PakReport Maintains and Alerts Centralized Flood Data

Devastating floods in Pakistan have claimed over 1600 lives and displaced over 18 million – or 1 out of every 10 people in the country – and the disaster shows no sign of abating.

Significant resources are flowing into the region to provide immediate relief. But access to relevant, up-to-date, timely, and authentic data from the affected communities, specifying the hardest-hit areas and precise locations of displacement, remains elusive.

These gaps in data gathering disrupt initiatives for timely assistance to the hit-areas and for long-term policy planning.

Initiatives at Government level are being planned to overcome such gaps, meanwhile, a entrepreneur from Islamabad, backed by Ushahidi Haiti and Chili teams, has already came up with Pakistan Flood Incident Reporting There are currently 22 people working on the project with 40 volunteers (need more volunteers). is a data portal designed to gather comprehensive and dynamic information on disaster-related variables.

This venture can be best used by flood hit people to intimate the authorities concerned about their losses, while Government, Army, NGOs and other helping hands on the ground can reach out to those who need them, based on data.

How to Report: is a direct connection to individuals on the ground level, and allows these individuals to report information through via:

  • Simply compose a message, with flood details, losses if any, your needs if any, your exact location and send it to 3441.
  • You can also report using the online form available here:
  • Write an email at [email protected] or [email protected]

Your message will get processed by administrators for verification and will appear on website with open access to everyone.

How to receive Alerts:

If you are a helping hand and want to get reports via email or SMS, then there is way to get subscribed on this page:

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