PTCL Introduces MPLS based Global IP Connect Service

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) today announced its connectivity solution with multiple applications in the form of Global IP Connect service.

Based on internet protocol, this service will allow Pakistani companies whose offices are located across the globe to connect and transfer data in a private secure manner over a MPLS infrastructure provided by PTCL within Pakistan, while global connectivity is achieved through an extensive network of PTCL global network partners.

Not only this, flexible topologies are also offered to customers depending upon the class of service selected based on the enterprises’ applications e.g. real time, transactions, data base and email applications.

Customers here can choose from Platinum, Gold and Silver packages and can benefit from bandwidth ranging from 64Kbps to 1Gbps.

IP Connect
  • The “IP Connect” service is based on Internet Protocol Virtual Private Networks (IP-VPN)
  • This product is aimed for those requiring high security/bandwidth comparable to that provided by Private Leased Circuits as well as scalable connectivity to provide the future growth changes in size and volume of the customer business.
  • MPLS IP VPN from PTCL delivers a flexible, customizable, any-to-any network that lets you connect office headquarters, branches, distribution facilities, data centers and other locations, with ease.
  • You can also converge all your existing business traffic, even latency-sensitive applications onto one network.

Product Differentiator

  • IP Connect – Basic
  • IP Connect – Guaranteed; CoS: Silver, Gold and Platinum


  • Intranet VPN: The capability to interconnect all remotely located sites into an Intranet
  • Any-to-any connectivity: The ability to create an efficient fully meshed network providing any-to-any communication among sites
  • Security: Enabled by establishing VPN connectivity over PTCL Dedicated MPLS network.
  • Flexibility: Simplicity in redefining the customer network topology
  • Scalability: PTCL MPLS network architecture easily adapts to growth in complexity and volume in the customer’s network
  • Managed Options: Managed Router options
  • Quality of Service: Support of different Guaranteed Classes of Services depending on customer applications requirements
  • Availability & Reliability: Supported by redundancy in PTCL MPLS network
  • Support: Dedicated 24/7 support, 365 days a year via PTCL’s Customer Care Centres(CCC).
  • Reduced Cost and simply operations

SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed while elaborating the effectiveness and usage of this service said that it not only provides private and secure connectivity to our customers but is also scalable in its MPLS network architecture which would easily adapt to growth in complexity and volume in the customer’s network, topology which can then be easily redefined. It also enables customers to interconnect remotely located sites in to an intranet and create an efficient fully meshed network providing any-to-any communication among sites.

Zaman Gulzar EVP Corporate Services and Product Development said this service supports multiple types of applications such as data, voice and multimedia. The coverage at the

moment is being provided in 21 countries in Asia, 58 countries in EMEA and 30 countries in the Americas. He also added that in the future PTCL plans to provide its corporate customers most updated connectivity solutions to meet their increasing business requirements and to keep them connected internationally. “A single network supporting all your business’ application needs”

  • Support: Dedicated 24/7 support, 365 days a year via PTCL’s Customer Care Centres(CCC).

    joke of the day :)

      • Sure sure ,

        It is the joke of the day .

        Agey dooor , pechaey choor ,

        Coper media is in dilapidated conditions,

        both customers internal(Employees) and external(End users) are badly annoyed due to the poor non-sense management of the Atab Baduians.

        What they hell they will introduce the GMPLS and rest more .


        It is really a joke .


  • ptcl sucks it speed is getting low i mean the transfer rate i now feel like my 1Mb connection has gone back to 512kpbs

  • Haahhahaha…lol extremely hilarious. They should first learn to provide 1M stable internet connectivity, let alone something as complex as global ip connect.

  • Please don’t make fun of yourself. First try to fix your ill infrastructure of ptcl basic phone line later think of connecting people to the other part of the world.

  • After every few months PTCL start marketing a new product (EVO 3.1 & 9.3 , PTCL SMART, Land Line, DSL Modem … etc) in the market, no doubt if they make a strong infrastructure in Pakistan and start launching services they can grab the market.
    If you have a look on over all infrastructure of PTCL its just need a proper care/maintenance and also need some upgrading/replacement in infrastructure (I believe PTCL higher management have plan to upgrade ), this make PTCL more stronger as there is no one in Pakistan having countrywide infrastructure of Wired and Wireless.


    Muhammad Zafar Ameer

  • They have to focus on the operation, where thier NOC is still not operational outages in the network is routine job, and services and customer confidence is losing every day

  • can any one trace any one. or there are some limits.
    One more thing, when I use internet from office it shows me that i am from Multan where my office is in Islamabad

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