Broadcast your Advert as Ringback Tone: Warid

Ringback tones are long used by cellular company staff as a branding tool and at times for sales’ purposes.

Now, Warid is offering its corporate customers to activate one custom made single CRBT across all numbers of that organization, which can be a message, jingle, promotion or anything – that will be communicated to anyone calling these numbers.

However, Warid reserves the right to reject any custom message; based on its policy.


The corporate customer signs up for Corporate RBT service for a nominal one time activation fee and monthly charges of Rs. 10 plus tax per month for every number on which Corporate RBT is to be activated.

Key Features

  • Warid’s Corporate RBT system will play the customized ringtone to any caller who calls the number on which customized RBT has been set by the company.
  • Corporate RBT will not interfere with personal/default RBT after its assigned time slot. However, Corporate RBT will always take precedence over personal RBT in case its assigned time slot overlaps with personal RBT.
  • Only Warid subscribers can be activated with this service.
  • In case Corporate RBT is activated on a number which already has Caller Tunes activated, then monthly charges for that number will be Rs 10+tax/month for Corporate RBT in addition to normal CallerTune monthly charges of Rs. 10+tax.
  • The length of the customized ringtone should not be longer than 30 seconds.
  • The ringtone will be applied to the company’s uploaded list of numbers provided that this list of numbers is in the ownership of the company.

How to acquire Warid’s Corporate RBT Solution

  • If you are a Warid customer, please contact your designated Corporate Sales/CAM and he/she will assist you in acquiring this solution.
  • If your organization does not have a Warid CAM assigned to it, please email [email protected] for information and assistance on how to acquire this solution

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