Facebook, Twitter Banned for Pakistani Cricketers

Pakistan Cricket Board has strictly asked all its members of the national cricket team to not to use any social networking website, especially Facebook and Twitter.

The crackdown comes in the wake of Zulqarnain Haider’s recent Facebook updates when he went missing in Dubai during one-day series against South Africa.

He had updated his status on Facebook mentioning that he was facing some kind of pressure.

The board has added a clause in the contract for players, saying that no one can use Facebook or Twitter during the contracted period.

Pakistan manager Intikhab Alam confirmed the directive, but maintained the ban was part of a clause in the players’ contract with the board.

“There is a clause in their contracts which states clearly they can’t use these social network sites or discuss cricket issues while under contract,” Alam said.

“It is for their own good so that they don’t get entangled into controversies.”

He subsequently announced his retirement from international cricket which followed his central contract being suspended by the board.

For further reading: AFP

  • George

    to summarize the above given case study i would like to add a few words “Idiocy at the Highest Levels”

  • NetHungama

    Cricket Board joo Marzi kar lay …..hona wohi ha jo Team Chaha ge…. :)

  • salman

    Zulqarnain Haider’s drama is just only for getting uk refuge nothing else.

    we dont know any such incident in cricket history where a player is running like a dog to save his life.

    wait and see Zulqarnain Haider’s family will be in uk after some days.

    he is a** h**e

  • Cricket Board ye kia kar rahi hai.

  • Open Media News Website

    Facebook ko banned hona chayee har Office, Company, School, University me.

    • agree

    • Fido

      I am surprised at ur stupidity and double faced reaction, because ur nick is OPEN MEDIA NEWS and u r going against open MEDIA !!

    • Saad Durrani

      Grow up.

  • lol
    atleast zulqarnain jaisa drama phr ni hoga :D
    good job PCB

  • Adnan

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    • Qasim

      For Earning from Google Adsense :D
      or kiyon …. ;)

    • TING

      I dont mind the adds around but the add at the opening page is irritating…..

  • Ali

    gud job

  • Saad Durrani

    WOW! As if this will solve the problem.

  • TING

    Banning the use of Social Networking is a good omen for Pakistan Cricket…..
    most of the cricketers cannot speak proper English let alone write it.
    No offense but the “TOOTIPHOOTI Angraizi” they Type sometimes shows the opposite of what they actually want to say……

  • The interesting thing about in this decision that, its totally against anybody’s right, you don’t have a right to inter-fare in anybody’s social life.

  • This is truly strange.

    • TING

      Australia & England have done the same……

  • Salman Shakoor

    Just stupid clause to hide top level deficiencies and inability to tackle issues