacation (Jun / Jul coming up after all) and needed massive amounts of kickbacks to fund those family trips… that’s why the huge campaign….


  • though the idea and theme of this GLOW add is innovative but lets think for a second that after some big cities of our country how many people understand this add or campaign through out the country specially in rural areas and remember that after few big cities all revenue generated from those rural areas actually.

  • Ali the ad campaign isn’t targeted for the people your referring to and that’s probably because glow isn’t targeted for them either.

    • by the way, koi mujhay bhee samujha de ke in 11 ads ke basic idea kia hai …. ap ke khiyal se jin ko warid ne target kernay ki try ki hai shayed main bhee un main se aik hoon per meray palay to kuch nahi para ….. zara zehmet ferma ker hamain bhee samjha dain ke warid ne kia samujhanay ki try ki hai :-)

      • I enjoy listening to Aamir Zaki and Assad Ahmed and so I enjoyed the campaign. So, if you didn’t enjoy any of that, the campaign wasn’t for you. If u liked the Atif bit, the campaign still was for you. In general, it was to target youth who enjoy listening to these rock icons.

      • MR Shahzad , golden words for you if you have ever heard of one marketing concept , ” if you are unable to understand any particular advertisement then you should keep away from it as it is not targeted to you , those who are their main targets , they understand it quite easily because it is made for them only . ”

        It is not for every one like you jis k palley ma kuch nahi parta . . .

        Cheers !

        • bhai chalo meray pal-lay to kuch nahi pera … ap bata do ap ke palay kia pera … shayed kuch meri bhee help ho jaay ….
          kesay glow ke fans hain ap … glow honay ki bajay below ho rahay hain ….. yaar kisi ko agher samujh nahi aai ke in 11 ads ka maqsed kia tha to ap hi bata do ke aakhir warid kia new le ker aaya hai in TVCs main ….
          ap aur Hamad jo bata rahay ho us se warid ya glow kato kuch connection nahi nazer aata … ap ko koi artist pasend hai to woah kisi tvc main aa gia to yeah innovation ho gai kia …. Atif warid use kerta hai to saray fans ankhain band ker ke warid ki tehreef karain kia …. bhai meray yeah sub pesa leta hai warid se ya kisi bhee company se jis ko yeah repressent kertay hain … ap ka kia khiyal hai in 11 main se koi aik bhee is liay warid glow use ker raha hai ke warid baki operators se acha hai …. agher ap aysa sochtay ho to pera mashwara hai … KOWAIN se bahir niklo :-)

          • you gave a good solution for yourself … KOWAIN SE BAHIR NIKLO

            Read again the whole topic and then see what you are saying…

            If you have some common sense then you will get the answer yourself otherwise the solution is still there . . . KOWAIN SE BAHIR NIKLO


  • these ads not good…
    they only want musicians to have warid glow…lol

    jee le zindagi what the hell this relates to in this ad?

    crappy ad

  • Great Idea and a big venture and if anyone couldn’t understand still than they have given a number 321 in the add please call at 321 from your warid connection or call at 042-111-111-321 for more queries they’ll let you know on your root level of mind… In the last Good offer by warid with Good Massive Network of Life!!!

  • Great post! The ads must have cost a fortune… I hope that Warid get’s something out of them!

    • Its working for them, many of my friends have already bought Glow sim. And many planning to after the exams

    • I would not say that but at least I want to know what was the message in these ads … I would be happy to know if ever there was any …..
      but seems like ppl. who are calling these ads good and innovative even do not have an idea what is the message about :-)

      • jis k paley hi kuch nahi parta , usey samjaney ki zarorat hi nahi hia

        Those who should know the idea of these ads , they already knew it..

        Chill and KOWAIN SE BAHIR NIKLO

      • Shahzad, let me tell you about my understanding from this Ad campaign.
        Disclaimer: I am not a Warid user, but i have seen all ads and visited their website ( It is prety simple to understand that Warid has launched a new package mainly for youth & these Ad campaigns were to highlight the features of package.

        – Muzik
        – Sports info
        – Nights & Weekends packages
        – SMS bundle packages
        – Fuel
        – Access to friends & family settled abroad
        – Mobile internet packages
        – Mobile games
        – Social networking applications (like facebook,etc)
        – Mobile fun

        And the final Ad of Atif was to highlight that all of this is in one package (in my opinion this is what is actually required by youth, what else they need in their tension free lives?, think about college/university galz & guys).

        In my view, muzik icons are their in Ads because young ppl likes them & this is how warid wants to communicate…


  • idea is good, but execution is worst…

    you don’t get the message being conveyed. It seems publicity of the singers as well as a show of spending money.

    Why can’t we have good ads to deliver the message clearly rather than listening to the last part in background for understanding the ad!

  • This is the best ever campaign for youth that is not just brilliant and ATIFs song is out class :)

    Keep Glowin

  • Seems like people have Psychological problems. I can bet 90% of people who have commented on this are not even Warid/Glow user, however they have penalty of free time to tease other.

    Just a friendly advice to everyone…”Think before you speak, this is what our religion has taught us”

    If someone do not like anything then there are civilized ways to express yourself.

    Hope no one will take it personal. Let’s make it a productive portal.

  • Well I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for ProPakistani to conduct a poll. “How many of these 10 or 11 artists do you know?” My guess is that majority of the people would answer an average of under 3. I was (un)fortunate enough to watch some of these ads, and had no clue who these people were.

    This is not to suggest that the ads are bad…but the point being that they’re probably irrelevant. They might appeal and inspire a very small niche, whereas I’m sure the target would actually be a bigger niche. From my point of view:

    – the campaign didn’t present any message through visuals. Only textually
    – the campaign was dull…very dull. The brand name “GLOW” reflects life. Something that was evident from their first campaign. No life in these ads
    – there is no relevance of theme from previous campaign
    – the theme was too abstract. Abstract themes need to be executed to perfection. If majority of the people didn’t even know these people are musicians, how can they comprehend an abstract campaign?

    For those who liked the campaign, good. And perhaps you’re right that it was not meant for others. But in terms of the campaign itself, it is very questionnable as to what they were trying to achieve. Perhaps figures from PTA might reveal whether sales boosted exceptionally after this campaign or not.

  • I think that Glow has wasted money on this campaign. These Companies spend millions of rupees in only advertisement.If these companies allocate the same money in awarding scholarships to bright Pakistani Students who are restricted by their financial situation in acquisition of higher education then they will make a lot of new customers as a majority of us would support the initiative

    • These are business companies not a charity org. so we have to develop our own resources and make policies

  • Well its nice practice and over all a good Campaign but they may not get their objectives i.e. to to boost their sales…..Shahzad have given the idea what this coampaign means is perfectly rite.

    I wish them All best but I am very happy with my current service provider, so m not gonna change.

  • now this campagin have already 39 post only at this blolg which means that campaign is successfull
    and every one is discussing this i am the 40th one

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